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"So, you were born from a rock?" Yanmei stared up at the bright blue sky. She was on her back in the flower field with Goku and Nataku on either side of her. She held both of their hands as the cool morning breeze rustled the flowers around them.

"Yup!" Goku exclaimed proudly. "It was close to the sun, and it was warm and bright. It was really pretty. You would've liked it, MeiMei."

Yanmei puffed her cheeks out indignantly. She turned her head to face Goku. "I hate that stupid name. Besides, I'm older than you, so it doesn't even make sense."

"I think it's cute." Nataku said softly. He quickly averted his face away from Yanmei when she twisted to look at him. He hoped she hadn't seen the faint blush on his cheeks.

Yanmei frowned at being ignored. She squeezed Nataku's hand. "Is Earth pretty?"

"Some of it is." Nataku answered after a moment. He didn't mention to Yanmei that most of Earth that he was saw was destroyed by war.

"You two are so lucky." Yanmei huffed out. "I wish I could go see Earth."

Nataku entwined his fingers with Yanmei's. "I'll take you there someday."

Yanmei's eyes immediately lit up. "Promise?"



Meika was ripped from her dream by the sound of something hitting the ground. Her eyes snapped open and she immediately sat up in her bed. She winced and placed her hand on her stomach. "Oh yeah…I got shot…" She finally looked over the edge of her bed to see what had made the noise. "Goku! Are you okay?"

Goku groaned and shakily stood up from the ground. "Meika! That was a dream, right? I didn't hurt you or anyone, right?"

"You didn't hurt me." Meika carefully climbed out of the bed she was in and went to Goku's side. "I got shot, so I don't really remember anything." She wrapped her arms around Goku's neck. "I'm glad you're okay. I was so scared that you were gonna die."

Hakkai rushed into the small shed at that moment. When he saw the two on the ground, a look of relief washed over his face. "Thank goodness both of you are awake!" He knelt down, doing his best to hide his wince of pain from Goku and Meika. "You both should still be in bed, though."

Gojyo burst in shortly afterwards. "It's about time you finally woke up." He went over and immediately scooped Meika up and put her back in her bed.

Meika looked around curiously, waiting for Sanzo to come through the door next. She nestled against Gojyo's side, but she wasn't listening to what any of the others said anymore. She kept peering around Gojyo, waiting. "Hey, where's Sanzo? Is he getting food?" The silence that met her inquiry made her stomach drop in a rather unpleasant way.

"Where's Sanzo?" Goku repeated Meika's question, a sense of urgency in his voice.

"Who knows." Gojyo shrugged nonchalantly. He tried to pull Meika back towards him, but she struggled away from his grasp. "Meika…"

"Where is he?" Meika demanded. "Where's Sanzo?"

"What do you mean 'who knows'?" Goku shouted along with Meika. "Did something happen to him? Is he okay?"

Gojyo stood up from Meika's bed. He couldn't look either Meika or Goku in the eye. "He ran off after you got attacked. He didn't do a damn thing to help." Gojyo snarled out.

Meika's ears were ringing. She couldn't hear Gojyo and Hakkai arguing back and forth. She sat on her bed, her entire body numb. Her voice finally returned to her after a moment. "So, you just left him? We have to go find him! What if he's hurt?"

"We didn't leave him." Gojyo snapped. "He walked off in the opposite direction of us. He couldn't even be bothered to help me carry the three of you. I think I heard him talking to Hazel, so he's probably with that bastard."

Meika shook her head slowly. "No…he wouldn't do that. Sanzo wouldn't leave."

"Yeah!" Goku chimed in, finally rising from the ground. "We still don't know who attacked me! Sanzo could still be in danger!"

"Like I care what happens to him!" Gojyo snarled back.

Meika glared up at Gojyo. "We have to bring him back! We went and got you back when you abandoned us!"

Gojyo flinched at the reminder. "This is different…"

"Goku, wait!" Hakkai grabbed Goku's arm and tried to stop the furious boy from leaving.

"Let me go!" Goku yanked his arm roughly away from Hakkai's grasp. He paused in shock as Hakkai fell to the ground. He looked at the bandages that had been exposed when Hakkai fell. They were wrapped around Hakkai's middle. Blood was seeping through the back. "Did I do that?" A brief flash of a fight went through Goku's mind. He had a sinking feeling he hadn't dreamed that fight at all.

Meika hopped off her bed and went straight to Hakkai's side. She brushed his hair from his pained face. "Hakkai, you should be the one still in bed…"

"That's what I told him." Gojyo grunted out.

"I went berserk again, didn't I." Goku whispered.

"It's not your fault…" Hakkai gasped out.

"Stop being nice about it!" Goku yelled. "It's my fault your hurt! I was too weak and I got hurt! When you tried to stop me, I hurt you!"

Meika didn't realize she'd started crying until Hakkai brushed some tears from her cheeks. "Let's go get Sanzo back. Everything will be okay once he's back."

"I think it's best if we leave him alone for now." Hakkai said softly. He gently pulled Meika to his side when she was about to protest. "I'm sure he has something in mind."

Meika kept her hands at her side. She finally wrapped her arms around Hakkai's neck and rested her head on his shoulder. Her heart felt like someone was twisting a dagger into it. She looked over at Goku's broken face and wondered if that was how she looked as well. While Gojyo and Hakkai began talking again, Meika went over to Goku whom was now slumped on the ground.

Goku immediately reached out and pulled Meika into a tight hug. He buried his face in her hair and took a deep, shuddering breath. "I'm so weak…I'm so useless…"

"No you aren't." Meika protested. "We'll get him back. We'll get our Sanzo back."