Chapter 5: Baseball with Daddy

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Tristan's POV

I woke up before my brothers, like I always did. I don't get why they sleep so late. Mornings are always so much fun. It's so quiet and you get to spend special time with Mommy and Daddy.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the girls' room. Kenxie was always awake in the mornings, just like me. And if she wasn't she wouldn't get mad at me for waking her up like everyone else did.

Today Kenzie was still sleeping so I had to sneak into the room.

"Kenzie, Kenzie." I whispered shaking her shoulder.

"What?" she mumbled into her pillow.

"It's time to get up." I told her, she was slow in the mornings.

"Fine." She sighed pushing herself out of bed

"Want to race?" I asked

"No too tired" Kenzie said and yawned real big.

"Fine" I grumbled.

I hated mornings like these were Kenzie was all sleepy. She was never any fun.

We walked down stairs and into the kitchen where Mommy and Daddy were.

"Morning early birds." Daddy smiled at us.

"Morning." We said back to him and gave him a hug then Mommy.

I pulled myself up onto Mommy's lap with a little help from her. I like being able to sit on hers and Daddy's lap without having to fight over it.

"Did you sleep well?" Mommy asked

I nodded my head yes. I felt tired again

"Do you has work today daddy?" I heard Kenzie ask

"Nope I get to spend the whole day with you guys." He told us with a big smile.

"Yay" Kenzie cheered and I joined in.

It felt like Daddy was always working. SO days when he was home all day long were really really special.

"Morning guys." Mommy said

I turned my head to see Sammy and Ava walk into the kitchen.

"Why don't you guys go into the play room while Mommy makes us breakfast and I wake up the last two." Daddy told us

I slide off of Mommy's lap and followed my brother and sisters into the playroom. Ava and Kenzie went to the doll to play one of their girly games. And Sammy went over to a corner with the animal toys.

I decided to play with the cars and trucks. I lined them all up on the top of the couch and pushed them off so they would drive down it. Then I pushed all of them over to the other side making speed car noises. Then I had to push them all back up to the top, which was a lot of hard work.

I didn't bother looking up when I heard more footsteps. I knew it was just Millie and Dylan. They were always cranky in the morning and no fun to play with or even talk to. So I continued to push all my cars and trucks up the side of the couch.

"Breakfast guys." Daddy told us.

I hadn't gotten all the cars up to the top, but my tummy was talking to me so I knew I needed to give it some food to make it quiet.

I ran into the kitchen with everyone else and stood behind my chair. I probably could climb into it if I wanted to, but Mommy didn't like us doing that. So I had to wait for Daddy to first put all the girls into the chair then come around and put us boys in.

Mommy had made us eggs today and once my plate was on the table I started eating. I was very hungry.

"So who remembers what is going on today?" Mommy asked.

I looked up from my food and thought for a moment trying to remember.

"Daddy's not going to work." I answered remembering what we had talked about this morning.

"Yes that, but something else too." Daddy said.

I tried really hard to remember what was going on, but I couldn't.

"Baseball?" Sam answered quietly.

"That's right, good job Sammy." Mommy told him. "You guys are going to play baseball with daddy today."

"Are you coming Mommy?" Ava asked.

"No I'm spending the day with Uncle Emmett while you guys have a special day with Daddy." Mommy answered.

I went back to eating my eggs after that. It would be fun to spend the day with just Daddy. We always spent a lot of time alone with Mommy, but not much time with just Daddy.

Once everyone had finished eating Daddy had us stand up in our chairs so he could wipe off our faces and hands. Then he picked us up out of our chairs and put us on the floor. Again the girls went first. Daddy said he was teaching us that ladies always go first, but Ava, Kenzie, and Mille weren't ladies they were just my sisters.

Once I was cleaned off I went back into the play room to finish playing my cars, but Daddy wanted us to get dressed. He put us all in our color shirts, mine was blue. Blue was the best color in the whole wide world and was happy that it was mine. And then we were all wearing jean shorts.

Just when I thought that I would be able to go back to my cars, Mommy came into the play room telling us that she was off for the day. She gave everyone a hug and a kiss before leaving. And that was when Ava started crying. Now that was weird cause Ava never ever cried, or at least she didn't do it often. Daddy went over to her and picked her up and told us all to head over to our shoes.

I pulled my shoes out from the cubby and sat down on the floor waiting for daddy to put my shoes on. I still had trouble knowing what shoe went on what foot and needed Mommy or Daddy's help.

Once we all had our shoes and jackets on Daddy walked us out to the car. I walked all the way to the back where my seat was. I got to sit in the middle of Kenzie and Millie and Dylan, Ava, and Sammy got to sit in the front. I liked the back of the car, it was a lot of fun.

Daddy had to buckle us all in cause it was too confusing for us to do. I had tried it too, but couldn't do it right. One day I would be able to do it.

Once Daddy had buckled us all in he got into the very front and we started to drive. I didn't get to look out the window cause I sat in the middle so I had to ask Millie and Kenzie what was going on. But they didn't always answer my questions, and that got me mad. I wanted to know what was going on.

Finally we made it to the park. Daddy opened the door and unbuckled all of us and helped us out of the car. He told us to wait by the door as he got stuff out of the trunk. It was just us at the park today, so it was really quiet.

Once Daddy had the bag he led us away from the car and towards a really big feld.

"Daddy it's all muddy." I heard Millie wine.

She could be such a girl sometimes, actually all of my sisters could. They didn't like to wrestle and get dirty. Occasionally Kenzie didn't mind, but most of the time she liked to play dolls.

I just hoped the girls didn't ruin the day with their girly ways. It would have been a lot more fun if it was just Daddy and us boys, but I all I could do was wish that it would be okay.

"You'll be fine Emilia." Daddy told her and walked back to hold her hand to make her walk faster.

I didn't care about the mud. I liked it. It was so much fun to play in. It was all squishy under my feet and made funny noises when I stepped in it.

"Can we run Daddy?" I asked when I saw the baseball field.

He nodded his head and I took off. I wanted to be the first one there so I didn't look back to see if anyone else was running with me.

"I win!" I shouted when I got to the field first.

I turned around to see Dylan come in next and then everyone else. Daddy was last still making Millie walk fast as she tried to avoid the mud. It was pretty funny watching her do that since the mud was everywhere.

When Daddy and Millie made it down to the filed he put down the bag and opened it up.

"Alright who knows what this is?" he asked us pulling out a bat.

"A bat!" We all answered.

"And this."

"A ball!"

"Good job. Now who can tell me what base that is." He pointed

"First base!"

"And that one."

"Second base!"

"And that one."

"Third base!"

"And the last one."


Daddy had been teaching us about baseball since we were babies. We all knew the different bases and rules very well. Anytime there was a game on the TV we would all sit around and he would teach us all about baseball.

"Now I want you guys to run to first base." Daddy told us.

All of us ran to first base. Sammy got there first, but I came in behind him really close behind him.

"Now run to second base."

This time I made it to second base first.

"Now go to third base."

And once again I made it to third base fist.

"Now run home."

I ran as fast as I could home, but some how Millie got there first.

"Good job guys. Now who is ready to bat?" Daddy asked.

We all jumped up and down and raised our hands.

"We'll go in age order so that means Dylan goes first. Everyone else go out into the field."

I hated that everything went in age order. I was always second to last. And even if we went in backwards age order I still didn't get to go first.

Daddy took out the tee and set it up in front of home plate. None of us were good enough to hit the ball without the tee and Daddy sometimes had to help us hit the ball. But he told us that when we were older we could start play our own games with real outs and stuff just like the real games.

Everyone but Dylan ran out to the field as Daddy set up the tee and ball for Dylan. Once he was sure that Dylan was in the right place he allowed him to hit the ball. He hit it really far too and we all ran after it. Ava was the closet to it so she threw it back to Daddy while Dylan ran around the bases.

Everyone got a turn hitting and I caught the ball when Sammy hit it.

Finally it was my turn. I picked up the bat and got into position. Daddy made sure that I my hands and legs were in the right spot. And then I was allowed to hit. I hit the ball on my first try and I didn't look where it went cause I had to run to first base, then second, then third, and then I made it home. Daddy already had the ball, but that was okay. It wasn't like we were playing a real game.

We each got a bunch of turns up at bat until Kenzie started complaining that she was hungry. I realized that I was too so I joined in with her. Daddy packed up all the baseball stuff and got out our lunch stuff.

First he pulled out a big blanket and we all sat down on it. Then he passed out plates with a peanut butter and sandwich on it. I started to eat immediately, my tummy was very hungry. Daddy also put apple slices on our plates and gave each of us our cups. And for desert we had some of Mommy's chocolate chip cookies.

When we were all finished Daddy had us all run over to the garbage and throw away our plates. He then washed all of our faces and hands just like he had done at breakfast.

Once Daddy had packed everything away it was time to head back to the car. I really wanted to stay and play more baseball, but Daddy said that it was time to go home and take a nap.

I walked back slower to the car, I really didn't want to leave. It was a lot of fun playing baseball with Daddy, even with the girls there.

Daddy helped us all into the car and buckled as all in before putting the baseball stuff in the trunk.

I tried my hardest to stay awake, but my eyes kept wanting to close. Millie was already asleep next to me, but Kenzie was still awake. I looked out of Millie's window trying to see as best as I could. But the next thing I knew we were home and Daddy was carrying me upstairs to my bed.

"Did you have a good time today?" He asked me.

I nodded my head yes, I was very tired and I couldn't fight off sleep any longer.

Daddy laid me down on my bed and pulled the covers up over me.

"Have a good nap Tristan." Daddy said and kissed my forehead.

I rolled over onto my side and feel quickly back to sleep.

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