Freedom in more ways then One


Nya Duprie a.k.a Amanda Clopton

Copyright for X-men Evolution and the X-men Characters belong to Marvel.

This story and any Non-Cannon Characters however belongs to me.

Chapter One: Freedom and Pain

It has been a total of 36 days, 15 hours, 46 minutes, and several seconds, since the whole Apocalypse episode where everyone had to battle the Horsemen of Apocalypse which were none other then our close friends and enemies, though I suppose they would not be considered enemies at the time they were taken from us, Magneto was working with us when he was supposedly killed, and Mystique had been turned to stone, or so we thought anyways, and here I was thinking that I had killed her, when I pushed her off the cliff...

Oh I see how you are looking all confused right now as your reading this, wondering who it is writing, well that would be me, Rogue, guess could call this my diary even though it ain't that, just consider me and whoever else is writing to be your Narrator shall we, much easier that way, for you and me. But now that, that is out of the way back to the story shall we...

Ya see ahm sitting here in the medbay of the Institute, now Ah suppose for me that is not really uncommon, but there was a bit of an altercation today in the halls when Ah, was heading down for supper, and this new student and couple of her friends decided to give me some trouble, and unfortunately that was their plan to start with, and sadly the head of this little gang was none other then the little smart mouth Carol Danvers a.k.a Ms. Marvel as she calls herself, but seems she and her gang think Ah am useless and that Ah was just taking credit for the work everyone else did during that whole Apocalypse event Ah told ya about.

Now obviously that was not true, Ah have not even really spoken of that time, and when people do Ah, make sure to leave the room quickly, it is not so much that I am troubled by that time, Ah just don't like to talk about it, because Ah had one the hardest parts of all, Ah had to drain a young child by the name of Dorian a.k.a Leech, and use his powers against Apocalypse, with the help of Logan a.k.a Wolverine, but Ah still have him in me, as well as every other person Ah ever touched and absorbed.

But it seems Ah have digressed once again... Ya see Carol and her gang, well ganged up on meh on the way to supper and I mean that literally, she had two the girls with her tackle me to the floor and hold meh as they picked me up to hold in front of her, now Ah coulda handled this, but Carol was one those mutants that had more then one mutation, and she was sure to use hers against meh, her strength and speed, so lets just say Ah got pretty beat up, before Ah managed to get an arm free and quickly used my teeth to pull the glove off my left hand, and grabbed her right hand as she came in for a punch.

Which as ya know hurts pretty badly when my mutation starts sucking you dry, and as my powers started working Ah knew she hated not getting to be the 'Big Hero' back during that fight, and she thought that Ah, should not be considered one cause of my powers and the fact that Ah woke the maniac to start with, truthfully, Ah would agree with her, but she never asked meh, just despised meh.

Now that Ah had drained Carol enough she dropped to the floor Ah tried to let go of her fist, but she surprised meh, by grabbing my hand with her other hand and holding on tightly, which had me scared to death, and the fact that the other two had run off as soon as Ah started draining her did not help, Ah had screamed at her to let go, and tried to get her hand off but it did no good, and Ah had started to loose focus and dropped to the floor in front of her, trying stop her and process her being and powers best Ah could, but it hurt, Ah had never held this long..

Finely Logan and others arrived were able to break us apart, Carol was catatonic and Ah was just about that way, given her personality was so strong, and she was screaming so loudly, thankfully the Professor was there soon after Hank had carried Carol off to the Medlab to hook her up to machines, for the Professor was able to knock meh out so as not to harm mahself as well as anyone else, then Logan carried meh down to medlab to get looked after to, since the Professor refused to let him heal me from the injuries Ah had gotten.

Which brings ya back where Ah started, Ah woke up about half hour ago, and after a quick session with the Professor, we were able to figure out the who Carol in my head issue, which is a big issue, she will never fade nor will her Powers from meh, but meh only saving grace is that we were able to 'talk' to the Carol in my head about what happened and show her my own memories and feelings along with the Professors and got her to settle down and not fight meh now she knows the truth, but the Professor once he is able to check over Carol and rests, plans on transferring the conscious part of her back into her own body, so that Ah only have a fragment like always with this stuff.

But sadly that will be several days to get set up, and Ah am getting ready to go back to my room cause I hate the medlab, and ah'll heal faster in my own bed.. Which ahm wiped out, Ah could sleep a week, well thats how Ah feel anyways...

Ah look up when Ah hear the doors to the medlab slide open and I see that Logan has come to take to bed, so to speak that is, and he walks over with slight concern written on his face and in his eyes "Ready to to your room Stripes?" he asks her in his gruff sounding voice, and Ah nod with a small smile since one the injuries I got was a split lip, "Yeah, ahm ready to go back to my room, ah'd never get to sleep down here." she said to him and he nodded and bent down to pick her up and carry her up to her room.

She could tell the word of what happened had spreed like wildfire in the mansion, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how the events were told, she just hoped that they would not shun her for something she could not help, her powers being one of them...

As Logan placed her on her bed she looked at him "Thanks Logan." she said to him and he nodded and grunted like normal, and headed for the door but stopped before going through "You know it was not your fault right Stripes?" he asked her and Rogue could not help but look down before looking at him "Ah know Logan, but this is going to take time, and not just for meh, but for everyone here." she said to him and he stared at her hard for a moment before conceding "I guess your right Stripes, I'll bring you something to eat unless you don't feel like it." he said to her and she shook her head no "No thank ya Logan, I do not feel like eating right now, so maybe in the morning." she said to him and he nodded and left closing the door behind him.

Rogue took a deep breath after the door closed and she got settled in bed, and decided to go to sleep since that would be the easiest place to start with organizing her brain and filing away the life that is Carol Danvers, maybe even have a chat with her, if she has not gone insane listening to the others complain in her mind...

So she turned some soft soothing jazz music on next to her bed and got all comfy, pulled the covers up and closed her eyes and let the music help her drift to sleep, which she did within a ten minute span of time, sure shows how tired she was huh, but while her body rested and healed her mind went into overdrive, with her mental self at the helm, she had come up with an interesting idea on how to make her um mental friends a bit more complacent if that is even possible.

The idea was to build a Mansion within her mind, along with it's grounds, even a built in Danger Room, and for some reason a Cerebro as well, how she even got that she did not know, but did not mind, not like she could use it anyways. So she ignored it for now, figured she could just ask the Professor about it later, and went about creating the rooms for her psyches to live it, which she brought each one forward in her mind to help create their rooms, much to their delight for sure, like Kitty and Kurt loved the idea that they got their own rooms, which once each persons rooms were she asked them to go to them and get used to the new surroundings, and then she put their names on a plaque that was on the door, that told about who lived within, such as Name, Powers, Gender, Affiliation, just general information.

Once she was done, everyone had their own place even Carol who was one of two she saved for last, and as she walked up she looked stressed "Why could you not do something like that years ago?" she vented at Rogue, who just smirked and shook her head "Fer one, did not know how, two well kinda your idea, Ah can hear all these people when Ahm awake, so Ah could hear ya complaining in here, which by the way hurts like the dickens, more so when ya get the others going at it to." she said to Carol with a slight bit of scorn in her voice..

Carol just looked at her and ignored the way Rogue's voice sounded and pin pointed what she was saying "You mean to say that these guys do all they do, All the time?" she asked and Rogue nodded "Yes they do, no one notices cause Ah hide the pain, most of the time, but those who know about these folks, have learned to see the signs of them getting all in a huff up here." she said to Carol and went about working on Carols room while they talked.

"So, how exactly is this all my idea?" Carol asked Rogue while she took a break to examine her room, and Rogue laughed softly "Well ya see ya were complaining how there was like nothing here, so Ah figured Ah could least try and make you a bit more comfortable, and the idea just kinda took off from there, as you can see I built perfect replica of the Mansion, and yes before you ask Everyone will reside there, Brotherhood, and Acolyte along side the X-men, saves me time and space." Rogue said to Carol who was a bit dumbfounded to hear that, "Are you going to tell me once I get out of here that I helped you in here?" she asked and Rogue had to think on that a moment..

Rogue sighed "Ah dunno, maybe, but ya gotta remember, there will always be a part of you here with me, no way around that, but Ah might tell ya if ya don't already know. Besides, ya not the only one ahm going to have to tell, ahm going to have to tell the Professor as well, Ah just hope this helps, in some way." she said to Carol who smiled and nodded "Alright then, guess I'll be in my room if you need me then, and let you get back to work." she said and headed off to her room.

Rogue then headed back to the control room if you will, least a temporary one till everything was sorted out, and as she got there the last and final psyche was sitting in her chair leaned back with his feet up on the console, smoking a cigarette and shuffling his deck of cards "Ah, mon cherie, about time ya got done with them others, Remy was getting worried ya had forgotten him." Gambit said with a broad smile on his face and his eyes glowing brightly, that could make any womans heart melt, save for one, Rogue..

Rogue could not help but smile as she walked over to him and placed her gloved hands on her hips, yes even in her mind she wore them, even though she could touch in her mind, "Get over yourself Gambit and get outta mah chair right now, unless ya wanna sleep in the pool..." she said to him her own eyes bright green, which showed him her emotions more then anything, and he enjoyed that greatly.

Remy smiled, but stopped shuffling his cards and placed them in his trench coat pocket as he stood up, "All ya gotta do is ask mon chere, and ya shall receive." he said as he stepped to the side of the chair and pulled over another one so he could sit next to her, which he did after she shook her head and took back her seat "Sure Ah do Gambit, but right now Ah need ya to behave and help meh create ya room so you can go there, and Ah can have one look around before Ah let meh mind rest like meh body is." she said to him sounding a bit tired, this was taking lot more work then she thought it would.

Remy looked her over and nodded, he did not want to cause her any more trouble then she already had so far today "Alright, well can ya replicate my room, from moi home in N'w Orleans?" he asked her and she looked at him thinking on that "Ah dunno, no one has asked for something that detailed specific, Ah guess Ah could, but ah'd have to look in ya memories with ya help to find the right room." she said to him and now it was his turn to think it over, "Hm mon chere Remy can live with that, and it would be Remy's pleasure to help ya look." he said and she smirked at him as she brought up on the console Remy's memories so he could find his room.

Took only about ten minutes to find and install his room, which meant she was finely done with her mental upgrade and she was tired, so she walked with Remy to his room "Alright Swamp Rat, time for bed." she said to him and had to shake her head at the expression on his face "Get that outta your mind Swamp Rat, Ah won't and for that matter Ah can't sleep in ya room, so go in there Ah can go to bed, ya can show me around another time." she said to him.

Remy smiled "Now mon chere who said Remy was going to take you to bed, hmm? Alright so Remy was going to suggest it, but no matter, can try another time." he said and stepped over to Rogue and bent down as he pulled her to him for an embrace "Sleep well mon chere, Remy be here if ya need him." he said and kissed the top of her head before letting her go and she started to turn away when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him and planted a seductive and loving kiss smack on her lips in the only he could ever do.

Rogue blushed bright read, as well as her eyes glazed over with the feeling of lust that ran through her from that one kiss and moaned softly as Remy let her go again "Ya to Swamp Rat.." she said softly to him before walking off to let her mind rest, and all she could think of as she slept was of the kiss that her mind Remy had given her, and she wanted to have the Real one kiss her like that, but she had not seen him since he took her down to New Orleans to save his father, and as much as she wanted to hate him, she could not blame him for staying away.

Hours later around 7:00am

Rogue woke with a splitting headache, which she actually figured would happen, given how much work in her mind she did last night, so as she started to get up, her entire body ached like she had been run over by a Mack truck, which as she thought of that she could not help but snicker as that was pretty much what had happened, so once she threw off the covers and swung her legs over side of the bed, and tried to get up, she noticed her body was much to sore to hold up her own weight, so she did next best thing, since she was going to have to get used to her new powers anyways.

She lifted herself up off the bed using the flight ability she took from Carol, and made the bed, gathered her outfit for the day, and headed into the in suite bathroom and got ready for the day, all while still flying, although it could be construed as hovering not flying, as she was only like an inch off the floor, just encase she fell... But did not take long to get dressed and ready for her day, as an hour after she started she was walking or rather hover walking out her bedroom door, and heading for the Professors office to speak with him.

As she was walking down the hall she could not help but notice that the students kept out of her way, more so then was normal, and had her really wondering if something had happened to Carol during the night, but she would wait to ask, as she had just reached the door and was about to knock when the Professors voice entered her mind saying she could come in, and sadly it actually sent pain stabbing through her head, which she held quickly, not that it would help any, and opened the door with her other hand and floated into the room shutting the door softly "Are your calls always that loud Professor?" she asked him as she headed to have a seat in one the comfy chairs situated in from of his desk.

Xavier looked at her concerned for a moment "Well normally no, but that is the strength I normally have to use for you to hear through the chaos in your mind" he said to her as he looked her over carefully "It seems may have to have Logan offer some healing, your bit more beat up then I thought you were my dear." he said to her as she laid her arm down on the arm rest and chuckled softly "Yeah Ah probley should, cause could not even get outta bed on mah on this morning, but Ah managed it, thanks to Carol, and speaking of. Has there been any change as yet?" she asked him and could tell almost immediately that nothing had.

"Sadly no, but she still lives, so I am confident that I can transfer her mind back into her, while leaving the trace that you need." Xavier said to her, which she nodded "When ever your ready to start that Professor so will Ah be, she really wants back in her body, which Ah can't blame her for." she said to him then took a deep breath which Xavier instantly noticed that Carol was not really the reason for the early visit, but before he could ask she spoke again.

"Ah uh, got an interesting idea from Carol, in regards to the way mah mind is um, sorted Ah guess the term would be, so last night I implemented the idea, which might explain why ya sounded so loud before, but Ah think be easier to show ya what Ah did versus tryin' to tell ya what Ah did." she said to Xavier who could tell she was serious because she hated having people poke around in her head.

Xavier nodded and rolled around his desk to stop before her and he raised his hands to either side of her head and entered her mind with her permission, as he noticed that her barriers were far stronger then they were before, he figured had something to do with Carol's ability to block mental intrusions, but as soon as he landed in her mind he was shocked at what he saw, he was in the from courtyard of the mansion, in all it's splendor, "Amazing, you have far passed every ability a Telepath can muster when comes to this Projection my dear, even I am a bit jealous of your mental ability, I never knew you could do this, more so without direction." he said stunned as he looked around.

Rogue giggled softly as she walked toward him, "Ah guess you could call this mah world if ya want, but out here is but the tip of the iceberg, believe it or not the mansion is perfect replica of the real mansion, right down to the Danger Room and even Cerebro." she said to him and the last one got a sharp look from the Professor, that would have caused his neck to pop had we been in the real world, "Ah know, Ah was surprised by that as well, not sure of it's purpose just yet, Ah was kinda hoping ya could tell me that." she said to him, a bit scared of him getting upset even though she had not purposely put it there, it just kinda appeared there.

Xavier relaxed slightly, as he watched the girl "It is alright Rogue that just caught me by surprise, come show what you have done here." he said to her and she smiled slightly as she lead him into the Mansion in her mind and she could not help but beam with pride as she watched his face light up at how amazing everything looked, as it all looked so real. "Ah used everyone's memories to recreate it, like for example when it came to the artwork I used Storm and Gambit's memories since they had extensive knowledge of everything in here, from vases to paintings, it was quite a learning experience actually." she said to him as she described part of how she did it.

Needless to say Xavier was impressed, and as they went down one the housing halls he saw the doors with plaques on them, he read some of them as they passed and many of them had text in the corners that resembled the coding and file numbers that Cerebro would use, so he decided he wish to have look at it "How about we check out your Cerebro, see what it is about shall we?" he asked her and she nodded and lead him to an elevator which went down, just like the real building, and he was once again amazed at how well she recreated the space, "Ah used Beast for most of this as well as Logan." she said as she lead the way to Cerebro's doors, which remained firmly shut, she was a little perplexed "Um, Ah dunno how to get it open...." she said as she looked at the door, before turning and looked at Xavier.

"Ah uh, never saw you enter it before, only the after you gone in part, hence why Ah have no idea why this is even here, let alone how to run it." she said to him which he was a little taken aback by her confession, "Well I use a Retinal scanner to enter it, here let me show you." he said rolled over to the door and it automatically began scanning his eye "Charles Xavier: Access Denied" the computer blurted out at him, which surprised him and he turned to Rogue who was shocked "But this is Cerebro, only you can run it." she said to him a bit worried..

Xavier smiled softly "My dear, I can only run the Real Cerebro, this is not that Cerebro, and this is your mind not mine, so why don't you kneel where I am and try it that way." he said to and he rolled out of the way, as Rogue shyly walked over and knelt on one knee so she was at the right height and the scanner started again "Welcome Rogue" it blurted out and had this been a real place Rogue would have fainted from shock "Ah don't believe it..." she said shocked and she stood up as the doors opened to reveal a Cerebro that was very much like the real one, but slightly different.

As the two entered the doors closed again and they walked to the computer station to look at it "Wow, uh any idea what this stuff does Professor?" she asked as he looked at the console which had a chair instead of being open like the real one "Well if my hunch is correct you have indeed created Cerebro, but instead of hunting Mutants on Earth, it is a file system much like I helped you with, but this is far more advanced, if I did not know better I'd have sworn your brain turned into a computer of sorts, come sit and lets have quick look see, to see what you can do." he said motioning to the chair.

She quickly sat and the computer came online "Welcome Rogue, and Welcome Professor Xavier, it is a pleasure to meet you, you may call me Cerebra." it said to them and they quickly exchanged looks, "Hello Cerebra, could you tell us what you are exactly and what you do?" Xavier asked the computer when answered quickly in the same English tone of voice "Of course, I am the central core of what is Rogues mind, the control center if you will, now that I have been invented or created like I should have been years ago, had Rogues Mother not messed it all up, sorry about that, anyways I file away every mutant she has absorbed, along with making my own files to go along with them, your Professor saw part of the system when you were in the housing halls, the plaques play key roles in what I can do, they keep vital information at hand, just like Cerebro does." Cerebra stated to the Professor and Rogue who were both stunned..

Rogue shook her head surprised "Ahm glad ahm already sitting down" she said trying to process all this and wondered "Is it possible to gain control over all powers, more so mah own?" she asked Cerebra who processed the question "Yes it is possible, now that everything is in order that is, you could not before, and never would if did not have this control center, and the upgrades, as for your own powers, then yes, you already are in fact, have you not touched anyone?" Cerebra asked her and Rogue shook her head "No, Ah did not know Ah'd get control." she said truthfully and looked to Xavier.

Xavier looked at her and looked at Cerebra "Well it seems that everything is in order here, we can return and later today we can transfer Carol out, but first we will test your Absorption powers to see if you truly have control over them." he said to her which was like giving candy to a kid she jumped up and practically danced around in the air, before she reigned in her exuberance outburst which just caused Xavier she laugh softly "Worry not my dear, if it is true then you above anyone has more then enough right to be happy." he said to her as they were leaving Cerebra.

As they walked out of Cerebra the doors closed and locked once more, just like the real one did and Xavier looked at Rogue "We will continue this in my office Rogue." he said to her calmly before he removed himself from her mind, and she turned and looked at Cerebra a moment before she to returned to herself, and moved about painfully in the chair a bit to start the blood flowing once again, before she looked at the Professor, "What do ya think Professor?" she asked him as she was still a bit shocked.

The Professor looked at her "I think that your Mutation, well Mutated while you were sleeping Rogue, and I would like to do some tests, before we go telling everyone about this, not to mention return Carol where she belongs, which your mind the way it is, will make it all the more easier now." he said to her and looked like he was staring into space a moment, "I just called Logan so we can get you healed up, but he will meet us in Medlab though, so we can get started." he said to her which she was glad for, so as he went past her she stood or rather floated up off the floor, just enough not to touch and Walk Floated once again following the Professor to Medlab.

Ten Minutes Later

Rogue and the Professor came into the Medlab to find Hank and Logan waiting for them, and Rogue walked over and floated up high enough to sit down carefully on the bed which shocked everyone including the Professor, "What? When your hurt enough that it hurts to walk you would float around to" she said to them just slightly annoyed, and was shocked as Logan walked over quickly and put his hand on my arm after pushing up the sleeve with said hand, and the look on his face when nothing happened was beyond priceless, that both Rogue and Xavier could not help but smiling about, as it seems that what Cerebra had told them was true she could control her skin now...

Logan squeezed a bit tighter which really had very little effect given she had Carols powers but did still hurt slightly with the way her body hurt, "What the hell, are you dead or something, what is wrong with your powers?" he yelled at her, and Xavier spoke before she could "Logan, please lower your voice, and as for her powers, if you had given us a moment we would have been talking about that very thing, so if you would be so kind as to let her go." he said to Logan who instantly released her arm.

Rogue could not help but baby the arm after he let it go, "Thank ya" she mumbled out softly and took deep breath "It seems my Mutation has mutated, least that is what the Professor thinks, and Ah gotta agree with him, after what Ah did last night, so I have control over my powers now, least Ah should at any rate." she said to Hank and Logan who was slightly shocked and pissed same time.

Xavier nodded "Indeed it does appear that way, now before we go and treat the injuries Logan... I wish to have blood drawn for a before and after effect, since we have blood work from last night as well so we can compare, we already know her mental state has been altered, greatly in fact, I was shocked and pleased and a bit jealous of what she has been able to build within her mind, by herself I might add." he said to the other two, and Hank quickly went to work do just what was suggested, which took little effort to do.

They then looked to Logan "Alright Logan now you may heal her, but first we need to figure out the trigger to set it off now." Xavier said to Logan who now walked over to Rogue who was taking off her left glove, and took her hand as she offered it, and her skin was as soft as silk, which was no surprise really given how much care she gave her skin, since it never saw light of day, least not very often.

Rogue took deep breath and focused on her Absorbing powers, but she was wanting only the knowledge of how to use the powers and the powers themselves, but nothing beyond that, as she did not want to hurt Logan. After a minute she found what she was looking for, and she grabbed hold of it, and drained Logan of those exact items, nothing more and nothing less, everyone knew it was working cause her injuries began healing and she was feeling better so she let go of Logan's hand and smiled as her lip healed before their eyes, but most shocking was the fact that Logan was still awake and standing, "Ah can take what Ah want and need now." she said as if that was not already a given answer.

Everyone was pleased more so Logan as he did not land on his ass, but everyone agreed that they would not tell till a few tests were done, but they were going to busy in Medlab all day anyways, well not Logan as he hated it down there, but once Rogue was fully healed she and the Professor went into the room with Carol and Rogue got on the bed next to it, so as to be closer, and the Professor went to the head of the beds and set to work on moving Carol back, with help from Rogue and Cerebra which made the move easier, if not safer, for all parties.

It took most of the day for everything to get done, Carol was still in Coma, but she was improving and should wake up in next couple days, if not sooner. But everything and everyone was back to normal so to speak, and they all retired to the kitchen to get something to eat, since they all skipped breakfast and lunch, luckily there were not many in there and what ones were there scattered pretty quickly upon seeing Rogue.

Which she sighed as she walked to the fridge for something tide them over till dinner time, and she was about to make a suggestion when Hank spoke up "How about some fresh salads, light but filling, and you young lady need to eat more food, it would help with your energy readings." he said to her, and she rolled her eyes but conceded and started getting out all the ingredients to make the salads for all of them.

Hank helped by getting a big bowl to mix it all in and getting the dressings out while Rogue started to rinse and chop and mix them all together, for good hearty salad they would enjoy, and was not long till they were seated and eating together while they were conversing about the possibilities of what Rogue was capable of doing, when couple of the boys came in and started to have bit of a food fight going on, and being rather loud, so just as a few pieces of fruit went flying in their general direction she tossed up a buffering shield, to drown them out and protect the three of them from getting hit with anything..

However, she had not even realized she had done it, so she just kept eating and discussing between bites, but Xavier and Hank both noticed as did the boys "Anyways the implications of being able to use more then one power could be incredible, but would have to be careful doing for obvious reasons, but it could work quite well" she said and when she finished she looked up to see what they thought and saw they were looking at her but not in a good kinda way. "What?" she asked them now concerned of what was wrong.

Hank looked the Professor in astonishment at what they were witnessing and Xavier could not believe either "My dear, whose powers are you using?" he asked her with slight bit of wonderment mixed with fear, and even more so given the look Rogue gave him "Ah dunno what ya mean Professor, what power?" she asked and only then did she look around and see what he and Hank were talking about not to mention the two boys who upon seeing Rogue looking at them went running out of the room, which hurt a bit, but she looked back at the Professor and Hank and took a deep breath, as she closed her eyes and entered Cerebra like they did that morning, to look up who's powers she was using, as she never seen anyone using such shielding and as she looked she was rather shocked, so she exited but kept a mental version of herself there in the control room so she could monitor this from now on.

When she came back she looked at the Professor, "Um, well it is kinda weird, it was Jean's, yet not Jean's at the same time does that make sense? Cause according to the readout on Cerebra it was Jean, but it was a Sub-Category if you will, call the Phoenix, this is apparently a part of that sub-power." she said to the Professor and Hank before she let the shield down now that she knows she is causing it, "Sorry about that by the way, Ah really did not know Ah had done it, but won't happen again, Ah left a mental version of mahself in Cerebra to keep a eye on it all." she said to them.

Xavier and Hank both got over the shock quickly, "Quite alright my dear, you will have to learn as you go like everyone else here, so no worries." Xavier said to her but he was a bit worried, she now was more powerful then anyone in this school, but she was a quick study, and learned from her mistakes just as quickly. Hank nodded "That is correct Rogue, so do not go beating yourself up over this you understand, everyone has issues just like that with their powers, just going to take time to get used to all that." he said to Rogue, which helped her to relax a bit.

So as Rogue took a deep breath her seventh sense picked up people coming, mainly the team, "Ugh, were about to have company of the X-men variety, in about 45 seconds.." she said as she rolled her eyes and put her head in her hands to groan as the Professor and Hank both turned to the door as the Team lead by Cyclops came rushing in the door ready to blast away, Hank could not help smile sheepishly that such a thing would draw such a reaction, sadly Rogue could, very few had, had total faith in her ever since her powers went haywire ages ago, so seeing this just kinda re-affirmed her thoughts of leaving, not that she told anyone obviously.

Xavier shook his head sadly, but calmly spoke to his team, "Scott would you care to explain to me, why you and the rest of the team are ready to go into battle, in the kitchen no less. I mean yes dinner can get quite hectic but really this goes above all reason for being prepared for food fights" he said rather jokingly, which got a bit of a laugh out of both Hank and Rogue, even though the situation was rather not the place for it.

Scott spoke as he was still in leader mode "We heard that Rogue had gone Rogue again, so we can to stop her.. But guess our information was incorrect." he said to Xavier, but before Xavier could speak Rogue did, "No you heard correctly, only Ah did not go 'rogue' as you so eloquently put it, it was just a minor bit of power use that more then just meh has had, like Evan when he sneezes, or Kitty when she has a nightmare, it was nothing more or less then that, as you can see we are all fine, as were the two boys who off out of here bit ago to tell you I had gone as you said 'rogue', now if ya'll would kindly please go back to what ya were doing before that happened, we were having a snack to tide us over till dinner." she said to them, but she could tell they did not fully trust her, now that she had that minor slip-up, but it took the Professor telling them just what Ah had to get them to back off.

When they left she leaned back in her chair and sighed and the two gentlemen looked at her and were about to speak when she interrupted them, "Ah think Ah will be leaving here, that just now, proved that now Ah have control, Ah could never learn how to harness my new abilities while Ah was here, cause every time Ah would they." she said and raised her hand in the direction of the kitchen door "Would be on meh in a matter of seconds, before Ah could ever figure out what Ah had done to cause whatever it was and undo it." she said to them and even they could hear the deep sadness in her voice, and unfortunately it was the truth no matter what they or she did, she would be watched like a hawk now that word has spread that she lost control, even if it was not true.

Hank sighed as he had watched this young girl grow and blossom so much since this morning that it was breaking his own heart to see it wilting, before it could bare any fruit from its labor, and all over a power use that was extraordinary to say the least, and would have been of great help on the missions, but the other X-men would never trust her, no matter what she or they did or said, so seems she has yet another betrayal on her heart..

Xavier watched the young woman with sad eyes "Where do you intend on going then if you are leaving?" he asked her calmly, but inside he was losing one of his best students, and all because of a failed trust on her teammates part, he had thought he had taught them better then that, but seems that he was wrong. Rogue looked at him and shook her head, "Ah dunno, guess where ever the wind takes me Ah suppose, maybe Ah'll wind back up in the south someplace, mah home turf if ya will, been while since been down that way for mahself, maybe it is time Ah went home." she said to him and stood up from her seat and took her plate and put it in the sink, "Ah'll be around if ya need me Professor, Mr. McCoy." she said and left the kitchen and headed to her room to do some packing.

After she left the room Xavier and Hank looked at each other and let their heads and shoulder slump slightly, "That girl can never get a break can see Charles, she finely gets what she has always wanted and now she loses the support system that she was going to need in order to learn to control the powers to their utmost potential." Hank said to Xavier who sighed and nodded his head "Sadly I must agree, she could not even be happy for a full 24 hours before something happened to mess it all up, and it will be hard on her from here on, because of the amount of powers she has, including my own and yours Hank, so I am worried for her, I know she won't lose control again, because that new system that is in her head prevents it now, but she could become a Rogue of a different sort now, which is a sad thing indeed." he said as both he and Hank continued to sit, and think, and it was Hank who first suggested it "I think we need to talk to everyone tonight at dinner, and tell them, before I did not think it good idea to tell them she has complete control now, but after seeing that, them ready to strike her down over something that was not even fully true." he said to Xavier who sigh deeply "Yes I concur with your thoughts, this does need to be settled, and tonight, hopefully it will not be to late by then.

Mean while in Rogues Room

Rogue was upstairs, packing her belongings into boxes and labeling them with her name, and what was inside them, her books, CD's, DVD's, the bulk of her clothing, she also had a large military style duffel that she was packing with clothes, and toiletry items that she would need for her trip, and she had her big Computer Bag that was a backpack of sorts, that she packed her laptop and it's accessories and software and some books, along with her Mp3 player, her purse with all the money she had saved, including a bank account that was in her Real name, but it was set up to be accessible under Rogue also, so she was set to go so to speak, she had about an hour before lunch.

So Rogue stacked her packed boxes against the wall, and wrote quick letter to the Professor about what to do with them, which was to put them in storage for her until she could find a place to settle down, then she would send for them, and a letter for the X-men and non-X-men like Jamie, telling them goodbye, and to talk to the Professor if they ever wished to reach me.

Next she went down to the basement and into the uniform room, where she had a slightly smaller box, that she used to pack her uniform and gear away, as she would not need it, she even took the name plate off the locker and stuck it in the box, she then marked the box of what it was, and sealed it, then she carried it and the letter to the Professors office, and noticing he was not there, walked in and placed the box and the letter on his desk, before she went right back out.

She had a couple good byes she wanted to do it person, so she went upstairs and looked at the time, and saw that dinner was about to get started, and to save the trouble of anyone seeing her she was going to use her brothers powers, so she picked both her bags and looked around the room, and saw she had everything packed up and ready to go, she could not help but let a couple tears fall as it felt like this was the last time she would ever see this room again.

She then wiped her tears away and took deep breath as she ported out of the room and to the front porch of the Brotherhood house, they to were packing up kinda, for bigger and better accommodations last she heard out of Wanda anyways, but she did not care, they deserved it just as much as she did, so she reached up and knocked on the door, and it was opened with seconds along with yelling of "Pizzas here." which is wasn't "How sweet of you Pietro, Ah knew Ah was hot but isn't that going bit far by calling me round and flat?" she joked with him as she pushed him out the way.

As she walked in Todd 'Toad' Tolansky just had to speak "Yo, what the x-geek doing here?" he asked and Rogue rolled her eyes, and sighed and decided to tell before anyone else talked "This X-geek as you put it Todd is leaving, so if ya'll are staying around here in Bayville, ya won't get any trouble out of me unless the Professor calls me in for something special." she said to them and they were all silent for all of 30 seconds before they all blew up and started yelling.

She had to use her new found abilities to make everyone stop right where they were, including their vocal cords, "Okay, one person at a time or Ah am walking out that door, you guys at least get a Good bye from me personally not in note form to be spoken of by the Professor." she said to them, then she gave them a minute to settle down, before she released them, and Wanda was the first to speak, "Ok, what the hell is going on here, what do you mean your leaving, and why did you leave a letter say bye instead of telling them like us?" she asked which covered most everyone else's questions.

Rogue took a deep breath before she started in on what happened, it took a half an hour to tell the story and answer the questions that they had, before long there was a big group hug, Todd included ugh, but well worth it, "Now just cause Ah won't be here don't mean we cannot keep talking, Ah'll still have my email up so ya can always contact me that way, or if it is an emergency contact Xavier he will word to me that ya need me okay, Ah gave the Geeks the same offer, but Ah know if things are bad enough that ya'll run to Xavier Ah'll know it is serious." she said to them and hugged them all against "Ah'll miss ya guys." she said to them as she went over picked up her bags "Until next time we meet." she said and walked out the door and flew up into the air and headed in some direction or other, feeling her heart break at having to leave what she thought was her home...



Well this is my first X-men based story, and first story I have written in couple years, so please let me know what you think, and yes this is a AU type story oh and it is a Romy also.