Summary: Naruto, separated from his Sensei, is chased down by the Akatsuki. When he thinks it is over for him, he suddenly feels a pull, then darkness. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a new world, with a few new changes to himself. Now in this world of fairies and demons and genius kids, can he find his way back home? Naruto/Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony Xover.

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Shukaku, the Ichibi no Tanuki (One-Tailed Raccoon Dog) inside of Gaara of Sunagakure.

Nibi no Bakeneko (Two-Tailed Monster Cat) inside of Nii Yugito of Kumogakure.

Sanbi no Kyodaigame (Three-Tailed Giant Turtle) inside of, surprisingly, the Yondaime Mizukage of Kirigakure, Yagura so TAKE THAT PEOPLE WHO HATE JINCHURIKI KAGES!

Yonbi no Saru (Four-Tailed Monkey) ((Note: The Four tails, Five tails, Six tails, and Seven tails are given fan names due to no true name given in the release of the Artbook, though the names are based on their description and in the Five-tails case, Kishimoto's inspiration.)) inside of Roshi of Iwagakure.

Gobi no Irukauma (Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse) inside of Han of Iwagakure.

Rokubi no Namekuji (Six-Tailed Slug) inside of Utakata of Kirigakure.

Nanabi/Shichibi (In the databook, it uses Nanabi while in the Artbook it uses Shichibi, both mean the same thing.) no Kabutomushi (Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle) inside of Fu from Takigakure. ((Note: For now, Kishimoto HAS comfirmed that Fu is a girl, but could change in the future. Some people have problems.....))

Hachibi no Kyogyu (Eight-Tailed Giant Ox) inside of Killer Bee of Kumogakure.

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Talking- "Stupid Fox"

Thinking-'You still in there?'

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Bijuu Thinking- 'Damn Seal'

Chapter 11

France, Nice

"This will certainly prove to be a problem."

Had Naruto been awake at that moment, he would have probably had said something towards Artemis's obvious comment.

It had barely been a day and a half since the battle at the La Reserve Beach had taken place, and only a few hours since the media shown a few pictures of the incident. At first, the group was worried that there would be pictures of themselves in there, mostly of Gaara, but it had been lucky that the pictures had been primarily given by citizens or tourists, and not professional photographer. The most revealing of the batch of pictures had been one of the blood covered Jinchuriki, with it's four tails around it.

However, even with no photos of them captured, Gaara and Naruto still had to worry about the army. They were sure that they may have gotten a good look at them, and such, they had been keeping low. Should any soldiers come in looking for them, it would be easy for them to simply either hide or use Henge to change their appearance. Well as soon as Naruto recovered from the damage done to him during the battle.

When Gaara and Naruto had reappeared in the hotel right after the battle, the fox boy was the first to go out, using the most energy in the fight. Since then, the blond had not woken back upin the two days, though there had been small mutters of "damn fox" or "fucking Akatsuki" coming from him in his sleep.

They had also noticed burns on Naruto's legs, which were healing much more slowly than they should be. Gaara remembered the tails from the bat demon wrapped around the blond's legs, the heat and chakra most likely damaged him. They were almost healed, but Artemis concluded that it would another day or so until the blond fox could walk.

Another strange occurrence was the blond's appearance, nothing had disappeared but for some reason, the blond's left arm was covered in more fur than before. Before, the fur covered his hand to his elbow, but now the red fur covered half way up the upper arm. The blond's whisker-like marks had also darkened slightly more, if it were possible, and a small dark outline appeared around the blond's eyes. Overall, his already animalistic appearance increased.

But this wasn't the problem that Artemis was talking about. No, the problem was that Minerva and Yugito had captured another Jinchuriki. For what purpose, they had no idea, but Gaara himself had been starting to doubt they had been working towards revealing the demon race, and thus the rest of The People. Why would a Jinchuriki, the host of a demon, want to reveal the rest of the race to the world? A world that would only hunt them down in the end.

This thought was rejected by Artemis, who knew first hand that people could be manipulated, as he had done so himself regretfully, though it had been needed for his plans at the time. He argued that Yugito was most likely being used by Minerva, who probably had her own plans for the demon race and the fairies in general.

"Well, what are we going to do about it? It's not like we could just get past the security in that place without causing a few casualties. These bullets of your world would rip through my sand with ease. Plus with Yugito...." replied Gaara, his mind, just like the others in the room, thinking of their plan to break into the Paradizo chateau.

They had only one choice, to capture both Yugito, the Jinchuriki, and the other demon that appeared in the theater back in Italy while getting rid of any evidence of demons from Minerva's possession.

"Yugito Nii has probably not fully recovered the full use of her arms. You had the impression that her arms were either broken, or at the very least, the bones in them were fractured. Even with Jinchuriki's naturally enhanced healing abilities, it would take days to recover from chipped bones. From either sides of this battle, you are the only Jinchuriki at near full strength." spoke the young genius, cold blue eyes glazed over as his brain went through different scenarios, different approaches to the situation and mission at hand.

At the Fowl boy's side, Butler nodded at the facts as he also went through any advances through a militaristic aspect. "So far, we have no way in without doing a full assault on the place, and even that has too many weak points than I would like to admit."

Artemis closed his eyes, "Holly herself can't get in either, as any fairy breaking into a human residence without permission would lose an certain amount of her magical abilities, and that is after a few hours of vomiting and cramps."

After the battle that took place over 10,000 years ago between fairies and humans, during the time of the fairy monarchy, the king Frond had placed magical geasa or rules on the fairies to keep them from meddling in human affairs. Any fairies attempting to break these rules would become ill and lose bits and bits of their magic each time. The saving grace of this for the group was that Holly could easily bypass this by using mesmer or the ability to control someone, an average fairy power, to let her into their home. If they didn't shoot her down first that is.

"It is good that Naruto and Gaara aren't affected by these rules. They haven't vomited or anything like that when they went into buildings. Probably because the demon race wasn't here during the time the spell was cast.", commented the manservant, the other two nodding at this as it helped, but didn't change anything.

One of Gaara's pointed ears twitched at a sudden noise, and his first instinct was to put his hands into a seal, muttering "Henge."as his inhuman features disappeared from view. They reappeared, however, as he relaxed, hearing an amused and tired voice.

"Hey hey, you don't need to use that right now. You knew it was me if you heard me coming." said an disembodied voice while the window opened, then closed as Holly appeared in front of them, taking off her black helmet. Butler let out a smile while taking his hand away from the butt of his gun, as Artemis turned to Holly and let out something similar to a smile, though she would call it a smirk.

"The kidnappers returning home?" asked the Fowl, though everyone already knew this answer.

"Yes, and thank god for that! It's a good thing you gave me permission before hand to enter, I think I am going to collapse...I need a rest in an actual bed..." yelled Holly, her fatigue showing through the bags under her eyes. It was no wonder, as she had been sleeping as her suit continued to fly throughout the trip. Foaly was not the best of fliers, and she was never taking any missions that needed her to do that again after this.

Before Artemis could reply, the elf continued, "We can talk about it later mud boy, right now I am going to sleep. Don't think about waking me up in the morning either!" With that, she walked towards one of the doors in their hotel room, opened it, and closed it behind her.

After a few moments, Gaara spoke, "You think she'll notice who's room she's in?"

"Not a chance in hell.", commented Butler uncharacteristically, trying to hide a smirk but failing, along with the other two in the room.


Minerva sighed as she sat down on a chair next to a fairly large and occupied bed. Her blue eyes turned to the woman undernearth the covers, equally blue eyes staring back at her. From the corner of the young genius's sight, she could see the other person in the bed next to Yugito's, the unconscious, green haired girl with very tan skin.

She returned her attention to Yugito as she spoke, "Good job with the capture, while the disaster with the media I wish could have been avoided, it is only a small problem in the end. How are your arms recovering?" Her tone, while held concern for the Jinchuriki, was even and held seriousness that one would not expect of a child, or anyone of any age for that matter in a situation like this.

The blond woman shook her head in surprise and disbelief at the younger girl, "A small problem? A SMALL PROBLEM!? The French ARMY is looking for me! And you call this a small problem!? The FUCK happened to your common sense, or did your intelligence make you think you didn't need something as basic as that!?" yelled Yugito, her right eye twitching in annoyance. Had her arms been fully healed, she would have waved them around to further emphasize her point, but for now she had to put little to no stress on them.

Minerva's eyes narrowed behind her glasses while she sent Yugito a glare, only to have the woman glare right back at her.

"I have all the sense in the world and please watch your language thank you very much. And it is only a small problem. The Commandement des Operations Speciales will be too late to look here before we are on our way to Stochholm so I can gain the Nobel prize and declare the Demons as a friendly race to be protected, just as well with the other races of Fairies. By then, they would have to call off their search to capture you and the other Jinchuriki." reasoned the young blond, a smile on her face though her eyes still held a look of seriousness and tension in them.

Yugito hesitantly nodded and grumbled to herself, laying against the bed under her. She knew not to argue with Minerva's plans, as the young genius was right most of the time. She then turned her sight back to the girl sitting next to her as her curiosity spoke for her, "Have you talked with the demon we captured from Italy yet?"

Minerva shook her head slowly, lacing her hands together in front of her as her elbows rested against her knees.

"No we haven't, during the trip here we wanted to make sure that it stayed quiet as to not cause any incidents and so we kept using a few sleep pills on it. We stopped today and so it should wake up either during the night or in the morning tomorrow."

Yugito nodded as she gained a thoughtful look on her face, before speaking in a resolute tone, "You know that they will attack soon."

The young blonde nodded at her accomplice's words, already having come to the same conclusion herself. "I know, there is no other way for them to stop us. That is why I am increasing security around the chateau. We are placing thermal filters on the cameras around the area for any shielded beings, though the security don't know that, as well as a radar system should the thermals fail.

"Should they foolishly try to come in using either of the Jinchuriki, we shall aim for non fatal areas and take them down before they reach yards of here. They have no possible way of getting in here unscathed and without us knowing. No human or fairy could do that." she finished, her tone thick with arrogance.

She was unaware of how wrong she was, just like Artemis Fowl three years ago.

Shaking her head, Yugito turned to the young blond with a questioning glance, "Just make sure to have a back up plan should they enter here. We do not know of what else they are capable of, or if they have another Jinchuriki with them. Just as well, the Kyuubi Jinchuriki is a danger, as unlike the Ichibi host, the Kyuubi host isn't in the bingo book last time I checked. His abilities, other than his two jutsus and his demon powers, are unknown. His appearance also has me worried...."

Minerva raised an eyebrow in curiosity at the last words Yugito said. Seeing this, the Kumo-nin decided to elaborate.

"Uzumaki Naruto, take away the demonic changes he most likely got from the tunnel, looks very similar to a man who was feared among the elemental nations. Combine with those looks, he also uses the same exclusive jutsu, Rasengan, they are both from the same village, and their already known relationship, I think that the boy has a more deep connection with Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage and the feared Konoha no Kiiroi Senko (Konoha's Yellow Flash)."

The young genius narrowed her eyes at this, having heard stories of this man when Yugito told her of the Bijuu. Minato was one of the turning points in the war, helping Konoha survive the Third Shinobi War, and was said to be the greatest of shinobi. Should the boy be what Yugito was suggesting....

"No matter, from what you told me, the man has to have a special kind of kunai at the spot he is going to teleport to. If this boy can use the same technique, he would have a few problems in obtaining a kunai and getting one in here."

Yugito nodded, but she still couldn't shake the feeling in her gut. In the life of a shinobi, a gut decision could sometimes save one's life. Thus, most had learned to trust their instincts with their lives.

'I got a bad feeling about the next few days...'


Naruto grumbled as he looked around him, cracks digging deep into the walls of the large red chamber. Pipes covered the ceiling over him, filled with red and purple colored substances. The blond was sitting down, the water around him reaching to his knees as violet eyes met large deep red.

"We need to find a way to change this place....this has to say something about my mental health."

Kyuubi only snorted at this, "Your mental health...think of mine for having to stare at these exact same walls for the last fourteen years! You need to find a way to get me out of least I can see through your eyes. Though I'm amazed that I haven't gone insane."

The blond fox raised an eyebrow at the demon's words. He then grinned with a hint of merriment, "Don't you mean more insane than you already are?"

His eyes shined in amusement even as the giant fox glared at him, mumbling to itself about eating a blond monkey-fox.

Naruto had been spending the last two days in his mind with the Kyuubi while his body recovered. While he wished he could have woken up by now, the demon fox told him to calm down and let his body rest. The sooner his body was back to full strength, the sooner he could move around in it. During the time, he had learned from the fox what was wrong with his body.

The changes that his body undertook gave him a half demonic, half human form. Thus, he was able to handle the Kyuubi's energy much more easily, though his mind was much more animalistic because of the chakra. But his body could take much more of Kyuubo's chakra than before, so much that it would take more than four tails of energy to do damage to his now longer life-span.

However, this new development had it's negative effects as well. Because his body was now partly demonic in nature, unlike his previous state, it wanted to absorb the fox's chakra and turn the energy into it's own. While this would not normally a problem, as during the years his body would absorb some of Kyuubi's power anyway, the rate of which it absorbs during use dealt a fatal problem.

While the pace that Naruto's body absorbed the chakra was still slow even when the blond was using four tails of chakra, it was still faster than normal. Creating the problem that his chakra coils couldn't keep up with the absorption, so the coils had to stretch themselves to withstand the large amounts of chakra.

Should Naruto had continued to use four tails of chakra during the battle with the other Jinchuriki, Kyuubi explained that there might have been the chance that the coils wouldn't have been able to handle the strain and simply break apart, making Naruto a bomb with chakra.

One that could have blown up a few cities easily with that amount of power, if not more.

Currently, it would take another day or so until his body could use his own chakra without straining his chakra coils, and another three or four days until he could use Kyuubi's energy. And that fact was annoying the hell out of Naruto.

Until then, the blond has nothing to do, other than laying in bed and talking to the fox.

Thinking of the latter choice, Naruto blinked as a memory came back to him, one of when he barely arrived in this world and yelled at the fox for answers. Asking a certain question of how all this happened to him....

He heard a deep grunt next to him and turned his head, seeing red eyes looking at him with annoyance, but also filled with acceptance. The blond gained a confused look at this, while the giant fox shook it's head.

"You forget we are connected through this blasted seal....I can hear your thoughts. Like the ones now about why I attacked Konoha in the first place..."

Naruto nodded at this, and sighed softly. His purple eyes then gave Kyuubi a lazy glare, "Fox....I want to know why all this happened. I don't care for the answer, if you did it for just for the hell of it or anything like that...I just want to know why all this is happening to life is the farthest thing from normal as you can possibly get, and I have suffered for it. I want to know now!"

Kyuubi only stared at it's host as he talked, a blank look betraying no emotions as it wondered whether or not it should answer the blond or not. While it had no reason or purpose of telling Naruto of it's attack, the child did have a point. His life had been turned upside down because of it, and he at least deserved to know why he endured through this.

The Bijuu's eyes narrowed while it's mouth formed a small scowl, 'Why am I thinking about this? Humans are nothing but disgusting, racist creatures that fear anything they can't control or can't understand....I should feel nothing but hate at them for what they have done!'

Despite these thoughts, the fox finally decided to answer it's host, if only for the reason to get him to stop asking.

"Fine child, I will tell you the reason why I attacked Konohagakure. But, there will be no interrupting or else I shall not continue and you will not get your answer until a much later date. Though if I pause for any more than ten seconds, you can either ask me a question or just shake your head and I will continue. Understood boy?" asked the fox, glaring through the bars at Naruto.

When the blond nodded, Kyuubi growled and laid down on it's stomach, it's head resting on it's forearms before it spoke.

"As you know, the Bijuu are demons that came to your world through a tunnel through time and space. When we landed, we found out that we had changed. We had gained much more power than any other magical creature in history, and thus, we became something more than just normal demon warlocks. We became immortals, as the energy changed us into beings not of simple flesh, but of energy itself.

"We walked through your world and watched it grow as it came to use magic as well, calling it 'chakra' and using it for things we never thought of, and some things that were painfully similar. They started to grow in strength and we decided to attack humans in hopes of a challenge and containing them from being a threat to us. We hate humans, but we didn't like to fight unless we have some type of reason for it. At least, back then we didn't.

"However, our very nature as beings of energy changed us, combining with our nature as demons. You see, magic is not just a 'energy' as most, if not all, humans and others think. It is alive in a way, not sentient, but alive like normal animals. Magic goes by instincts and does what it likes, and with our very bodies and nature being filled with magic, made of it almost, it took control of us sometimes."

Kyuubi stopped it's tale as it looked at the boy sitting in front of it, who was blinking while his mind tried to go through the information before he noticed the fox had stopped talking.

"What do you mean the energy took control of you?", the blond asked, curious of what this meant.

Kyuubi sighed, and Naruto recognized something similar to disgust and respect in the fox's eyes.

"Magic is a powerful being in itself, it can influence anything it is in contact with, as you have seen that your chakra gets more fierce when you are angry or determined, and thus, it makes you stronger. And my own magic or chakra can influence you as well. This is because magic is just as part of the spiritual part of the body as it is part of the physical body.

"However, we are made of magic, and thus if we couldn't keep control over ourselves, the magic would start to control us, and thus gave us our history as monsters of destruction in your world as during our attacks on you humans we gave into our hate. Shukaku, Sanbi, and Yonbi always had the hardest time controling themselves, while myself, Hachibi, Nibi, and Rokubi had the easiest time. Nanabi and Gobi are sorta in the middle. But whenever we lost control of ourselves, I was the one that was the hardest to calm down. Most likely because of the near limitless amount of magic I have, thus, more control the magic has when it takes over."

The Kyuubi sighed, it's breath causing ripples in the water under it while the beast closed it's eyes. Naruto didn't dare speak,as he felt the slight sadness around the fox.

It opened it's eyes and shook it's head sadly, looking down at it's host and realized it was getting lost in it's own memories and thought to end this conversation.

"Anyhow, now to where I attacked Konoha. You see, I do not usually attack places unless they had a large amount of hatred festering in that spot, as I had developed a sadistic pleasure in finding my hate much stronger than human's hate. But Konoha, while having a growing amount of hate in it from it's years in war, did not have the amount of hate I wanted to test against. I would have not even considered attacking it until further years if not for one man who I can say that his hate is much greater than my own."

The fox snarled in anger, growling at it's memories of the man who had forced it to attack Konoha. While it did not hold regret towards that action, it did hate being used for someone else's gains.

Naruto's instincts were telling him to run, but he couldn't. His body was frozen in the presence of Kyuubi's killing intent, which easily filled the room and the air thickly. He now, truly, knew why the fox was considered an age old disaster instead of just a monster like the rest of the Bijuu. It's's a disaster, one can't stop it, only hope they can live through it.

The fox sniffed the air and smelled the scent of fear. While this was not a foreign smell to the demon, it noticed two things about it. One, it was coming from it's host, which it understood as it just noticed it had been releasing killing intent. Second, it was considerably less than any but three humans had produced in it's presence.

The boy was scared to the core, that was a fact that all humans can say in they were if they had been anywhere near the being of pure, almost unlimited energy and strength. But it was not scared to the point of where it had seen some humans had actually commited suicide in attempts to get away from the beast. It wasn't sure whether it was exposure to it that made the child less afraid to the fox, or his upbringing, having to deal with killing intent with all of his life.

Kyuubi took a deep breath, relaxing itself as the killing intent in the room disappeared, yet still leaving a death-like feel in the large chamber. It's red eyes locked onto purple eyes, which, while still holding a look of fear in them, were calmer now, paying full attention to the giant fox. It mentally smirked at this, normally getting the boy's attention wasn't this easy.

"The name of this man...was Uchiha Madara."

Naruto's eyes widened as he remembered the name from the textbooks in the academy. While he did not like to normally learn about history, he did want to become Hokage, and thus, learned everything he could about the Hokages themselves. When reading about the First Hokage, he learned of one of the biggest traitors in Konoha's history, the leader of the Uchiha clan, Madara.

"But...he was alive like over a hundred years ago! How could he still be alive fourteen years ago!?" yelled the blond, wondering if the fox had been bullshiting him the whole time.

He was answered by a loud roar from the fox. "I DON'T KNOW! You humans, if there is one strength I can say about you, is that you are the most adaptable creatures I have ever met. Somehow, the Uchiha had learned to expand his lifespan, most likely using his damn Mangekyo Sharingan...."

Naruto blinked in confusion and Kyuubi decided to explain, "The Mangekyo Sharingan is an upgraded version to the normal version Sharingan, which can only be gained by losing a very close person to you, most often the case is their best friend."

His body tensed up as Naruto's mind flashed images of a battle only about a year ago, of a black haired boy battling him.

" was not me, you have closest friend. That is why....that is why it's worth killing you."

'So...that is what you meant....then why didn't you kill me, Sasuke?'

He then shook his head and looked at the fox, "What does he have to do with you attacking Konoha?"

Kyuubi snarled, "Madara...he used his Mangekyo Sharingan and took advantage of what I am to attack Konoha. You see, the Sharingan....those damn eyes are able to use what you call genjutsu by just looking into somone's eyes. While a normal Sharingan would not be able to do this to me, the Mangekyo Sharingan can make a genjutsu powerful enough to control me via controling my body since it is made out of chakra, which is what genjutsu effects. Though the idiotic Uchiha thinks that the Gods gave the Sharingan to control beings with evil in them, stupid religious fool."

Naruto sweatdropped slightly at this, only to shake his head and narrow his eyes, "So this...Madara made you attack Konoha? Is he still alive?"

The fox growled softly as Naruto said the Uchiha's name, hate growing in it's eyes, "I am not sure...possibly, but if so, we never have to deal with that Uchiha in the future...though it would be satisfying to rip him apart and then burn his carcass, those fire breathing humans..."

Naruto nodded, before smirking at the irony that a beast that most people associated with fire would hate a clan of Katon users. He chuckled, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

When he opened his eyes, he blinked as he saw not the dark and ditry sewer that represented the seal, but a light tan ceiling above him.

'I guess I finally woke up' the blond mused in his head, before feeling something moving against him at his side. He blinked once again as he found his arms wrapped around the object and turned his head, only for his face to match the fur on his arm. He gulped slightly as he found the sleeping face of Holly Short only a few inches away from his own.

'Ok.....WHAT THE FUCK?!' the blond yelled in his mind, sweating slightly as he wondered why he and the elf were in this position. It didn't help that the fox was laughing loudly in the back of his mind.

He bit his tongue and took a deep breath, calming himself down. He then took in their position, his arms were wrapped around Holly's small form, their bodies slightly pressed against each other though the fairy's arms kept their chests from touching. Her head was laying on his shoulder, her nut-brown skin relaxed on her face while she snuggled a bit more into the blond, making the fox boy blush a bit more.

Naruto was relieved though when he found themselves still clothed. Holly was in, what he could feel, her normal Section Eight jumpsuit, while he was still wearing his black pants, though his upper body was bare.

' then, I need to get out of this position before Holly wakes up or she might act before asking....' thought the blond, as he wondered how he could unwrap his arms from the elf without waking her up.

But, as always, it seemed that Kami hated him, or at least loved to mess with his life, and picked this time for the elf to wake up. Holly's head moved slightly off of his shoulder as she released a small groan, "I thought.....I told you guys...not to wake me up..."

She opened her hazel eyes slowly, her brain still not fully awake as she expected either Artemis or Gaara to wake her up. The sight, however, that greeted her was unexpected. Golden hair with red streaks, fox-like ears, whisker marks on a tanned, yet blushing face, and violet eyes. Her mind snapped into awareness as her senses connected with her brain, and soon her nut-brown skin was also blushing.

Naruto gulped, and decided to break the awkward silence.


"Real smooth...." commented the fox inside of him, trying to contain it's laughter at it's container. Yes, the kit never ceased to be amusing.

"Hi..." Holly replied, her eyes looking around the room quickly before landing back on Naruto. "Would you like to explain to me...why we are like this?"

Naruto gulped once again and shook his head, "I have no idea how....I have been knocked out for the last two days...this is the first time I have woken up since the battle at the beach."

Holly narrowed her eyes in suspicion, though it didn't fit well with her blush, "If you have been knocked out, how do you know it's been two days?"

"Kyuubi has been keeping track of time while my body was resting." was the blond's reply, hoping that Holly would believe him and not kill him, thinking he was a pervert. Not that he wasn't, spending any amount of time with Jiraiya would make someone slightly perverted, like him. He just never acted on his small amount of perversion.

The elf stared at him for a few seconds, before nodding, accepting his answer. "Then how did this..." the elf muttered to herself, before her right eye started twitching, memories of getting into a bed and falling asleep instantly surfacing in her mind.

"Well...let's just forget about this, shall we?"

"Yes!" Naruto was more than relieved at this decision, and his tone showed it.

Holly nodded, before blushing slightly more as she realized something. "You still haven't let go of me you know." For some reason, it left her with a satisfying feeling to have the blond blush at her words while he realized the same thing, his arms were still wrapped around her small form. She shrugged, laying her head back down on Naruto's shoulder, "It's alright, since well..."

Nodding, Naruto understood what she meant, when they kissed before he went to help Gaara. "Speaking of which...we still need to talk about that...why did you kiss me?" Suddenly, his mind was filled with worry and fear over her answer. While he wasn't sure if he loved the elf or not, he knew that he liked her in that way, but did not want to get hurt like the many times he had been in his life.

She looked up, confused as she heard a tint of nervousness in the blond's voice which reflected in his violet eyes. Her own hazel eyes softened at this as she raised a hand to the blond's face, tracing her fingertips across his whisker-like marks. Naruto did not flinch away, but she could see that his nervousness was slowly diminishing.

"Honestly...I am not sure myself..." was Holly's reply, causing sadness to show in his clear violet eyes. The elf mentally cursed, not wanting that and quickly explained in her own forte, bluntness. "Naruto, while I can't say I love you, because I am not sure if I do, I can honestly say I do like you. I am just not sure why I kissed you there and then...heat of the moment I guess."

Naruto blinked at this, then smiled, understanding what Holly meant. "I know what you mean...I do things too without thinking..." He then chuckled softly to himself, "We seem to have a few common traits..."

Amused, curious, and glad that Naruto's sadness was gone, the elf in Naruto's arms had to ask, "Oh?"

"Yep, like both of us being stubborn as an ox."

Holly grinned at this, their argument out at sea coming back to mind as she responded, "As well as both of us having the devil's luck?"

The blond nodded at this while hugging the elf closer to him, smiling, "But attracting danger to ourselves?"

The elf snorted while moving her form to lay on top of Naruto, which the blond had no objections to, resting her head on his chest, "That's more of a trait that you and Artemis have, you two are magnets for trouble. Sure I usually get into messes but I am running into them, not them to me."

He shrugged, a small grin on his tanned face, "Sure, whatever you say." said the blond, his tone clearly expressing that he thought otherwise.

Holly raised her head and glared Naruto with her hazel eyes, which only made the shinobi grin more. "Oh shut up."

Naruto stuck his tongue out at the elf before pulling it back, "Make me."

This only made the elf glare more at the shinobi under her, before her eyes gained a playful look and her frown turned into a smirk. Naruto only had a second to wonder about this change in emotions before Holly pounced, shutting his mouth by pushing her lips against his.

Naruto tensed for only a second, before his body relaxed, his arms holding the small fairy against him as his lips pushed back against Holly's. She smiled while wrapping her arms around the boy's neck, closing her eyes while her head tilted slightly to the right, deepening the kiss between them. The kiss felt better then before, while she had liked kissing the shinobi, she liked it even more when he kissed back. She may not have loved him, but she knew something was there, growing.

Naruto felt the same way, the first time she kissed him, he had been in shock from her actions. But now he had somewhat expected this. Though he didn't mind in the least, after a childhood of little human contact other then from the Sandaime and Iruka, he took whatever contact he could. More over so when it came from someone he liked.

They had stayed like that for a few minutes, with some breaks to catch their breath before returning to their kissing. Their minds were focusing on nothing else but each other and their touch, so it came to no surprise when they jumped from the sound of the door opening and a amused voice calling out.

"Short, Uzumaki, are you both awa......." said Gaara with his head poking out of the door, his green eyes blinking at the two, slightly panting forms of Holly and Naruto, with the elf on top of the boy. The blankets were off of their forms, showing the blond's arms wrapped around Holly's waist.

An akward silence was thick in the air, with Gaara simply blinking, and Holly and Naruto, after getting over their surprise, glaring at the red-haired male with blushes on their face. Seeing this, he decided to pull his head back and close the door, turning around and walking over to the living room section of the hotel room, while he was thinking to himself.



Artemis generally knew what to expect in the future.

He was a genius after all with one of the highest IQs in the world, and was one of the youngest in history. He came from a, until recently, illegal associating family who had been stealing for generations. The Fowls had come up with plans that very few, if any, could ever defeat or even completely understand. They thought of their opponents' reactions, and this led them to conclusions of their future actions.

In the past, he had expected the fairy people to use the bio bomb in his home, thinking he was crazy to imagine he could survive the blast, which he did survive. He had predicted the Russian Mafia to go after the fake money, which had dissolved within 72 hours of them grabbing it, so he could have a chance to go after his father. Artemis had even predicted Jon Spiro's actions to replace his own sleeping body with his own identical cousin when he tried to take his thumb to access the vault using the finger print scan. Not even the pixie genius Opal Koboi had been safe from his analyzing mind.

However, when both Holly Short and Uzumaki Naruto both came out of the bed room dressed, glaring viciously at Gaara, who looked only a little bit frightened, he was baffled to what might have caused this. But he didn't let this show on his face, and nodded at the two.

"Glad to see you two are finally up."

Both of them grumbled and nodded, sitting down on the couch, though Naruto's face winced a little at the action. He must still be in pain from the battle.

Artemis shook his head and intertwined his fingers, "Now then, with both of you up, we can finally put together a plan to break into the Paradizo chateau and capture the two Jinchuriki and the demon."

Naruto sighed, causing the Fowl boy to raise his eyebrows in confusion and look at the blond shinobi. Seeing this, the blond decided to explain, "Well...I don't think I will be much help in this plan at the moment."

At this, everyone's attention was turned to Naruto, with Holly giving the blond fox a concerned look. Butler scowled and asked the question on everyone's minds, "Why?"

The blond only sighed again, "When I used four tails of Kyuubi's chakra, it had caused my chakra coils to stretch to try and absorb the energy. I had only used four tails for a short time, but that still caused a bit of damage. It will take another day or two until I can use my own chakra without fear of damaging my coils even further, and another few days until I can use Kyuubi's energy."

Artemis's blue eyes narrowed at this, "We can't wait for you then, we can't allow them to gather up even more security to stop us. They had barely arrived back and this is our best chance to strike at them."

Holly's lips formed a thin line as she looked at Naruto, then looked ttowards everyone else, "This might be a good thing. The incident at the beach will have the army looking, and the last thing we need is another attracting battle between Jinchuriki."

At this, everyone, including the now muttering Naruto, agreed on. There was no need to cause attention to themselves anymore then they already have. Though this meant that Naruto would have to stay in the hotel until the operation was complete. Which, of course, would leave the boy bored like crazy.

Gaara snorted at his friend and shook his head, while he could hear his demon chuckling inside of him, "The boy is just like the damn fox, impatient for a battle or something to do."

'Aren't you the same way as well?' asked Gaara, giving the mental equivalent to a raised eyebrow to the raccoon. He could almost feel the Bijuu shrug.

"At least I wait until a powerful opponent comes before going that crazy, Kyuubi just can't wait for more then a day before the fox goes crazy and searches for a fight. Aaahhh those were good times, so much destruction and blood...." Shukaku said, it's voice filled with bloodlust and happiness, something that only slightly disturbed the red-haired boy, he was used to hearing this after holding the demon since birth.

'...................You told me to kill an insect back in the Forest of Death.' One can almost feel the deadpan tone coming from the demon host.

"..........In my was larger then normal insects."

Gaara then slightly wondered who had it worse, him who had a crazy bloodlusting demon that didn't let him sleep, or Naruto, who had a even more crazy bloodlusting demon than Shukaku.

He shruged before he turned his mind back to the world around him and pulled out a rolled up a piece of paper, unrolling it on the tabel in front of the group, showing a detailed map from a sky view of the Paradizo chateau.

"I had gotten this view of the place using my Daisan no Me, and from what I saw during the hour I observed it, there is quite a bit of security. Over twenty personnel on the grounds at any one time, it would take too long to get them all before they could call for help."

Butler then took it from there, pointing at the edges of the roof, "There are sensors on the eaves, one of the latest security pods that I had been meaning to get for the Fowl Manor. Close circuit, infrared, night vision, motion trackers. This has everything you could possibly want."

Artemis then pointed to multiple rectangular shapes on the map around the chateau, "These are waffle boxes, transmiting interference. Not even our microphones or even Foaly can get something from inside that building."

Both Holly and Naruto whistled, "Holy shit that is a lot of security."

Gaara nodded at this, "While not the words I would use Uzumaki, yes it is. Not even I could get in there, not even from underground. I had used sand to try and make a experimental hole into the chateau, however the place seems to be built on solid rock. I can't get in there unnoticed."

The female elf scowled, punching her fist into her palm. "Then not even Mulch could get in there unnoticed...there has to be some way to get in there...." said Holly, slowly getting frustrated at how difficult this seemed.

Gaara sighed, "Most likely the worst part is the gaki riding around there on his little car, like he's taunting us."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this, "Gaki?" No one noticed that Holly looked interesting in this little piece of information.

The Suna-nin nodded, pointing to the front gate and near a few black dots on the map. "Yeah, the younger brother of this Minevra girl, five years old and likes driving around the area."

Holly got a small smile on her face while she pointed to one of the black dots near where Gaara pointed at. "What is this?" Everyone turned to the small fairy in confusion, wondering what she was thinking.

Gaara closed his eyes, recalling his memory of when he looked at the place. "If I remember correctly, it was a tank holding something, I don't know what."

Holly's smile turned into a grin as she answered the question on everyone's mind, "I think I got the perfect fairy to get in there."

Seeing the grin on Holly's face, Naruto couldn't help but get a grin on his own face, knowing whatever the elf was thinking, it would be fun. It was too bad he couldn't be there to see it happen.

Artemis rose an eyebrow at his fairy friend, "Oh? Who other then Mulch could get in there?"

If it were even possible, Holly's grin seemed to grow even larger. "Well mud boy, let's just say tomorrow it going to be a doodah day."

Minevra really had no idea how wrong she had been when she thought no one could get into her home unnoticed, as she was about to find out.


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