I want to buy you flowers,
It's such a shame you're a boy.
Because when you're not a girl -
Nobody buys you flowers.

Feliciano strokes the petals of the flowers, rubbing them between two fingers. They feel silky, and he gives a happy sigh. He doesn't think that it is strange to give flowers to another man, and he hopes that Ludwig will like them. He insisted that the florist give him the freshest and best flowers - and they are vibrant and gorgeous, and smell lovely.

The Italian walks back to Ludwig's house, and lets himself in. The first floor is silent - except for a snoring Gilbert on the couch, beer in hand, and looking like it is ready to fall out of his hands and spill onto the floor. Ludwig wouldn't like that, so he takes the bottle of beer and places it on the coffee table.

"Ludwig?" He calls, but knows that the German is upstairs, working as was usual. Feliciano heads up the stairs, flowers still in hand. When he gets to Ludwig's office, he frowns, seeing that the man isn't there. There is a note on the table, and Feliciano reads it.

Entschuldigung Sie bitte, Feliciano -
Out in a meeting with France and America.
I'll be back late, don't wait for me.

Feliciano sighs, and pouts, and goes to find a vase to put the flowers in.


Entschuldigung Sie bitte – Sorry