This story takes place 8 months after Cameron gives House her resignation.

The Heart Never Lies

Chapter 1

Monday Morning…

Gregory House walked through the front doors of Plainsboro Teaching Hospital at 9 a.m. and headed straight to the elevator and punched the button. He wasn't in the best of moods this Monday morning due to not getting much sleep the past several nights. As he waited for the elevator doors to open to take him to the fourth floor, he heard a familiar voice behind him. He didn't have to turn around to know it was Wilson who was walking up behind him.

"Good morning House," Wilson said in a cheery voice.

"There is no reason to be so happy in the morning unless you had mind boggling sex the night before." He stated as he turned to look at Wilson, however a certain blonde minx hitting the vending machine down the hall caught his eye. He watched as she began to shake the contrary machine, this time giving it a kick to go along with it. A crooked smiled tugged at the corners of his mouth. Ignoring Wilson's babble, he couldn't resist the urge and headed towards Allison Cameron who obviously was not having a good morning either.

Wilson realized that he was yet again, being ignored by House and wondered what his limping friend had turned his attention to. "Where are you going?" He looked past House and saw Cameron down the hall. He shook his head and followed.

House reached the vending machine and with one swift movement, smacked the side of the machine hard. This startled Cameron who looked up only to be met by the piercing blue eyes of Gregory House. She couldn't ignore the fluttering in the pit of her stomach.

Her package of crackers tumbled down to the opening and she grabbed them. "Thanks!" She said with a smile.

"You're welcome. This machine can be a pain in the ass at times. I speak from personal experience."

"Reminds me of a certain doctor I know." She said teasingly and flashed him another enticing smile.

He gave her one of his famous smirks in return.

Wilson, who had now joined them, said hello to Cameron.

"Good morning Wilson." Cameron said.

Wilson gave House a sideways grin and House gave a grunt in return.

Cameron saw the exchanged looks between the two mischievous doctors but thought it best to ignore the thought of asking what they were up to.

After a brief moment of silence she spoke, "Well, some of us have to work for a living. So, I better get back to the ER. Thanks again for helping me retrieve my breakfast." She said to House as she opened up her crackers and popped one in her mouth. She turned and walked down the hallway that seemed longer than it did a few minutes ago, feeling the weight of House's blue eyes upon her.

House didn't move and continued watching her, tilting his head to the side, admiring her sweet little ass as it swayed from side to side.

Wilson watched him with some amusement. "So, what was that all about?" Knowing House was probably not going to give him a straight answer.

Wilson's question took House away from his thoughts. "What?" He asked as they walked back to the elevators.

"You know what. What's with you and Cameron?"

"Oh that. I was just helping a damsel in distress." He answered, shrugging his shoulders. They stepped onto the elevator. "However, I just had a brilliant idea that may cure my sleepless nights." Suddenly, his mood had greatly improved since he had walked through the front doors fifteen minutes ago.

They rode the elevator in silence to the fourth floor. Wilson kept waiting for House to tell him what his new idea was. With nothing said, he stopped outside his door and finally asked, "So, are you going to tell me what this idea of yours is?" He hated that his curiosity had gotten the best of him and that he felt the need to ask.

"Not yet." House said over his shoulder. "It's still in the works but you'll know soon enough if it pans out." His answer left Wilson at his door with curious thoughts going through his head.

A couple of minutes later House walked into the conference room where he found Foreman, Taub and Remy already there, sitting at the long glass table, all three with their nose in a book or magazine.

"How are my children this morning?" House said in a mildly good mood.

The three mumbled under their breath that they were fine.

House walked over to the coffeepot, grabbed his favorite red mug and filled it to the brim and added a little cream. He took a sip and made a horrible face. "This is terrible. Who made this?"

Remy, with her nose still in a magazine, raised her hand not looking at him.

"You're a girl. You're supposed to know how to make it." He said as he walked over to where she was sitting.

"That's a pretty sexist remark." Taub said.

House shrugged as he looked over Remy's shoulder to see what magazine she was so involved in.

"Do we have a new case today?" Foreman asked, hoping.

"Not that I'm aware of." House replied taking another sip of his coffee with a wrinkled nose. "This really sucks." He walked back to the sink and dumped the thick dark liquid down the drain.

"Then don't drink it." Remy snapped still not looking at him.

"Well aren't we in a pissy mood. That time of the month?" House snarled.

He huffed into his office, not pleased that he didn't have a cup of coffee in his hand. He tossed his bag on the sofa and sat down behind his desk. He turned on his computer and began to look at his emails. I hate answering these things, he thought. After he skimmed through several, not really reading any of them, he leaned back in his chair and started thinking about his new plan. A smile came over him. He stood up, grabbed his cane and went back into the conference room where the other three were. He looked around.

"Where's the fourth child?" He asked.

"What?" Taub asked,

"The fourth child, the retarded one?"

At that moment, Kutner walked in and heard House. "Are you calling me retarded?"

"If the shoe fits."

Foreman looked over the top of the magazine he was reading. "Don't refer to me as one of your children. Been there done that."

"That's right. You're Cuddy's child slave now, no pun intended." House walked to the door.

Foreman rolled his eyes at House, ignoring his comment.

"All of you find something to occupy yourself with. I can't be paying you for doing nothing. Thirteen and Taub, you can go to the clinic for the morning. Kutner, go to the ER and see if Dr. Cameron needs any help."

They all looked at him curiously.

"You want me to go help Dr. Cameron?" Kutner asked. "Did I stutter?" House said sarcastically.

"Since when do we help in the ER?" Foreman asked.

"Since I am trying to find something for you to do. They are busy down there and I'm sure she will appreciate it." House replied nonchalantly.

"Do you want me to spy?" Kutner asked still trying to understand why he was being sent to the ER. House gave him a sly grin. "No, I just want you to help her. That's all. I have a meeting with Cuddy. Be back in awhile." He walked out and a soft whistle escaped his puckered lips.

Foreman watched him walk away and wondered what House was up to.


Kutner reached the ER and looked around. House was right. It was a mad house. He glanced around looking for Dr. Cameron. He spotted her coming out from behind one of the curtains and walked towards her.

"Dr. Cameron?" Kutner called out to her.

Cameron looked up. "Hi Kutner. What's up?" She asked as she hurried past him to the desk to type something into the computer.

"House sent me down here to offer my services." He said as she quickly walked passed him.

She didn't look up. "What did you say?" and began typing information into the computer.

"House sent me down here to help out." He repeated.

This time she stopped and gave him her full attention. A curious look came across her face. "Why would he send you down here to help me?" She said, wondering if she should believe Kutner or not.

"We don't have a case and he's trying to find things for us to do, so he sent me here." He looked around. "By the looks of it, you can use the help."

"You're right, we can. Are you sure he didn't send you down here to spy?" She asked and began to type again.

"I asked him that because I had the same thought, but he said no."

She smiled. "House has an extraordinary way of getting what he wants without telling you what it is that he wants. By telling you he doesn't want you to spy then drilling you with questions later, is how he usually operates."

He looked at her. "What is there to spy on?"

"I don't know. It depends on what he wants." She handed him a file. "You can take curtain number four, over there." She pointed behind him and to the right. "Let me know if you need any assistance." She started walking away. "Oh and Kutner?"

"Yeah?" "I appreciate the help." She continued to walk behind another curtain.

He smiled at her and went behind curtain four.