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CHAPTER 17 - Whoopsie


I hated being sick. It ruined your day, and in my case, the whole week. I couldn't go to classes or to work in fear that I would spray my germs all over everyone. My body ached, my face ached, my throat burned and I continually got the cold shivers. I spent most of the week sleeping.

It ruined the rest of my birthday weekend with Edward. Turns out that's why I felt so tired when I woke up Sunday morning. It wasn't Edward's mad sex skills after all.

By Monday morning, I felt like I wanted to die and I managed to traipse myself to the local GP for an antibiotic. For the next twenty four hours I pretty much slept, with the occasional bathroom and shower break.

Tuesday night Alice had to practically force feed me some food. With a flaming throat, I didn't have much of an appetite; it hurt to eat and I could barely speak. I couldn't even tell Alice to buzz off and let me wallow in peace. So in the end I had to resort to hand gestures and flipped her off instead. She got the hint then.

Wednesday evening found me on the phone to a very whiney Edward. He was getting antsy because he hadn't seen me since Sunday night. I didn't want to go over there and spread my germs. I was already keeping Alice at arms length because I didn't want her catching it from me.

Edward and I spoke on the phone for well over an hour, and he wouldn't let me go until I promised to spend a couple of nights at his place as soon as I was well again. He wasn't impressed when I said that he was just cranky because he was used to the constant sex and wouldn't be getting any this week.

"Is that what you think? That I just want you around for the sex?" he grumbled.

"Edward, I was just kidding. I know it's not just about that," I croaked, my voice still scratchy and sore.

He sighed down the phone. "Good. Because it's not just about that. I really like being around you, and it sucks when I don't get to see you very often. I want you to know that I am very serious about us and what we have," Edward explained.

I felt a hit of excitement course through my body. Edward and I had never really talked that much about where our relationship was headed and it was nice to hear from his lips that he wanted this relationship and was serious about it.

"I know. Me too," I told him.

We said goodnight after that, with me promising to try and get better as soon as possible. I was feeling a lot better, but still not enough to be running around the countryside.

On Thursday afternoon Alice unknowingly got Edward into my bad books. I discovered that my boyfriend was a BIG FAT hypocrite. And when I got him alone, he was going to become doggy doo doo.

I was resting on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket when Alice got home from her classes. She skipped around the apartment for a few minutes while telling me about her day, and then took a seat next to me on the lounge before dumping a bag of stuff on the coffee table in front of us.

When she started to pull things from the bag I could see that there were some classical CD's and what looked to be the Series box set of 'Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em'. I laughed as I picked it up and looked at the outside packaging.

"I love this show. Me and dad always used to sit down and watch the repeats together," I croaked.

"It was a good show," Alice nodded.

"Oh no, I'm not getting another cat. I found it the other day clawing at the wallpaper, so I shouted at it, and then it done a whoopsie in my beret," I tried not to giggle as I put on my best Frank Spencer accent.

"Oh Betty," Alice rolled back onto the lounge and held her tummy as she giggled along with me.

"Frank Spencer is awesome," I sighed as plopped the DVD back on the table and leant back into the couch.

"Now I remember why Edward loves it so much. I'm so glad I decided to get it for him," she was still laughing.

For Edward? What?

"It's for Edward?" I tried not to sound too interested.

"Yeah," Alice nodded. "It's for his birthday this Saturday," and then she pulled the birthday wrapping paper from the bag.

His Birthday? What? This Saturday?

That son of a bitch.

"We're just having a birthday lunch at mum and dads. You're invited, of course," Alice started to neatly wrap the gifts.

"I didn't even realise it was his birthday," I said from my corner of the lounge.

Why hadn't he told me? Was this just his childish way of payback because I never told him about mine?

"Edward's just not really into the idea of celebrating his birthday," Alice shrugged. "I guess it's something the two of you have in common; although his reasons are completely different than yours. He still likes gifts. He just doesn't like the concept of what his birthday means," she explained.

Now I was confused. Did he not like the idea of getting older?

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, trying my hardest not to sound too obvious.

"It's not really my story to tell," she smiled sadly.

Okay. Now I was confused and curious.

But I wasn't going to push her. Alice would know something was up if I kept probing her about it. And then this conversation would end up with her asking the questions instead. I didn't need her wondering why I was so interested in her brother.

I know Edward and I had agreed to tell people about us soon, but I still needed a little extra time to work myself up to it. Maybe in a couple of week's time I'll be ready.

"I think I'm going to go and have a nap," I stood from my spot on the lounge and pulled up the blanket and wrapped it around me.

I needed some privacy to go over everything Alice has just said. I need to get my head wrapped around the fact that there are things about Edward that I don't know. Maybe it's time I tell him about my accident and my mum's death. If I tell him about it, maybe he'll feel comfortable enough to confide in me over his problems.

"I hope you're feeling better by the weekend. Papa Cullen is coming to the party and I really can't wait for you to meet him," Alice said.

I smiled back at her as I made my way to my bedroom. "Yeah, me too Ali".

I threw myself down on the bed and closed my eyes.

If Edward and I were really going to make a go of this relationship, then we needed to start being honest with each other.

I don't want any stupid little things to come between us, and lies will do exactly that if we don't be truthful.

Before falling asleep I sent off a quick text to Edward, reminiscent of the one he sent me last week when I didn't tell him about my birthday. In return, he sent me back an "oops" with a smiley face.

That little rat bag.


Saturday soon arrived, and luckily I was almost as good as new. I was feeling so much better and thankful that I would be able to attend the special lunch Carlisle and Esme were hosting for Edward's birthday.

I was looking forward to meeting the elder Cullen, Papa, as Alice had affectionately called him. He was Carlisle's father and also Emmett's namesake. But she had informed me that everybody called him Duke. Alice spoke of him fondly, and had even told me that Edward and Papa Cullen were like two peas in a pod. Whenever they got together, it was hard to pull them apart. Edward had mentioned his grandfather to me a few times, and every time I'd gotten the impression that they were extremely close. It was very sweet.

I sat quietly in the backseat of Jasper's car, while Alice chatted happily in the front next to Jasper, who drove. I looked out the window and watched as the cars whizzed by as we crossed the Bay Bridge and headed towards Berkeley Hills, where Esme and Carlisle lived.

I quite liked it over this side of the bridge; even Rose and Emmett were moving over this way after the wedding. They'd recently purchased a home over here and were in the midst of renovating it. It would be completed by the time they got married and ready to move into once they got back from their honeymoon.

I was always marvelled when I looked at Esme and Carlisle's home. It really was lovely. Their backyard was the stand out for me though. They had a pool and entertainment area off to one side and then just a large grassy area that took up the rest of the yard. Esme had a lovely garden and there was a glorious tree at the very back of the yard. It would be the perfect place for family get togethers.

Esme was hosting the lunch inside, as it was a bit chilly out today. According to Alice, it was just going to be the family attending, and Edward's best friend Garrett and his fiancée Kate. They had been away travelling Europe and this would be the first time Edward had seen them in a few months.

When we got to the house, Esme greeted us in excitement. We were the last to arrive, and she dragged Alice and me to the kitchen to show us the cake she had made. It was a vanilla flavoured cake with a white chocolate icing. On top of the cake was a large '26' written with green M&M's.

"Edward loves white chocolate," Esme smiled brightly. "I know it might seem a bit silly but the M&M's are just something fun I've done with his cake every year since he turned one," she explained. As I looked closely I noticed a tear in her eye. She was a very sentimental woman.

Even though Edward was a grown man now and some would think the m&m's are silly for someone his age, I thought it was extremely sweet that they had stuck to a tradition all these years. It kept the fun around. Maybe I would have enjoyed my birthdays more if there had of been something familiar to look forward too!

"It looks great," I nodded. Alice was beside me nodding her head adamantly in agreement.

Alice and I offered to help with lunch, but Esme practically pushed us out of the kitchen. She had everything under control.

We made our way to the living area where everyone had gathered and said our hellos. I gave Edward a slight stink eye as we stood by him and wished him a happy birthday. He opened his gift from Alice excitedly, throwing his arms around her when he discovered what was inside.

"I love this show. You're the best, Ali" he grinned.

"This is true," Alice was smug.

I laughed at her. Of course it was true. There was nobody else in the world like Alice. She truly was one of a kind.

I didn't get Edward a gift. Not by choice of course. I'd received a warning message from him yesterday. If I dared buy him a gift, he'd go out and buy me a belated present. And it would be expensive.

Yeah, I wasn't going to risk it.

Edward smirked at me as I tried not to pout as I stood by Alice. I still wasn't over the fact that he had kept this from me. A-hole.

"Bella, come meet Kate and Garrett," Alice dragged me across the room to the couple who were chatting with Rosalie.

They were a great looking couple. Garrett was tall and well built with a stunning pair of baby blue eyes. Not as stunning as Edward's emeralds, but stunning all the same. Kate was gorgeous. She had a petite frame with gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes that rivalled her fiancé's.

Yeah, I'm trying not to be jealous.

"Hey guys, it's so good to see you," Alice hugged them both quickly.

Kate smiled warmly, while Garrett teased. "Hey squirt".

"Don't start," Alice huffed as she crossed her arms across her chest.

Garrett laughed and ruffled Alice's hair. "Chin up Ali".

A small smile peaked from the corner of Alice's mouth and it quickly turned into a full blown grin. "This is my new flat mate Bella Swan," she introduced me.

I reached out to shake their hands as she continued. "Bella, meet Garrett Jones and Kate Denali," she said.

I halted at that. "Denali?" I raised an eyebrow.

"You've had the pleasure of meeting my lovely cousin Tanya then?" Kate giggled.

"I wouldn't say lovely," I mumbled.

I thought I'd said it quietly, but obviously not. Garrett laughed and slapped at his thigh.

I felt guilty suddenly. I shouldn't have said that. Tanya was Kate's family after all.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that," I looked at Kate in apology.

"Oh gosh, don't feel bad. I was being sarcastic too. I know what she's like," Kate waved it off. "She might be my cousin, but that doesn't mean I have to like her that much. Our fathers are brothers, and my uncle is fantastic, but Tanya gets her attitude from her mother, Irina. She's a bitch," she went on to explain.

Kate turned out to be really lovely. Absolutely nothing like her horrid cousin. She was the kind of person I could see myself being good friends with.

We spoke for a few extra minutes before Alice was once again pulling me across the room. This time to meet Papa Cullen. He was standing with Edward, Emmett and Carlisle by the roaring fireplace. You could see that all four men were related. They all had that strong Cullen jaw. The one that I liked to lick. On Edward. Of course.

"Who is this lovely young lady?" the elder Cullen reached a hand out to me. He took my hand gently and placed a soft kiss to it.

This dude may have been old, but he was very suave. Now I know where Edward gets it from.

"Papa, this is Bella, my new best friend and flatmate," Alice was giggling beside me.

"It's very nice to meet you Mr Cullen," I couldn't help but blush.

Carlisle was chuckling away and Edward had that damn smirk on his face. He would so pay for that later.

"Please, Mr Cullen makes me feel old. You can call me Duke. All the cool people are doing it," he chuckled. He slung an arm around Alice's shoulder and squeezed her to his side. "My little princess Ali still calls me Papa though. These two rascals here seem to think they're too good to call me that now," Duke jerked his head at Edward and Emmett.

"Well, they obviously don't know what they're talking about," I smiled.

"I like you Bella," Duke winked.

"Please forgive my father, Bella. He may be old, but he is still a very outrageous flirt," Carlisle rested a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it gently.

We all laughed at that.

Soon everyone was gathered in front of the fire place and chatting about how their weeks had been and what was on the agenda for Thanksgiving next week.

"I heard you were a bit under the weather this week, Bella," Carlisle turned to speak with me again.

"Yeah, I'm feeling so much better now. Almost like a new person," I nodded. "I was prescribed some antibiotics and they really done the trick".

"Make sure you finish the full seven day course. It could still be lingering," Carlisle went into doctor mode.

"Will do, Doc," I laughed.

A moment later Esme was announcing that lunch would be served in ten minutes. I took the chance to make a quick trip to the bathroom, Esme telling me to use the upstairs one because the lower level bathroom was getting redecorated and had no toilet at this time.

As I was walking away I heard Duke speaking quietly to Edward. "I like that girl. Too bad she isn't a few years older; she'd be perfect for you Ed," he said.

I tried to stop the smile appearing on my face as I left the room. Oh, if only old man Duke knew the truth.

I did my business quickly, washing my hands afterward. I dried my hands on the towel hanging from the rack and then moved for the door. When I opened it, I gasped in surprise. Edward stood in the door frame, arms crossed as he looked down at me. I never got to speak a word before he was pushing me back and closing the door behind him .

Something he seemed to be making a habit of.

"God, I missed you this week baby," his voice sounded of pure velvet.

His hands moved to my waist and pulled me flush against his body. "Hi," I breathed out before his lips crashed to mine. I let myself get caught up in the moment, because it had been almost a week since Edward and I had touched, let alone kissed. And it felt so good to be back in his arms. But then I remembered that I was supposed to be pissed at him. "No, I'm mad at you," I detached myself from his mouth.

"Don't be mad," he kissed me again. He nibbled on my lip and his tongue stroked against mine. It felt like heaven. His kisses always did.

How could I be mad at him when he made me feel like this?

"Was it just some childish way of getting back at me because I didn't tell you about mine?" I sighed.

He finally stopped trying to kiss me as his movements halted. "No," he sighed too. His body had stiffened and he looked uncomfortable. I immediately felt guilty for making him feel that way. "It's not like that at all. Look can we talk about this later. Come around tonight and we'll talk then?"

"Sure," I smiled. "I'd like that," I slipped my hands to his neck and instigated a kiss this time.

Edward moaned against my mouth and his body seemed to relax as it pressed against me. Backing me up to the bathroom door, he started to thrust into my hips. I whimpered as I felt his erection rubbing against me. This was not good. This was nor the time or place to be getting randy in his parents bathroom.

I tore away from him with a grin on my face. "I'm going back downstairs. Try to control yourself," I pecked his lips quickly and ripped the door open and took off with a giggle. I could hear his growls from behind me.

As I was making my way down the stairs, I passed Garrett. "Bella," he winked as he passed me.

All I could think was 'thank god he hadn't come up a minute earlier'. Who knows what he may have came upon.

I made my way to the dining area where everyone else was starting to take their seats at the table. I slid in next to Alice, joining her in conversation with Rosalie and Kate.


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