Chapter 1: The Past Catches Up


"Foreign Language"


Summary: Tenten is not the orphaned girl everyone thinks she is. She's actually from a prestigious clan, and hails from the legendary Ryogakure of Heaven Country. She ran away because her parents wouldn't let her become a ninja, as was the clan rules with women. Now her best friend from Ryogakure has come to get her after eleven years, and she has no choice but to go and help. What will her friends think? Will she reveal her secret at all? Takes place in Shippuden, before Jiraiya goes off and dies. NejiTen pairing, undecided others.

"Soshoryu!" A brunette girl with her hair in two buns shouted as she rushed towards her sparring mate.

"Kaiten!" The lavender-eyed boy shouted in response.

The girl's weapons bounded off of his defense. Their sparring went on for a while until both were panting heavily, clutching their sides. It was near sundown, and the training field had several large, circular holes on the ground, various weapons scattered around everywhere.

"Good job." said Neji, brushing himself off.

"I still can't land a hit on you though," Tenten pouted. Neji smirked.

"That's the difference between a jonin and a..." he was cut off as a shout sounded across the village.


It was Tsunade. Tenten raised her eyebrows and Neji smirked once more.

"She probably lost another bet."

This time, Tenten laughed.

"At this rate our economy's gonna go down badly!" she cracked up.

"So, in for another round?" she said when she had calmed down.


They were getting into position as Lee arrived.

"Konoha's youthful flower!"

Tenten groaned.

"What now Lee?"

"All kunoichi in our age group are being called to Hokage Mansion! Tsunade-sama must be lecturing them on the youthfulness of beautiful flowers!"

Tears were streaming down his face. Neji and Tenten just looked at each other.

Tenten made a seal and all the weapons in the training field disappeared. A rather large scroll now hung from her back.

"Lets go."


Neji, Tenten, and Lee roof-hopped towards Hokage Mansion.

"Neji, Lee, you may go now." Shizune informed them, "This meeting is for kunoichi only."



The two boys left their teammate with the medic.

Soon after, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata arrived as well as a few other kunoichi, including Subaku no Temari, here for the upcoming chunin exam. They looked around, nothing much to do. Most were fidgeting.

Finally, Shizune ushered them into the office. She was pale.

"Tsunade-sama's in a bit of a bad mood right now..."

Sakura winced. She knew how bad those days could be, having been a target of assault once.

They all filed in to find Tsunade shouting at a black-haired girl. The stranger had a golden gleam to her skin, left arm covered in bandages, wore a loose shirt with the symbol '金' on the front, tank top underneath the shirt, short shorts, leggings, and standard ninja sandals. Her eyes were a chocolate brown, lips full and red even with absolutely no makeup. And she was livid.

"Why won't you still believe me?" she was demanding. She had a slight accent. "Don't you see this hitai-ate?" she thrust the forhead protector at Tsunade's face. She scowled.

"Well, it's just that your village hasn't been heard of since the first great ninja war. If you can prove there is another that knows of your village here I may be able to believe you. But if not..." Tsunade trailed her statement, glaring at the girl.

Everyone in the room sweatdropped.

Tenten, though, merely gasped as she saw the symbol engraved on the metal plate.

"Tian..." she said softly, almost whispering.

That voice, that symbol, could it be? But how...

"Jin-jin?" Tenten tentatively asked, voice shaking. Soon there were about ten pairs of eyes on her. Silence fell on the room like a stone.

Then the girl shouted, "Tian-tian!" and rushed to hug her. "I missed you so much!"

"What!?" Everyone in the room stared.

Tenten chuckled.

"Uh... she's a friend I've met on a mission once, and I just kept meeting her again somehow. And for the last time, Jina, its Tenten. Stop putting in that weird accent of yours." she said, stepping on the girl's foot.

Whatever her name was, she caught on very quickly.

"Yep! I met Tian... Tenten..." she quickly changed when Tenten glared at her, "one time on a mission in... was it Tea Country? And we kept ending up having missions same place, same time." she chirped happily.

"Umm... yeah." said Tenten, looking doubtful.

Everyone stared.

"Minna, you can go now. Tenten, you're staying to confirm this... Jinjin's... status." Tsunade said slowly, but in a commanding voice.

Eyes were all settled on Tenten. Slowly, one by one, people began to leave the room. Tenten grabbed Temari's arm.

"Stay." she said softly, "I want you to know as well."

The two kunoichi had grown quite close after Tenten's defeat in their first chunin exams so long ago.

"Alright..." Temari looked rather unsure, but stayed anyway.

There was silence in the room as Tsunade, Shizune, 'Jin-jin', Temari and Tenten threw nervous glances at each other. Tenten was in position, bracing herself for what was inevitable...

"TIAN-TIAN!!!!!" The girl pounced on her, giving her a big hug. Tenten stood helplessly as she sighed.

Shizune blinked at the girl, who was taller than the kunoichi. She had expected Tenten to have pushed the girl off, denying the nickname like she did with Lee and Gai so often. But this time, no movement.

The other girl grinned.

"Metal arms jutsu." she simply stated.

"Jin-cai, get off, or I'll have to beat you up." Tenten said rather sternly, unlike her usual self. And she was speaking a different language fluently.

"But... Tian-tian gong zhu...!" The girl was pouting, and the other three kunoichi in the room frowned, not being able to understand the strange language the two were speaking in.

"Jin-cai! They don't know of my heritage. The Sandaime did, but when he died I didn't tell the Godaime." Tenten said more in the strange language.

"Stop!" Tsunade shouted, and Tenten and 'Jin-jin' both turned to face her once more.

The hokage had several large veins popping on her forhead, and was rubbing her temples.

"Tenten, the truth, and every bit of it. And explain the foreign language!"

Tenten bit her lower lip, looked at Temari. Her friend looked confused. She turned to the foreign girl, who just nodded at her to carry on. Then she spoke.

"I know you may not believe me, but Heaven Country of the legends still exists, and we still have our ninja."

"Wait, OUR?" Shizune interrupted.

"Yes, our. I'm from Heaven Country."

"Tenten..." Temari looked shocked.

"Or more specifically," Tenten carried on with a smaller voice this time, "I'm a Heaven Country princess."

Tsunade gawped at her. Well, not just her.

"Tell." she commanded, nothing more to say.

Tenten took a deep breath, unsure where to start, then began her story.

"March 9th seventeen years ago, my twin brother Tian-di and I were born to the Ryokage, in Ryogakure of Heaven Country. My birth name is what Jin-cai just called me, Tian-tian. I have three other sisters and one other brother, making us six in total. I am the youngest of all siblings.

You have to understand that the ruling system there is a bit different- it's by bloodline, not by appointing Kage. The Ryokage chooses his heir among his children when he reaches a certain age, and there are hundreds of branch family members at the moment.

That's my family- my siblings and I are the current Ryokage's children.

You don't even need to consider birth order, so any one of us, including me, may be randomly selected quickly and suddenly. And the Ryokage can change his mind whenever, including last minute.

There are two advisor families, five guard families. The rest are either civilians or ninja. Jin-cai here comes from one of the guard families.

We in Ryogakure don't use surnames, our clan name is always the first syllable of our name. So Jin-cai is of the 'Jin' clan, I of the 'Tian' clan. Advisors are 'Ri' and 'Yue', the guard families are: 'Huo', 'Shui', 'Mu', 'Jin', and 'Tou'. Jin-cai is a guard, more specifically, a guard assigned to me.

Well, back in Ryo, the Tian family girls aren't allowed to know any fighting beyond that of our bloodline, control of the sky. As in clouds, rain, wind, and lighting. Fully trained we can produce wings of chakra and fly, however I never got the opportunity to.

I'm sorry Tsunade-sama, but I never once used it upon entering Konoha eleven years ago. Ryo shinobi aren't permitted to show themselves to foreign countries, and I was being pursued by Ryo sentries.

I told the Sandaime of my situation and he let me stay as an orphan.

I thought I could stay away forever, being a kunoichi and all...

But now that Jin-cai's come for me after eleven years, something has to be up. I probably need to follow her. That's it."

Tenten concluded, blushing slightly.

Tsunade and Shizune were open-mouthed, Temari looked dumbstruck. If she had used her bloodline she could easily be a jonin, no, an ANBU by now!

But Temari guessed that it wasn't what Tenten, or Tian-tian, wanted.

Jin-cai broke the heavy silence.

"Tian-tian gong zhu..."

Tsunade interrupted her.

"Wait, so 'gong zhu' is the equivalent of 'hime'?"

"Hai," said Tenten, and Jin-cai continued, this time in her mother tongue.

"Your father wants you back, at least for a year, I think."

"Why do they want me?" Tenten's accent was perfect even after all these years.

"They... want Tian-di to become betrothed. And you need to come to help."

"NANI???" Tenten burst out. She quickly switched back, however. "That's why you came?" Jin-cai looked guilty.

"Um... yes, gong zhu."

Tenten sighed, then said in Japanese, "YADA."

Jin-cai looked angry, and replied to Tenten in Japanese, her accent nearly perfect. "He's counting on you Tian-tian! You're the only one that knows him well enough to actually choose! Do you think the current council's gonna let him with someone he likes?"

"It's been eleven years! I've changed, you've changed, even he's probably changed by now!"

They glared at teach other.

Tsunade broke the contest.

"What's this I hear about a 'he'?"

"They want me to go back to choose my brother's fiance." Tenten spat out.

"Ten...ten..." Temari managed out.

No one heard her as Shizune said relieved, "Oh, and I thought we were losing one of our kunoichi for a marriage."

Tenten's eyes darkened and Jin-cai fidgeted nervously.


Tsunade noticed right away.

"What now?"

"We're... probably going to have to take her away for about a year... and there's another two reasons she doesn't want to go back." Jin-cai replied.


Tenten nodded at Jin-cai, telling her to continue.

"Um... Since she's still of the undiluted bloodline of the Tian clan, there may be betrothal arrangements starting any time soon..."

"And..." Tenten said darkly, and Jin-cai cringed.

"She... she promised her father something on the scroll she left in her room when she ran. That when she returned she would permit him to give her the test, the test in Ryogakure that they use to determine the shinobi ranks. If she should pass, she would go back to the ninja world, if not, she would stay and serve as a branch family member for the rest of her years. I was her closest guard... I was the only she told of her plan... and Lord Tian-long was not pleased. I... I still have the scars to prove it..." she shuddered, and Tenten jumped, eyes flashing.

"You never said- SHOW ME!"

The girl slowly undid the bandages on her left arm, wincing.

A long, gashing scar showed itself, and everyone else gasped.

Shizune hurried to the arm.

"It's been renewed every year!" she exclaimed.

"And every time it hurts even more..." Jin-cai said in a meek voice.

A killer intent was suddenly present in the room.

"Tian-tian, please come... He promised to stop if I could bring you back..."

Tenten made up her mind then and there.

"I'm going back." She declared to the surprised others. "I'm giving father a piece of my mind."

"Tian-tian gong zhu..." Jin-cai said softly.

"And no one is stopping me." Tenten concluded.

Jin-cai, scar half-healed already, shuffled over to Tsunade. She looked almost guilty as she placed a mission request file on her desk.

"Lord Tian-long wished me to give this to you should Tian... I mean... Tenten... accept the terms."

Tsunade opened the scroll. The content was simple, short.

"Escort the Heaven Princess back home. There should be fourteen escorts, including the one I have sent. They will meet four more on the way here."

"Tenten." Tsunade said, "Or should I call you Tian-tian?"

"Only in private, Tsunade-sama. I do not wish that anyone else find out."

"Alright then... Tian-tian."

"Umm... Tian-tian-sama?"

"Please, don't do that Temari. I don't want anyone to treat me any differently than they used to. Just Tian-tian. That goes for you too, Jin-cai."

"But Tian-tian gong zhu..."

"Seriously, Jin-cai."

"Jin-cai, I can tell she's serious." Temari said gently.

"Wow, Temari can be understanding sometimes, I guess." Tenten said jokingly, and said blonde caught on.

"Of course, Tian-tian gong zhu, I'm always your greatest friend." She said with just the right amount of mocking tone in her voice.

The two friends laughed, breaking the tension in the room.

Then Tsunade chose to read out the scroll. The room's atmosphere completely changed.

Jin-cai dropped a bag on Tsunade's desk.

"This should cover the SS-rank mission with fourteen people, even if we may be away fro a year. We do not use the same currency."

Tsunade opened the bag to find it was filled with gold and silver coins.

This left Temari dumbstruck once more.

Then she said slowly, "I'm going."

"Temari, you're a Sunagakure jonin. We'll have to ask Gaara about this..."

"Listen, I'm not letting my best friend go back to a family that does not understand without my supervision."

"I'll send a message to Gaara, then. Shizune, call for a messenger bird."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama." Shizune ran out of the room.

"Who else will go?" Tenten asked. "I don't want to be rude, but father will probably test the escorts to see if I was so called 'safe'."

"The rest of Team Gai, of course, and since Temari's going, the junior Shika-ino-chou team. Since you'll have to try and find your way back, tracker team Hinata, Shino, and Kiba should accompany you. Sakura, because she's the best healer, and since they're on her team, Sai, Captain Yamato, and... Naruto." Tsundade stated, counting with her fingers. "That should be fifteen."

"Umm... who are all these people again?" Jin-cai asked, head slightly tilting to the side.

"You'll learn soon enough, Jin-cai, be patient. Tsunade-sama, I am pleased with the selections. Tell them of the mission tomorrow, if you wish. We will leave in two days." Tenten paused at the door.

Then she straightened, and said with all the regality of a princess, "I forbid any talk of my heritage to anyone other than the ones present in this room at the moment. Tsunade-sama, not even my old genin team. I bid you all good night." And she went out of the room, back straight, head held high. But there were tears in her eyes.

Jin-cai bit her lower lip once more, then straightened, as if hearing a silent command. She hurried out of the room to follow Tenten, head bowed, hands held together at her stomach.

'Just like a faithful servant...' Temari realized. The room was silent as Tsunade finally dismissed and Temari with a wave of her hand, and started rubbing her temples. Once the two left, Tsunade started petting Tonton, looking at the mission scroll from Jin-cai. She sighed.

"This is going to take a while." she mused, and started to write out mission scrolls.

Thirty minutes later, Shizune entered the room to find that the Hokage had gone to sleep on her desk for the umpteenth time.


Author's Notes:

So what do you think?
Yeah I based Heaven Country on the Middle Country (China) but I changed bits!!!
Yes, Jin-cai is my OC. ^^
I haven't decided on any of the other pairings than NejixTen, but I'm leaning towards HinaxNaruxSaku... or maybe just NaurxHina.

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Like I said in summary, takes place during Shippuden, when Jiraiya's not dead yet.

I absolutely love Tenten. Favorite Kunoichi.