Chapter: XIX

Isolations Ice

Epilogue: Added Just For Fun

One Year Later

Hyuga Hiashi, had died.

Everyone Hyuuga stood around his grave mourning his death and paying their respects. Hinabi stood there silently amongst them as she placed a simple white rose on the top of his headstone and as soon as her cousin Neji placed his hand on her shoulder she shrugged it off. "Don't touch me" was all she said Neji did as she told him. She was angry to the fact that Neji acted like he owned her or something, as if she was still a child. Maybe physically she was but mentally she had grown up fast and she didn't need Neji around to hold her hand.

Neji watched as everyone around decided to leave as soon as they could, the sky was becoming cloudy and there was going to be rain tonight. He turned to Hinabi and sighed "Come on, it's time to go" he said and she simply bowed at her father's grave and turned to face him with a hard glare that made him step aside for her to go first. She certainly was scarier than Hinata and not someone he would mess with. That was when he noticed that she was not going to the direction of the Hyuga compound "Hinabi-sama, where are you going?"

"None of your business" she hissed, Neji glared at her back but followed her anyway. Hinabi looked over her shoulder and glared at Neji, she hated when people followed her, especially when it was him. "Don't you have a wife and a child at home you need to be taking care off? Because I certainly don't need you around"

"Hinabi-sama, you know it's my job now to look after you"

"I never asked you to, so it's not your job" Neji decided not to respond, he simply kept following her. Hinabi was set on one route and then he noticed where she was headed to, a place he never had come near in a year do to the fact that he wanted to come to terms with it all. He wanted to be able to accept it, maybe he already had, thing was he had not seen his cousin Hinata in a year, neither had he spoken to her.

He hadn't even met their child yet, everyone who knew them that he knew were dying to meet the child. Of course, people now knew that they were still a live; they were as if they were the ghost of the village. People had come to accept them, but no one had met their child yet. Life was weird in a way, they hadn't even known that Sakura and Naruto already had a child and was one of the reasons they had decided to get married. They had left the child with Kakashi his first year, gotten married and now they had the child at home, the kids first four months of being with them. A year and four months old little girl.

He on the other hand hadn't known that Tenten was pregnant about two months earlier than Hinata, and he had pushed her to chase after Hinata all that time he was placing his unborn child at risk. In the end they both had a beautiful baby boy who was now a year old barely this month. If that was so, then Hinata's and the Uchiha's child should only be two months or so away from completing his first year.

As for Shikamaru and Ino, well they hadn't even gotten down to having children yet and Ino blamed it on Shikamaru's lazy ass. Neji was still musing about it when he noticed that Hinabi had stopped in her tracks and was now facing him "If you for one second even do something out of line, like disrespect my sister, my brother in law, or my nephew, I will personally kill you" she hissed "For the sake of your neck, keep your mouth shut and don't say a word" Neji just blinked at her as she began to walk away "and dare to attack them, I'll mutilate you"

"You are being harsh, I am not going to do anything" Neji shook his head "After all, even Tsunade threatened us and even Naruto and Tenten threatened me" Neji shrugged, he got the point. In his selfish attempt to bring Hinata back he had not seen what was right and just did what he thought was right. He didn't mean any harm. He just thought the Uchiha was a criminal still or was even harming Hinata. Who knew they would become lovers?

"Whatever" was all she said.

"Why are you coming to visit them?"

"What? I can't visit my sister, her husband and my nephew?" she asked as she turned to look at him over her shoulder.

"Uh….I guess you can"

It didn't take much longer for Hinabi to reach an average sized home that looked warm and welcoming. The outside of it was white and the grass around it was healthy and green. The whole area had a fence and it had four pine trees and the rest were small bushes of roses and other types of plants. Around the whole area, it was littered with toys of a child. "Well, they certainly don't care for picking the kid's toys up"

"They don't have to; Kazuki decides where to put them away"

"Huh" was all Neji said but didn't get a chance to ask who she was talking about since she had already opened the gate door's to step inside. He followed and closed them behind him and followed her, only then did he noticed the path lead to a deeper part of the house and the front door seemed to be all the way at the back. "This is a weird house"

Hinabi walked up to the door and knocked it, in a few seconds Hinata opened it and she smiled at them. She looked as beautiful as always, slim figure, her raven hair glowing a slight blue and her eyes full of life. "Hinabi, I was just making dinner come in-oh" she said when she noticed him "Neji" she hissed as she narrowed her eyes.

"Ignore him" Hinabi said as she smiled as well and walked inside the house, Neji not knowing if he was welcomed or not.

"Can I come in?" He asked.

"Sure" Hinata said before she pointed her knife to his neck "But don't try anything" and she went back to cooking. Neji gulped, walked in and closed the door. As soon as he entered he was taken by how spacious and how cool the house was inside. It must feel great in the summer, he walked past the entrance to the living room where Hinabi had gone to sit down on the single sofa chair and was watching her favorite TV show.

Neji walked around and noticed that Sasuke was in the couch a sleep with a small bundle in his arms. His son, well not so small was right under Sasuke's arm and was using Sasuke's arm as a pillow as both of them snoozed the day away. Both looking very comfortable and so much alike, they are after all father and son.


Well, people also said that he looked like his son.

Shaking his head he just stood there and Hinabi glanced up at him, noticing how uncomfortable he was to be there. "You can always sit down on the floor you know, Sasuke always ends up falling asleep before dinner since Kazuki can be more than a handful. All to help Hinata they tire each other out"

"Oh" Neji said as he nodded and sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. As soon as Hinata finished dinner she covered it and walked out to the living room with some tea. She smiled when she saw that Sasuke and Kazuki were still passed out in the couch. It was Saturday, it was the day that they ran around till they couldn't anymore. She was amazed at how much energy her son had.

"So, what brings you two here?"

"Dad died" Hinabi said as if it was the most natural thing to say "and my boyfriend is out in a mission, so I want to crash here tonight and play with Kazuki" Hinata nodded while Neji was confused. Hinabi had a boyfriend? A boyfriend, boyfriend? He must be going crazy. When, how, and who be insane enough to date her? "Neji just followed me, he'll have to leave now since Tenten and his son Hiroshi will be waiting for him"

Neji got it.

They wanted him out.

He sighed and stood up. "It's good to see you are doing well Hinata, I'll see you around" with that he decided to show himself out and left. They waited until they couldn't hear him anymore and Hinabi rolled her eyes.

"He is so going to tell everyone about your son now"

"Your think? No one had really asked or even come to visit" Hinabi nodded and then smiled like a cat.


Hinata laughed a little "Kitchen, go ahead I'm going to wake up these two"

"How long have they been asleep?"

"Barely twenty minutes" Hinabi laughed. Sasuke never got a break these days. She ran to the kitchen to eat and Hinata waited until she was gone to lean down and kiss Sasuke on the lips. "Sasuke, wake up" she called out as she pocked him, then she decided to not let him breath anymore by squeezing his nose shut.

Sasuke made a face and then woke up as he slapped her hand away and tried to breathe "Damn you, are you trying to kill me?"

"No, come on, time to eat" Sasuke nodded and picked up his son. The small boy groaning and becoming angry as he was awaken to soon for his liking. The small child kicked out and hit both Sasuke and Hinata "I swear he has your temper"

"Yeah right" Sasuke said "I don't have a temper"

"Yes you do"

"I don't"



They were about to kiss when all of a sudden a voice said "YO LOVE BIRDS! GET IN HERE TO EAT" Their child looked scared then and clung to Sasuke.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Hinata shrugged.

"She's my sister" Hinata stood up and said "Now, dinner"

"But, the mean lady" Their child said and Sasuke and Hinata looked at each other not knowing what to do. Hinabi's constant visits was giving their child nightmares.

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