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Summary - Just 2 weeks before starting her first year of college, Bella was involved in an accident that claimed the lives of her mother and stepfather. She was so devastated that her plans for college were put on hold and she decided it would be best if she just stayed in Forks for a bit longer. Soon, a year had passed and a new school year was approaching. Deciding against her original plans of attending a college in Seattle, Bella finds herself in San Francisco instead. She becomes firm friends with Alice Cullen immediately and its not long before she finds herself falling for Alice's brother; the gorgeous Edward. Problem is, he's a little older than Bella, so she knows there's no chance he'd be interested. Or so she thinks…..

A/N: Title from this story comes from Feeder's 'Feeling a Moment'.

Ages of characters:

Bella & Alice - 19 going on 20. Jasper - 21. Emmett & Rosalie - 24. Edward - 25

Just letting you know that this first chapter is mostly dialogue.


CHAPTER 1 - Getting Away


The day has arrived. The day I finally get out of Forks. It's going to be a good thing. I think. No, it definitely will be great. Don't get me wrong, I will miss it here. Its been my home for the last three years, and three of the most important people in my life are here. My dad, and my best friends Nessie and Jacob. I'm going to miss them like crazy.

But I need to do this. I need to start fresh. I was starting a new life, and I was going to try and live it to the fullest.

I should have been out of here after graduating high school a year ago, but when mum and Phil died, things changed.

The accident happened just three weeks before I was supposed to head off to college in Seattle. It was only a four hour drive from Forks, so I was still going to be close to my loved ones, and mum and Phil had a home in Seattle that they went to when they weren't travelling with Phil's baseball team. Life had been great.

But then suddenly my mother and Phil were gone. Forever.

Renee had been my best friend. I'd been looking forward to spending time with her, as I hadn't seen her that much since I'd gone to live with my father in Junior year. I'd decided that I wanted to spend a few days with her, so dad drove me up to Seattle, and I did just that. When the visit ended, mum and Phil decided that they would drive me back to Forks. It turned out to be the biggest mistake ever.

A drunk driver hit us. Mum and Phil were killed instantly. I survived. My heart was ripped apart.

I didn't go to Seattle.


I spent the next three months in a daze. I broke up with my boyfriend Mike, and I pushed Nessie and Jake away. The only person I really bothered with was my dad, Charlie. He was all that mattered to me.

But then things started to change, and for the better.

I'd been going through some of my mothers belongings, and it was then when I found her camera.

Photography had probably been the one and only thing we had in common. My mother lived for it, and I'd always had it for a hobby. It was a passion we shared. I'd even been the photographer for the school newspaper. Unlike my mother, I'd never thought of doing it as a career. Instead, I'd been all about English. I wanted to be a teacher. That's what I was supposed to study had I went to Seattle University when I was supposed to.

But that day, sitting in my room, and going through Renee's belongings and looking at all the magazines and newspapers her photo's had been published in, something in me changed. A change of heart some would call it.

That camera became my outlet. Like my mother, I now lived for it.

My priorities changed. I no longer wanted to go the easy route. I wanted to do something fun, exciting. I wanted a challenge. My mother told me how hard it had been for her to get noticed as a serious photographer. How hard it had been to put herself out there. I wanted to know how hard it was. I wanted to know how she felt. So, I set my mind to it.

I got a job at a coffee shop in Forks, and I even signed up for a few photography classes at the Port Angeles community college. It wasn't long before I scored a small position at the local newspaper. As a photographer of course.

My dad and my friends were thrilled that I was coming out of my cocoon again. I was just as thrilled for myself.

Then just three months ago I was on the phone to my friend Angela. She and her boyfriend Ben had moved to San Francisco right after graduation. She told me they were living a great life there. Angela was studying Journalism, and Ben was going to be Lawyer. Angela was the one who made the suggestion that I move there.

The idea excited me. I made up my mind on the spot.

My last three months in Forks were spent cracking down on work. I wanted to save as much money as I could before I left. I'd recently just got some insurance money from my mums death, but I didn't really want to spend it. In the end, Charlie convinced me to buy myself a new car. The rest of the money was safely in the bank.

Three weeks before I was due to head to San Francisco, Charlie and I jumped on a plane and headed out there for a weekend. We were searching for a nice apartment for me, and my dad was not going to allow me to move into a place unless he'd seen it first and approved. I decided against using the campus dorms; I liked my own space. Plus, those rooms were way too crammed.

Dad and I met Alice Cullen that weekend.

We both fell for her immediately. She was a tiny sweet girl. She and I were going to get along great.

The apartment was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. I think Alice came from good money. At first I didn't think there was anyway I was going to be able to afford it, but the rent she was asking for was a bargain. The bedroom already had a queen sized bed, night stands, a desk and a wardrobe, so I'd only have to bring my bits and pieces. Plus, I loved the place, I couldn't say no. And it was only a ten minute drive from the beach, and only twenty minutes from the University. It was perfect.

Alice and I hugged on the deal, and I promised that I would be seeing her in three weeks time.

Which brings me to today. Its time to leave. Angela flew in from San Francisco, and we were going to be taking turns driving there. We'd given ourselves a week, so that way we'd be able to stop and check out the scenery. It was going to be a fun trip.

"We're gonna miss you Bell's," Jacob and Nessie pulled me in for a warm hug. It was hard saying goodbye to them.

"You guys have been so good to me this past year. I really appreciate it," I thanked them. I would be seeing them soon. They promised to visit in a couple months time.

It was time to say goodbye to my dad next. We'd grown so close since my mum died. I really didn't want to say goodbye to him, but I had to.

He was about to pull me into his warm arms when I heard a name calling out to me. It was Mike.

"Damn," I muttered under my breath. I'd been hoping I wouldn't have to see him before I left. I hadnt spoken to him in a couple of months, and i didnt even know that he knew i was leaving.

"You were gonna leave without saying goodbye?" he pouted at me.

I rolled my eyes. That pout was so not cute anymore.

"Thought it would be better if I just left, you know?" I shrugged at him.

He stepped forward and hugged me tightly. He pressed his nose into my hair, and inhaled deeply. I gave his back a quick pat, before pulling away from his grasp.

"See ya round buddy," I gave a small smile, and then walked away from him.

Good riddance.

Saying goodbye to Charlie was just as hard as I thought it would be. I wont lie. I cried. I bawled my eyes out. He cried too. It wasn't something I saw very often. I think we held each other for about five minutes. Eventually I had to pull away. I kissed his cheek and told him I loved him, and he promised to also come visit soon.

Next thing I knew, Angela and I were in my little silver Toyota Corolla, waving goodbye as we drove down the street.

Goodbye Forks, Washington.

Hello San Francisco, California.


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