LbN: Okay, all in all I was okay with the finale. At least, I wasn't out for IC's blood like some fans were :). The only thing that really bugged me was that Bette didn't get to prove her innocence w/ the "Kelly situation." Kit still thinks she's lying, and that's wrong on so many levels. So, here's how I think it should've (or could've) gone down.

"It's impossible!"

"Don't, Bette! Just stop!" Kit yelled back.

"It's fucking impossible! I didn't!" Betted yelled.

"I saw the video, Bette," Kit said. "You know, I think you just fucked up. I know you're trying—"

"Wait, wait a second. What the hell did Jenny show you that's got you so convinced?" Bette asked.

"I told you, it was the video she took from her window downstairs."

Bette closed her eyes and made a box with her hands. Eyes still closed, she turned to her left. "So we would've been in the kitchen?"

"Yes, Bette," Kit said, exasperation laced in her voice.

"Come with me." Bette grabbed Kit's hand and pulled her down the hallway. She led the way downstairs and into the kitchen, where she grabbed a small, plastic pony. Twisting its head off, she revealed a flash drive. "It's a camera," she explained as they walked back upstairs. "You know, one of those Nanny-Cams or whatever they're called. I was playing with it that day and forgot to turn it off. I never went back and deleted the file." They stopped back in the room and she plugged it into the flat screen.

The video started. From the camera's position, you couldn't see their faces, but it caught Bette when she bent down.
"I was just cleaning up the glass she broke," Bette said.

"God, sis, I'm sorry," Kit said.

"No, it's okay. I know what it looked like," Bette shrugged the apology off.

"I should have believed you."

"I know my track record's not the best," Bette said, smiling slightly. "But I wouldn't throw away what I have now. Especially not with her." She nodded toward the screen. "I've got to go find Schecter before she shows that video to Tina."

"I'll help you look for her." Kit nodded. "You know, I'm starting to see what you mean about the incestuous hotbed of lesbian interfuckingconectedness."

Bette just chuckled as the pair made their way back to the party.

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