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Devotion of Cherish

Chapter 8

Love's More Powerful Than Death

--Mountain of Fumes--

"Ew man! Somebody pass me the air-fresher to me please!" Po groaned as he held his nose.

Hence the name, fumes, the entire mountain was full of gas and smoke which nearly burnt their eyes, not to mention they could barely opened their eyes. Luckily, Crane brought the masks, preventing themselves to choke by the smokes. It took them 15 minutes to pass the mountain, soon they found a castle in a close distance.

"All right, now let's kick some butt on that cobber." Monkey announced.

"I'm with you." Mantis added.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Tigress said as they all ran toward the castle.

However, things wouldn't go easy on them in this task. Suddenly, two figures appeared from the sky and landed in front of them, which made them backed off a bit. "Who goes there? Reveal your names!" Shifu demanded.

"Riki-Zi the Salamander." Riki-Zi reported, slightly excited of having some slashing and cutting upward as he held two swords.

"Komodo the Komodo Dragon." Komodo replied as he held up his stick.

Monkey and Mantis both stepped out of the group and said, "You guys go ahead, we'll cover you." They said.

"What!? Are you out of your mind?" Po asked, panicking.

"Those dudes were highly skilled of swords and stick, which we both mastered of them. So don't worry about us, just go!" Mantis replied, sounded confident.

"We are a team!" Tigress cried.

"And team should never leave one behind!" Po cried.

"Sometimes you need to learn how to let go." Monkey shouted, then he slowly gave them a thumb-up. "We'll be fine, now go!"

Soon, they wished them luck before they hesitantly ran passed them, Riki-Zi and Komodo. When they were out of the sight, there was an awkward of silence. The Komodo Dragon broke it first, "So you're the two of the Furious Five? Quite an honour to fight with masters." He snickered.

"Enough talking, let's fight!" Mantis announced, imitating Po's motto.

There was a long showdown...

Po, Tigress, Crane and Shifu had entered the centre of the castle, but still no sign of their comrade. Suddenly, a familiar yet disgusting voice said, "Looking for something?"

"Cob!" they shouted.

Then there revealed the cobber in a Chinese traditional groom garment. "So nice you have attended to my wedding." He said with a hint of evil.

"Where is Viper?" Crane demanded.

"She's fine, just can't wait to be my wife." Cob said with a hiss.

"She doesn't love you, she HATES you!" Shifu said.

"Oh really? But I can say, you're the one she doesn't love you anymore." Cob snickered at the avian master.

"I don't believe you!!" Crane cried with rage.

"Don't believe me? Fine, let her speak it out." Cob relaxingly said as he revealed Viper, in a wedding bride dress.

"Viper!!" the masters shouted with joy, however, Viper's expression didn't show joy or relief instead of, cold.

Instead, she had spoken something that they couldn't dare to believer, "What are you doing here?"

They were confused, wasn't she kidnapped and being enforced to be married? Crane stepped out and shouted. "Viper, we're here to save you, love."

"Well you don't have to! I'm willing to marry Cob." She cried.

Eyes were widened from them, "Something's wrong." Po whispered to Tigress.

Of course, Crane wouldn't believe it either. He grabbed Viper's shoulders (well, I couldn't say her body, right?) and looked into her eyes. "Viper, I know you're not telling the truth, you and I are love to each other. Did he do something to you?" he demanded.

One thing he didn't expect, was being slapped.

Viper had slapped his face! "I don't need your help! I am happy to be here and be Cob's wife! You should leave now!!!" she yelled.

"Viper…I…" Crane couldn't speak any further, he was too heartbroken but Cob was enjoying the sight of this.

"Don't listen to her!!!"

Suddenly, a cry had snapped them. As they turned their heads, smiles had hung up on their faces. It was Monkey and Mantis, along with Riki-Zi and Komodo. When the Tigress, Po and Shifu saw their enemies still alive, they quickly went to attack, but Monkey and Mantis both were quick enough to stop them.

"Whoa! Whoa! Easy there, they're with us!" Mantis said first.

"What!?" now they were confused more.

"It's a long story." Monkey said.


It had already been a half of hour of the showdown. Suddenly, Riki-Zi and Komodo felt the pain in their chest, which made the masters stopped their attacks. Instead, they ran over them and checked on them. They then found out that they were poisoned.

"What are you waiting for? Just kill us!" Komodo grunted.

"I can't let someone die who is quality enough to be my rival." Monkey said with a smirk.

The Salamander and the Komodo Dragon were both shocked as they watched their enemy helped them to clear out the poison inside them. "What an embarrassing thing for a warrior like us." Riki-Zi murmured.

After Monkey and Mantis used their Chi to help to clear out the poison from the two rivals' body, Riki-Zi and Komodo then decided to help them back in return of they saved their life. They also told them something that very horrible.

--End of Flashback--

"She's been hypnotized." Komodo spoke out. That had explained why Viper acted unusual, Cob had controlled her thought so she could break Crane's heart and left easily.

Again, Crane held and hugged Viper and whispered in her ears. "Viper, I know you're suffering and no matter what happened. I am, and I will always love you. I won't leave by your side." With that, he gently pressed his beak on her lips.

Like a fantasy tale, nothing that powerful enough than one true love kiss. The cold eyes of Viper had slowly warmed and changed back into her beautiful azure color, soon she returned the kiss. When Crane realized that, he pulled out slowly, eyes were full of joy. Viper giggled as she gave him a bright wide smile.

"I knew you're the one." Viper said with a grin.

Then, Crane laughed as he swung Viper that swept her off her tail (feet) happily, the others were very pleased. However, Cob was NOT very pleased, he hid a blade underneath his sleeves, quickly, he slid over to Viper. If he couldn't get what he wanted, then no one could have!

When the couple and the masters saw his action, they weren't fast enough to stop him. Viper thought it was her end as she closed her eyes tightly to embrace the pain. The blade had approached, and she could hear the anxious sound of being stabbed and the scent of liquid with flesh.

Suddenly, she felt nothing and heard a male voice grunted. Someone had blocked her. She then slowly opened her eyes, and saw in horrid. Crane took her place as he got stabbed by the sharp blade. Blood started dripping from his bad wound, with his wings opened wide, and his legs began shuddering by the pain.

"CRANE!!" Viper screamed, painfully.

"It is me who you want, not her. Kill me and leave her alone forever!" Crane said, grunting for the pain.

"Gladly." Cob replied with a smirk, then he stabbed deeply into Crane.

Screams, gasps of horror had mixed up together all at once, the crude cold-hearted cobber had killed the Master of Crane-style, Crane. When he roughly pulled out the blade, caused lots of blood spilled out. At the end, he fell on the ground dramatically, the green tree viper quickly slid over to her avian lover, tears had watered her eyes.

"Crane! CRANE! Wake up! Please, don't do this to me!" she pleaded.

On the other hand, Cob didn't feel ashamed instead he snorted. "Good riddance."

That had angered Viper, as she grabbed the Fan of Lady Wu Song that Crane gave her and flung it at the cobber. To their amaze, a gust of wind was created, nearly the power of a typhoon, which made Cob flew back and ended up he grabbed the stone to avoid him to fall off into the cliff.

While the others were amazed of the power of the Fan of Lady Wu Song, they ran beside the rock which Cob was clutching at it to prevent his fall. Although he was a bit close to fall. When he saw Viper, he tried to use his innocent voice to fool her, "Viper, please, I love you."

"You're insane." That was Viper's answer.

Finally, the cobber had out of his mind. "You may have won this battle, but I shall return!" Cob madly announced.

Viper then quickly slide herself toward Cob, and whispered at him. "Goodbye, Cob." With that, she furiously delivered him a quick tail whip.

Screams of anger and hatred came from Cob's throat as he fallen into the deep of the deepest cliff. Every master watched his fall until the sound stopped. Finally everything was over, except they had lost a champion.

Viper worriedly turned back and slid herself beside her Crane, who had sacrificed himself to her. "Crane! Crane! Please, open your eyes, just one move, please! Don't do this to me!!" she pleaded, shook him crazily.

Unfortunately, there was no move from him.

Tears welling up everyone's eyes. Viper buried her face in her beloved's cold face. Tigress couldn't stand on the fact as she buried her face in Po's chest, and the panda patted her back to comfort her. The green tree viper gently brushed the feather of Crane and murmured, thinking herself she might had gone crazy. "Hey, Crane?" even though he was dead, Viper could feel his presence in the wind. "Do you remember the song you sang to me? You promised me you would be my wings and take me fly up high around the world." Then she started to sing, but soon her tears choked her.

You will be my wings

You will be my only love

You will take me far beyond the sun

On the other dimension, the soul of Crane floated in the mid air and felt a warm light shore on him. When he lift his head up and saw heaven was above him. Before he hesitated, massagers from above greeted and welcomed him. One of them stuck his hand out.

Before Crane wanted to reach it, he then heard someone singing in a familiar voice, he quickly recognized it was Viper! "Viper." He murmured.

The red-crowned crane quickly shoved back his wing and spoke. "I'm not ready for it. My love is down there, need me by her side. And the others, they still need me, they're…they're my family. I will continue my life beside them! Please, I love them!" he cried.

Angels seemed having a discussion with the god, after that, the angles faced at Crane. "The God has spoken, you have showed love to your most beloved ones. Continue your life until your time is right." It said.

Before Crane turned away, he saw a familiar figure beside him, an old tortoise. "Master Oogway?" he hesitantly whispered.

Oogway just smiled warmly at him, "Turn around, young master. And listen to that girl's song." He softly said.

The next thing Crane knew was his body have suck into a portal, he coughed painfully when he backed to his flesh body. The masters gasped in shock as they quickly ran beside him to keep him warm.

"Crane!!" Viper cried of joy as she hugged him.

"Vi…Viper!" Crane scoffed as he patted his relief lover to tell her that he needed some fresh air. "Oh! Sorry, love." Viper apologized as she released her hug.

"How is it feel like when you're dead?" Po joked.

Everyone hit Po's back head because of his stupid joke. But Crane replied honestly, "Well, it was like, I was heading to the white light. And I could have sworn…I saw Master Oogway over there. And he said…" he paused as he stared deeply into Viper's azure eyes, and went on, ""Turn around, young master. And listen to that girl's song."" He smiled.

Viper smiled as she pressed her lips against Crane's, and so as he relaxed into the soft kiss. They thought that this was the end and a happy ending.

However, something had interrupted the happy atmosphere, as there was a loud thud from the cliff. When they turned at the same direction, the next thing they saw is in horrid. Cob was alive!

Although his body was badly damaged as they could see his bones were obliviously be seen, and so as his ribs. His face was full of scars and stitches, honestly said, a face of Frankenstein.

Mantis groaned, "Come on, what are you? A zombie!?" he said.

"Close." Cob replied. "Apparently, I'm not in a good shape now, but I can assure you, I'll come back with a top shape, wait for me, Viper! I will come back!!" he swore as he disappeared in the mist, laughing echoed in the air.

Viper was so terrified as she shuddered in fear, shivering by that threatening laugh. Crane quickly wrapped her to comfort, to give her warmth for her shivery body.

"Don't worry, I won't let a single thing happens to you." He swore with a smile.

His lover returned him a confident smile as well, "I believe you. I know you will protect me as always, my love." She said as they kissed again.

The others awed for the couples, Monkey then broke the loving air, "Okay, you two, now break up before I throw up." He teased.

They laughed a bit, "Oh, wait. I've got one more thing to do!" Crane stated, sound importantly.

"You need to have a fine treatment, you'll talk after we get back the palace." Tigress said.

"Just one minute, one minute." Crane replied, in rush. Then, he paid all the focus on Viper, "Viper…" and he knelt in front of her, which made her confused. He took her tail and said, "I can't give you any wealth but the love with all my heart. So…will you…" he began stammered.

"Say it." Viper whispered, encouraging him.

Crane then looked at his other male masters, who gave him a firm nod and the red-crowned crane nodded back. He gathered up his courage and tried his best not to hide his blushing face. "Viper, will you marry me?" finally he said it.

The next thing he knew, was a soft kiss and the tears of joy from his lover. When they broke the kiss slowly, Viper's eyes were still watering, she playfully scolded him. "You silly, what takes you so long to ask me this?" she giggled as she pressed her forehead against his.

She went on, "You know I will say 'yes'." She finished, giggling.

On the other hand, Tigress playfully hit Po's chest. Po asked, "What?"

"Do you want us to be like them?" she asked, hiding her blush.

Po chuckled as he nuzzled her neck, "Maybe…" he teased.

"Maybe!?" Tigress asked, gave him a frown.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Po?" Crane warned, chuckled a bit.

"Kidding, kidding." Po defended as he rose up his two palms as a defense. He then faced at Tigress, "So what you want me to say?" he asked with tease.

Tigress then purred underneath Po's chin, "Don't you have any romantic ideas for a proposal?" she teased.

The giant panda eyed at the others while Tigress didn't notice his confused expression. "Women are sooooooo complicated." He mouthed to them, who were secretly chuckling.

Cob may be still alive, but no matter what he did. He'd never break their true love apart. He may return, in the meantime, the heroes will have years of happy ending.

The End