Summary: Three years have passed since the birth of the sextuplets. Follow the lives of Bella, Edward, Dylan, Ava, Samuel, Emilia, Tristan, and Mackenzie as they learn all about life with multiples. You do not have to read Buy One Get Five Free to understand this story, but it is suggested that you do.

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Bella POV

Three years has passed since I gave birth to the sextuplets - three amazing, yet very crazy years. Edward and I rarely ever had a moments rest, but that didn't bother me. I could never take my life for granted because I knew all the troubles that Edward and I went through to get here.

The sextuplets had changed yet stayed the same since they were babies. Of course they had grown a lot since then. It felt like they we were going through clothes by the month. Someone was always growing.

Mackenzie was still the smallest out of the six. Our doctor said she was healthy and growing at a good rate and she didn't seem to mind the fact that she was tiny. In fact, she enjoyed it. She knew that she was small and cute and used it to her full advantage. She was a little bit spacey though and was often off in her own world then in ours.

Tristan was our second smallest and also knew how to use his height to his advantage. I swear he and Kenzie must swap notes on how to use their appearances to get what they want. He was our smartest child and would surprise me sometimes at how much he actually knew. But at the same time it was annoying since it was hard to hide things from him.

Samuel comes next in the backwards height order. Of course his massive amount of brown curls made him look taller then he actually was. He was still our quietist child and preferred to be off on his own then with the siblings. I always felt bad since Sammy tended to be forgotten since he was so quiet, so I made sure to go out of my way to try and keep him with the others.

The only person who was able to get Sammy out of his shell was Emilia. The two of them were extremely close. And it also helped that Millie was extremely outgoing. She was our little princess and wanted to be the center of attention at all times. She was still a daddy's girl and always went to him for things she wanted since she knew he almost always said yes.

Then there's Ava. She is mommy's little helper. She tends to be a little more mature then the other kids and often told me that she would watch over the little kids while I did chores around the house. I loved having a willing child to help me out and she really enjoyed it too. Wherever help was needed, you were bound to find Ava right next to you ready to lend a hand.

Last, but certainly not least, was our tallest child Dylan. He loved to be in control of every situation and would order the other five around. It really only made sense that he was born first. He could be a bit bossy at times and hated it when things didn't go the way he wanted them too, but the children tended to listen to him.

We saw Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and their children all the times. It helped that all of our kids were close in age and loved to play with each other.

Liliana was now six years old and in school. Each day she looked more and more like her mother, and acted like her as well. She was already the popular girl in her grade and everyone wanted to be her friend. Not to mention all the boys were following her around, much to Emmett's dislike. Lily was still a sweet little girl, just with a little more attitude then before.

Ivy was the opposite of her sister. She was a lot quieter and quite content with following along with what people told her to do. She didn't have to be in the center of the attention and was very laid back. She wasn't as outgoing either; it takes her awhile to warm up to new people. She prefers to be in Rosalie's or Emmett's arms when they took her out.

And then there was little Scarlett. She gave us all a scare last December when she was born two months early. Though Edward and I had spent many weeks in the NICU, nothing can prepare a parent to see their baby in one of the incubators looking so small and helpless. But she pulled through just fine. Now she was a little ball of energy. She was a miniature Emmett, but with Rosalie's looks.

Alice and Jasper's oldest, Landon, was still the spitting image of his mother at the age of four, except in male form. I didn't think it was possible, but he actually had more energy than his mother which is saying something. He is also outgoing and would talk to anyone who would walk up to him. Alice and Jasper were trying to keep his attention and energy focused on one thing so he wouldn't destroy the house, and at the moment it was soccer and from the way things were going it looked like it is going to be a keeper.

Next in line was Logan who was the total opposite of Landon down to his looks. While his older brother was a carbon copy of their mother, he was a carbon copy of his dad. He was a lot more laid back and preferred to sit around and play a game by himself then wrestle with his older brother. He had a way with connecting to people and knowing exactly what to say, except he was a shy boy and preferred for his parents or brother to do most of the talking.

Alice and Jasper's newest addition was Charlotte Alice. Alice finally got the little girl she had been dreaming of and couldn't be happier. Char was a happy little baby and loved to be around people. We could already tell she was going to be girly, just like Alice wanted. She hated getting dirty or being rough with her brothers and already loved getting dressed up or getting into her mother's makeup. She was a straight mix between Jasper and Alice. She had her mother's face and body, but her father's eyes and hair.

Family dinners were quite an event now because we had so many children. Carlisle and Esme had to bring in a smaller table for the children because we couldn't fit everyone at the main table. It ended up working out for the best to have us separated so we could have our own conversation and they could have theirs.

The paparazzi had died down since I had given birth. Of course people would stare at us when we went out in public and try to take pictures, but we try to ignore it for the most part. We would occasionally get calls from local television stations and newspapers wanting a story on us, but I always declined. We wanted our life to stay as private as we could keep it.

Edward also finally convinced me to get a tummy tuck. We had been talking about it ever since I found out I was pregnant with sextuplets, but once they were born it was hard to actually get around to having the procedure done. We always needed an extra hand around the house and I felt bad at the idea of not being able to help out.

Last Christmas Edward's big present to me was the tummy tuck before I even agreed to it. The entire family was in on it too and had everything planned out during my recovery time so I wouldn't have to lift a finger. And now that I had it done I was glad Edward forced me into it. I felt so much better about my body now since I didn't have that extra bulge anymore.

Life really was looking up, and I couldn't wait to see what was coming next.

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