Because Holly wanted one. Using actual names - not country. Because that's weird.


There were times that Ludwig would stay up at night, with Feliciano curled up against him, and wonder. . .well, 'why?'. The German would wonder what sane part of him would let the Italian hug and. . .kiss and. . .sleep with him. But eventually, he would just come to the conclusion that. . .he could never figure out why. That there was no actual reason for him allowing it.

It was strange.

But then he would look down at the figure curled against him, and decide that he didn't need an actual reason.


"Ludwig, Ludwig~!" The small (well, when compared to Ludwig, anyway. . .) Italian was bouncing up on his toes, and peering up at said man. "Guess what I got for you?"

Something for a headache? That would be nice. And much preferred. Might as well amuse the brunette, though. "What?" He asked finally.

"This!" Feliciano leaned up, hands on Ludwig's chest for balance, and leaned in, giving him a brief kiss on the lips. And before the other man could react, Feliciano had run away, giggling.

. . .Well.

There was also that.


The young man gave a pleased sigh, arching his back in pleasure. He was surprised that the normally stoic blonde could be so. . .well, decent as a lover. Weren't Germans supposed to be all non-romantic and tough and the like? Although, he wasn't complaining. Feliciano wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck, and pulled him down for a kiss. He could feel the others lips curl in a small smirk, felt him deepen as bodies were pressed together, eliciting small moans.

Feliciano gave a small shudder, and then pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head and leaning up slightly to brush his lips across the others neck, biting gently. When he heard the low growl from the other man, he allowed himself his own smirk.

But he was still better at this.


"Ludwig?" Feliciano's voice was slurred from sleep.

"Hm?" The Italian sounded so damn cute when he was sleepy.

"Ti amo, Ludwig. . ."


Ti amo - I love you, in Italian.

I think.

I Googled it. So it might be wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So yeah. Germany/Italy drabbles for Holly!
Finally. XD