A Bulma & Vegeta Love Story

Note: This is my first fanfic, I haven't done one in a long time. So Plz R/R. Be honest. Thks.

This story is set when future Trunks comes to the past to warn the Z-Fighters about the androids, and to bring the antidote for the disease that Goku died from in his future, so he could change it, and his father's death as well. Basically during the android and cell sagas.

Chapter One:

As Vegeta trained harder and harder to prepare himself for the battle with the androids, he began to noticed he was starting to have feelings for a certain blue haired beauty who was wasting her time with a (as Vegeta would say) no good weakling. Vegeta tried to bury himself in his training. While Vegeta trained in the GR machine, Yamcha was training himself outside in the back yard. Bulma as usual was working on some type of invention that Vegeta could use during his training, and trying to find a way to help out with the androids. Well all of a sudden there was a huge bang, and the GR machine had blown up, leaving Vegeta buried under all the the pieces of metal.

As bulma ran towards the GR machine, "Vegeta! Vegeta!", she screamed, looking around frantically. "Where is he?" She says as she starts to sort through all the mess to find him.

Yamcha says, "He probably blew himself up, serves him right for trying to over due it."

"Shut it Yamcha!" Bulma yells.

Then out of no where Vegeta pops up out of the colossal mess, staggering, bleeding and saying, "I need to get back to my training." And then he just falls back onto the ground into all the mess.

"Vegeta, we all know your a tough guy, but you need to rest your going to kill yourself if you keep this up, let me help you." Bulma stated to him.

"NO! I don't need your help! Get away from me!" Vegeta hollers out, as he falls to the ground.

Bulma runs over to Vegeta and pulls him up into her arms, she sits there looking at him with numerous questions going about in her mind, "why is he so stubborn about becoming stronger than Goku?" Yamcha stands there thinking to himself, "what is she doing? And why is she helping a murderer?"

"Oh Vegeta, you need to rest and recover, please let me help you, I am going to whether you want me to or not ." She states to him. As he stares up at her with one eye open, he starts to pass out in her arms.

Bulma and Dr. Briefs got Vegeta into the infirmary at Capsule Corp. Bulma decided to stay with him for when he woke up. She fell asleep with her head on the desk next to his bed. And when he did wake. As he lay there, he looks over to her thinking, "What is she doing here? Why? Am I missing something?" Without her knowing, he gets up and slowly picks her up without waking her, and begins to walk out of the infirmary room, and starts down the hall way to Bulma's room. He gets there and slowly lays the sleeping blue haired beauty onto her bed. He looks down at her feeling strange emotions' coming to him. "What is wrong with me? Why do I find myself starring at her mindlessly?" "Do I have feelings for her?" Then he just shakes off all the thoughts he's having and goes to continue his training.

Bulma awakes a few hours later, pondering, " How did I get here? Could it be that Vegeta.... no... Vegeta isn't that sensitive. Or is he?" Then a sudden shock hit her, she then realized that Vegeta was back at his training, she rushed to go get on the intercom and then started lecturing him. " Vegeta!,You need to let your body recover fully or you won't be able to do anything!" she tells him. He stares at her with a look of annoyance on his face and says, "Bugger of Woman!" and continues on with his training.

Annoyed herself, Bulma decides to give up the agrument for the day and let him be. She then decides to head down to her lab to try and think of a new design of bots that Vegeta could you to train with. All the while trying to concentrate on creating the bots, she finds herself thinking about Vegeta. "Why must he be so crude?! I am only looking out for him, and yet he wants nothing and no help from anyone! He is so stubborn!" But the more she thinks about him she starts to wonder why she lets him infuriate her so much? "Am I developing feelings for him? No, I couldn't be... Could I?" Then Dr. Briefs comes in to see if he can help Bulma with any one her work.

"Bulma dear, I came to see if you wanted a little help?" Said Dr. Briefs as he opens the door to the lab. "Thanks dad, but I can't concentrate, so what is the point in trying to do it?" Bulma replied as she dropped the tools in her hands down onto the lab table. " Is there anything you would like to talk about?" Dr. Briefs ask. " You would think it is crazy dad, or that I am just crazy for thinking that I am developing feelings for..." and she stops before she says Vegeta's name. "For who? Vegeta?" he says finishing her sentence for her. She sits there looking at her father in amazement thinking to herself, "How? How did he know that is who I was talking about?"

"Bulma dear, I think that you should do whatever your heart tells you, don't ignore it." He said, then continues as he looks at the stunned face, " If your heart tells you Yamcha, then your mother and I will support you, and if it tells you Vegeta, we will support you, it is so long as you are with the one that you truely care for." and with him finishing his sentence he kisses her forehead and leaves the lab to let her think about everything he had said.