Isolations Ice

The Essential Sadness

Is To Go Through Life Without Loving

But It Would Be Almost Equally Sad

To Leave This World

Without Telling Those You loved

That You Loved Them. –.

"I turned around and Sasuke was there, Love had found me"

Don't remember where I found what is written above, but other to the Sasuke reference that quote is it not mine.

Rated: M [Lime and Future Lemon, or Lemons]

General/ Romance – I think Kind of some Melodrama

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Isolations Ice

Never Enough

Uchiha Sasuke had re-changed his life in three different ways. First, at eight to thirteen years old he became an avenger; second, he joined Orochimaru and then later started his team Snake. Now, third, he is separated from that team and all on his own. It was about time he moved on with his past and sees the future. Still, that's just it, he can't see his future, he can't see beyond the darkness of uncertainty.

What new twist will life throw at him? Where is he going to be today, if not, tomorrow, should he go back to Konoha. Nah, that will be suicide, does it matter now where he goes or is not like he has a purpose to live anymore. He never had one.

The killing of his brother was pure want and a sick Obsession he couldn't let go off, it was just one of the things that he HAD to do. It HAD to be done, and he couldn't rest till it was finish and he satisfied. He just never expected it to still feel so cold in the end, the loneliness, the isolation. They weren't unfamiliar and he welcomed them like old friends.

So here he is, traveling on his own. Different style of clothes a bag full of clothes, food and water. Only the essential and he's aiming endlessly to the possibilities on where he will go next. Or what else is going to go wrong in his life. Sure, he's made mistakes, BIG one at that was joining Orochimaru. Then again we are all humans and in one point in your life you're going to do something so STUPID, so HUGE that you'll regret it every time a choice that changes your life so dramatically.

He wishes he never went to Orochimaru, but it wasn't like he had much of a choice. He had to. To control the curse mark that Orochimaru placed on him, he had to get Orochimaru to train him. That didn't mean that he was going to be loyal and give up his body, he had better things to do. So he decapitated that snake.

Solder boy later got his revenge, so all of Akatsuki is dead Particularly Itachi. The leader was the easiest to kill, but so did Team Snake died that day, leaving him alone. Okay, we got the

Point, Sasuke is traveling solo with no real destination.

Hyuga Hinata was walking down the streets of Konoha and she had her head bowed down and tears running down her ivory cheeks. It wasn't what she expected, she always believed that in one point in her life Naruto would notice her, but no. He never did, should she have told him. Nah, then she would have to face Rejection.

She felt disappointed and a heavy sense of disbelief, but that's all. She expected some pain, but all she felt was alone. She always did, she felt like a huge part of her was missing, it was out there, yes, still so unreachable.

The Isolation was getting to her. It felt so empty. She stopped abruptly as she took in some deep breaths and then balled her fist to dry her eyes at the long sleeve of her sweater. She relaxed and even thought more tears wanted to fall, she stopped them. She put on her smile and took two more deep breaths before approaching her friends.

"Hey Hinata-chan!" said Naruto happily, his arm around the pink haired Konoichi. It hurt, but not cause it was Naruto and Sakura, it's because she wanted that too. She wished she had someone too hold her, but no one looked at her twice. All she could do was long for it.

"He-hey" she said meekly like always and went on to sit next to her cousin Neji who was with his girlfriend/ fiancée Tenten. It never bothered Hinata before, but she is Female and in one point in her life she would need the tender loving care of a lover. This point was now.

"So what's up with you Hinata?" asked Ino as she leaned into Shikamaru.

"Nothing much, well, Nothing at all" she responded as she started to eat what her cousin had ordered for her.

"Oh" was all Ino said as she and the others started to talk among themselves while they ignored Hinata.

I ate slowly, looking out to space. I feel so alone, my cousin and my friends are beside me and I feel like I don't belong. I have no one. The isolation is too much, I can't take it anymore.

No matter what I do. It's never enough.

I wish something interesting happened to me for once.......

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