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Chapter 1: 7:00p.m.

Chuckie and Angelica didn't like each other, in fact, Angelica picked on Chuck the most simply because she couldn't stand him.

But tonight will be the last night that Angelica looks at Chuck the same way again.

It was the last day of school and Summer had officialy began. The night of the big Graduation Party was here.

Chuck had arrived first, because he assumed he could talk with his friends a little bit, grab some food, and get out before he had to leave for college.

What he didn't realize was that when he was given the address to where the party was being held, he was given the wrong address!

As he turned to leave, he was stopped dead in his tracks by Angelica, who was given the same wrong address!

Chuck held his head down as Angie glared at him. "What are you doing here, Finster!?"

Chuck flinched by the mentioning of his last name. He looked up at her and said, "I guess Tommy gave me the wrong address."

Angelica scoffed and turned to leave. The lightning hit for the first time tonight and the rain suddenly began to heavily fall and the wind began to blow really hard.

Angelica tried to close the door but she was drenched and the wind didn't help much.

Chuck ran to help her close the door. "Are you okay, Angelica?" Angelica just glared at him until she finally said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for helping me close the door."

Chuck smiled in response. "Who said you could smile, Finster?" Chuck's smile dissipated then Angelica started to smile. "I was messing with ya, Finster!"

Chuck, then started to get mad. "Angelica why do you always bother me!? Why can't you, for one minute, pretend to be human and be nice to me!?"

Angelica started yelling, "Are you saying I'm not human, Finster? I wouldn't talk about humans if I were you. You're the one who looks like he came out of an alien egg!" Then as she grabbed the door to leave, the door wouldn't open.

She tried to pull harder and the door still wouldn't open.

Then, Chuck smiled and said, "You have to push, you moron!" Chuck tried to push the door open and it wouldn't budge. He tried harder and it wouldn't move.

Then, they looked at each other and screamed.

Chuck and Angelica were locked in an empty house all alone, in a storm, and with each other. Perfect recipe for a romance.