This is just an old Corda story of mine that makes use of the characters from Corda 1 and 2. Hope you enjoy reading this and take note that I do not own or have the rights to La Corda D'Oro.


She should have known it was too good to be true. At that time she had needed money…desperately. She and her sister were chipping in for an expensive vacation at a spa resort for their mom. Note the word expensive. Since her bank account was as dry as the Sahara, she thought 'Hey! Why not get a part time job?'
So she started browsing for one in the newspapers but nothing was good enough otherwise it required skills she did not have.

She almost gave up until she heard of a very interesting job from two giggly girls at the booth behind her in her usual restaurant.
According to them, this job paid well. Extremely well. The numbers almost made Kahoko choke when she heard it because it would only take around four days to get the money she needed plus change!

You also get free lunches and snacks in between shifts and get to take home food from work with no charge whatsoever from your wages.
The working hours were reasonable especially for part-timers. Kahoko took notes as fast as the girls were talking, writing down the name of the establishment and the address from their lips onto the small scratch of paper.
This obviously was a sign from God.

Kahoko was happy.


Kahoko was not happy.

She felt like the world's biggest idiot and the world's biggest pushover to boot. She should have known something was fishy from the moment she wrote down the name 'Play House' or when she was being interviewed with the most bizarre questions.

The job was basically being a waitress…with a catch.

Sure you took down orders from the customers, tell them about some promo thing, deliver their food, give them their bills and greet them whether they were coming in or exiting. Basic things. With an oh-so interesting uniform…

A bunny outfit.

Yes, clad in a pink skin-tight backless suit with a bosom-pushing front over powder white tights with stilettos on her feet was one unhappy Hino Kahoko. She had a small white collar around her neck, white cuffs at her wrists, and bunny ears over her head with her rose hair pulled up. Also let's not forget the cottontail. Kahoko thought her bathing suit was more conservative than this.

Thank God, she had chosen to wear the tights otherwise her bum would have been practically exposed. She also wished she could say the same thing for her chest; it was on the verge of popping out.

"God, this is embarrassing…" She mentally groaned. She looked around the area to where the other bunny waitresses were serving otaku—albeit rich— customers. The other girls were already seasoned and experienced and they didn't seem to mind the ogling and the lewd remarks.

"You can do this, Kahoko!" She encouraged herself mentally. "It's for your mom! Just four days of working here and you can leave forever!"

Revitalized and raring to go, Kahoko started walking down towards the small private corner table of the establishment, where the lighting wasn't as bright as the rest of the place. She took out her pen and small notepad.

She was staring at the blank notepaper when she asked, "what can I get you, sir?"
Kahoko took one look at the customer's face and her writing things dropped from her hands. Her expression absolutely priceless.


Needless to say, Kira Akihiko had a similar look that was also priceless. A small smile tugged his lips and he could not stop himself from sizing up her assets.

"Hino-pyon, what a surprise to see you here." He smirked, relishing the shade of red that celebrated her skin.

"Umm…Kira-rijichou, I can explain!!!" Kahoko started rambling with random phrases like 'mom', 'money', 'vacation', and 'please don't let this be on my permanent record, beg to God!' and she got redder and redder each time.

Kira could not help but be amused by his favorite student…and the bunny suit was very fetching on her.

"Oi! Hino!" came a shout from one of the bunny girls behind the counter. "Get back to work already! Che…rookies."

"Eh! Right away"—She turned back to Kira with uncertainty.

Kira closed the menu he was holding and looked into Kahoko's anxious eyes.

"The special and a bourbon to wash it down with."

"Ah—o-okay." For a split second, she panicked when she couldn't find her notepad and pen. Then realized she had dropped it from her earlier shock. She dropped down on her knees because the suit was restricting if she'd stoop to get it. Kahoko was ignorant of the ample view she was presenting to the older man. Much less, the evil smirk on his face…

"Will that be all, Kira-ri—err, I mean sir?" Kahoko tried her best to give out a smile.

Kira looked bored and surveyed her with cryptic eyes, "Add another pricey dish on it. I guess it's my fault you're like this—and I don't mean the bunny suit—for randomly choosing this place."


"But, I'm curious…" Kira added, "I never thought you to be this type of girl, Hino-pyon." He raised a brow in mockery.

Kahoko narrowed her eyes and replied angrily, "You're wrong! I'm doing this for a good cause. Besides…I don't enjoy wearing this…"
The last words were muttered softly under her breath. She looked cute like this, Kira thought.

If those other boys saw her like this, God knows what would happen…

"It doesn't matter how noble your cause might be, Hino-pyon. To have a part-time job likes this…well, what would people say?"


"A student from Seiso doing something scandalous like this…didn't you think about that?"


"You were probably too focused on the money. Am I right, Hino-pyon?"

"Don't call me, Hino-pyon!" Kahoko spat. Damn it! Why did it have to be Kira? If it were Kanazawa-sensei, he probably wouldn't mind and would just order beer or something. So annoying!

But at least it wasn't Yunoki; he'd probably do something worse. She shuddered at the thought.

"You know I can't just leave this unnoticed, you realize that, don't you?" Kira said while watching her fidget.

Kahoko sighed sadly and looked down on the floor, burning with humiliation. "Yes…"

"That's why…" Kira began loosening his tie with a patented evil smile.

"You'll have to come to my office tomorrow to discuss your…shall we say, punishment."