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A young Goku was wandering around town. Sanzo had allowed him to leave so that he would leave him alone for a few hours. Goku was munching happily on a meat bun when he heard a strange noise coming from an alleyway. Cautiously, he peered down into the dark alley, seeing only a trashcan. He shrugged his shoulders and turned to walk away when he heard the strange noise again. He walked into the alleyway this time. He realized the noise was coming from the trashcan. He peeked inside and almost dropped his meat bun.

A small baby was in the trashcan. Goku could tell it was a girl by the dirty green dress the baby wore. She had wisps of red hair and tears were falling from red eyes. The baby was a half-breed.

Goku shoved the rest of his meat bun into his mouth. He picked the small baby out of the trashcan. "What are you doing in there, Little Baby? Where's your mom and dad?"

The baby flailed her arms around. The tears had stopped falling and she eyed Goku curiously.

Goku looked around. He walked into the streets to see if anyone was looking for a lost baby. Nobody was. Goku looked down at the small baby in his arms. "Are you all alone?"

The baby gurgled. She grabbed onto the Goku's long hair and began to gnaw on it with her single tooth.

Goku frowned. He didn't know what to do. He knew he couldn't leave the baby here. It seemed likely that baby's parents had abandoned her. His face lit up. "I'll take you home with me!" His frown returned. "But I can't let the monks or Sanzo see you. Girls aren't supposed to be in the temple." He grinned. "I'll just hide you! Don't worry Little Baby, I'll take care of you!"

Goku ran back to the temple as fast as he could. He cautiously ran to the storage room and got a long woven basket to take back to his room. With great difficulty, he carried the small baby in one arm and dragged the basket with his other. He entered his room and placed the baby on the floor. He shook a finger in her face. "I'm gonna make you a bed to sleep in and then I'll go and get you some milk. That's what babies eat, right?"

The baby girl squealed and reached up to grab his finger.

Goku panicked. "No! You can't make noises like that! If you do, Sanzo and the monks will find you and they'll take you away!"

The baby girl seemed to understand what Goku said for she fell silent. She stared up at the ceiling while Goku pulled some extra sheets from his closet. She giggle quietly when Goku picked her up and placed in the sheet filled basket. She wriggled around while she tried to get comfortable.

"I'll be right back." Goku whispered as he crept out of his room. He managed to make it to the kitchen without running into anyone. He quickly poured some milk into a cup and ran out of the kitchen.

"Goku, long time no see!" a cheerfully familiar voice called.

Goku spun around, almost dropping the milk. "Hakkai! What are you doing here?" His eyes narrowed. "Is Gojyo here too?"

"Yeah, you got a problem with it, Monkey?" Gojyo sneered as he stood beside Hakkai, a bag slung over his shoulder.

Sanzo rolled his eyes. "What are you doing, Goku? You're not supposed to go in the kitchen."

Goku backed up slowly, hoping the three men wouldn't become suspicious. "Well, I was really thirsty so I wanted some milk. Now, I'm going to go drink my milk in my room." He turned and quickly ran down the hallway.

Gojyo raised an eyebrow. "Anybody else think he's up to something?"

Sanzo growled in annoyance. "Whatever the hell it is, I'm sure I'll kill him for it."

Hakkai laughed. "Why don't we go see what it is Goku is up to."

The three men made their way down the hallway. They heard angry shouts coming from the area where Goku's room was and then, Goku zipped passed them with something in his arms.

"I found her! You can't take her!"

Two monks appeared beside Sanzo. "Sanzo-sama, Goku has brought a baby into the temple!"

Sanzo groaned. He was definitely going to kill the monkey now. "Let's go find him." He muttered.

All the three had to do was follow the angry shouts of the monks. Goku was perched up in the sacred peach tree, the baby held tightly to his chest.

"Go away you stupid monks!" Goku stuck his tongue out at the angry men.

"Goku," Sanzo growled out. "get down here right now."

Goku glared at the angry priest. "No way! You're gonna take her away from me!"

"Damn right I am!" Sanzo yelled back.

"NO! I found her so I get to keep her!" Goku pouted.

Hakkai placed a hand on Sanzo's shoulder. "Let me talk to him." He said quietly. He smiled warmly up at Goku. "Goku, I'm sure her parents are very worried about her. You need to give her back to them."

Goku shook his head. "I found her in a trashcan! That means they didn't want her so I'm gonna take care of her!" Goku was startled when the baby began to cry. He glared down at the monks. "It's your fault she's crying!"

Sanzo's patience was wearing thin. "Why the hell is it crying?"

"I was trying to give her the milk but it kept spilling and then the monks walked in and started yelling and I dropped the cup and all the milk went all over the floor!" Goku said in one breath.

"Ah, she's hungry." Hakkai smiled. "Goku, bring her down and I'll help you feed her."

Goku glared suspiciously down at the group. "You aren't going to take her away from me, are you?"

Sanzo glared at the monks. "Don't touch the damn baby."

Goku cautiously made his way down, holding the small baby close to his chest. He glared at a few monks that tried to approach him. "Don't touch her!"

Hakkai stepped forward. "Let me see her, Goku. I promise, I won't let them take her away."

Goku reluctantly handed the baby over to Hakkai. He followed closely behind Hakkai with Gojyo and Sanzo following him.

Hakkai made his way to the kitchen, laughing when Sanzo slammed the door on the whining monks. Hakkai rummaged around the cabinets, frowning. He looked over at Sanzo. "Do you have any sake cups?"

"I do." Gojyo said. He put his bag down and pulled out a small sake cup.

Hakkai took it and poured a little milk into the cup. He tilted the cup up so the baby could drink. "You'll need to get some bottles so you can actually feed her."

Sanzo raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think I'm keeping her?"

Goku's eyes widened. "You promised!"

"I'm not letting a damn baby stay here!" Sanzo snapped out. "I have my hands full enough with you!"

Goku glared at Sanzo. "I'm not gonna let you take her away! She was all alone and crying when I found her! She was probably really scared! She was probably wondering why her mom and dad left her in a trashcan!"

Sanzo glowered over at the tiny baby in Hakkai's arms. There was no way he was going to let something that tiny stay here. "I don't care."

Hakkai smiled and walked over to Sanzo. He held the small baby girl out so that she and Sanzo were face to face. "You know you can't say no to that little face."

Sanzo glared at the baby girl. He hated how her big red eyes looked at him with wonder. He hated how her head was tilted cutely to the side as she absorbed her surroundings. He most definitely hated how her tiny hands began patting his cheeks and the giggle coming from the baby. Sanzo crossed his arms over his chest. "She can stay."

"Yes!" Goku grabbed the small baby and began spinning around the room with her. "Did you hear that? Sanzo says you can stay!"

"On the condition that Hakkai stays to take care of her." Sanzo added.

"What about me?" Gojyo asked.

Sanzo rolled his eyes. "Do as you please."

Gojyo snatched the baby from Goku and smiled down at her. "How are you doing? What's your name?"

Hakkai leaned against the wall. "We should think of a name for her. We can't be calling her baby for the rest of her life."

Gojyo looked down at the small baby in his arms. Her wisps of red hair were a deep red as were her eyes. They reminded him of the flowers he had try to give to his mother when he was younger. "Meika."

Goku paused for a moment to think of the name before he grinned. "I like it!" He bounded over to Gojyo and began tickling the baby's stomach. "Hello, Meika-chan! Do you like your name?"

Meika squealed and clapped her hands.

Hakkai chuckled. "Tomorrow, we'll go buy her some clothes, a bed, and some bottles."

Sanzo rubbed his temples. What had he just gotten himself into?

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