Ok people, I am terribly sorry but this is not a chapter.. As you all must have noticed, I haven't updated in too long! You have every right to kill me in whichever way you prefer, but I am having this awful writer's block: even though I have written a good part of chapter six, I don't know how to end it, and the fact that I am over my "Twilight period" does not help.. So, as to not have you wait any longer, I was wondering if any of you might want to suggest something to finish this story? Anything in particular you would like to read in the next chapter? You can contact me in any way, PM, review, e-mail, pick the one you prefer!

I would really appreciate any suggestion that will help me start writing again!

Again, I am sorry for the long await, and thank you in advance for any help you'll send my way!


PS. I'll probably change my name (LilMissWerewolfLover061) shortly, just so you know it's still me when I post again with another name!