By Chance.

A/N: here is the next chapter. Will things keep going well Morgan and Garcia or will there be something or someone that will disturb their new happiness soon?

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Morgan and Garcia took the elevator together which wasn't really the most clever of ideas because, of course, as soon as the doors of the metal cage closed, they started kissing. If they both wanted to keep their relationship a secret a little longer, this was definitely not the way to do so. They had waited so long, that had wasted so much time to be together, now that they were they had to make up for lost time, and there was something so additive into kissing one another.

Morgan loved to kiss her; she tasted like candy to him. His baby girl was so sweet and tender to the touch he couldn't get enough of her. They needed to stop kissing right now, because the otherwise he knew he would want more if he let himself being carried away. Reluctantly Derek detached his lips from hers. A moaned of protest coming from the woman that he held in his arms.

"I know sweet cheeks, I don't want to stop either, but we have no choice if we want to keep for ourselves even just for a little while." He said when he kisses her nose.

Penelope sighed heavily knowing the man she loved had a point. "Okay, I just hope will be able to do this again soon."

"No worry, baby, we will do this again soon, I promise."

The elevator door opened then, he winked at her and exited the cage, Garcia simply smiled at her and she waited a few seconds before she stepped out of the elevator and headed to her sanctuary.

Penelope Garcia was about to open the door to enter her room the BAU unit when she heard JJ say "We have a problem."

Hotch and Rossi walked toward her as well as Reid, "what's going on?" Dave asked.

"I think I'll better show you." The blonde-haired woman told him. Aaron Hotchner frowned as he heard a hint of anxiousness creep in her voice.

Whatever the problem was, it had to be serious.

Jennifer handed the file she carried with her to Aaron. The dark-haired man took the file and turned the first few pages until he arrived at the pictures. The color drained visibly from his face. "Please, tell me the victims aren't blond?"

"They areā€¦" JJ confirmed.

"Hotch what is going on?" Reid and Rossi asked simultaneously.

He didn't answer them he just handed them the file. They both immediately, understood.

"Someone needs to tell this to Morgan." Dave said.

"We really didn't this," Reid said.

Morgan wondered what was going on. It wasn't like them to act the way they did, normally when JJ came with a file they would all go to the conference room, but now nothing Reid, Rossi, JJ and Hotch didn't say a word. Something wasn't right.

Garcia looked over at him, and his eyes told her what she already suspected: something was off. She knew them well enough now to know that this wasn't what they usually did when a new case comes up.

"Morgan in my office?"

Yes, something wasn't right. It was case related. Please not another case with kids, please.

Morgan followed Hotch without a word; he didn't look at his baby girl either because he didn't one anyone in the bureau to speculate just yet. He closed the door behind him and sat in one of the chair in front of the desk. To his surprise, Hotch came to site on the one that stood next to him. Morgan suddenly felt uneasy, a knot was forming in his stomach which meant, something wicked was coming their way and he

had the strange feeling that something was about to happen that would test their feelings for one another and he hated it.

"What's going on, Hotch?" Morgan asked him.

The man sitting in the other chair kept silent for a moment and then said. "There is something you need to know..."

"Has this anything to do with the file JJ gave you?"


"A new case?"

"Yes, but the victims..." Hotch trailed off.

"What is it about the victims, Hotch?" Morgan asked starting to get a little frustrated, why was he so hesitant to tell him what he had to? It wasn't like him at all.

"They're all spinning images of Garcia."

"What?" Morgan asked in disbelieve.

"They are Garcia look a likes."

Derek stood up, annoyed by what Aaron had just told him, he couldn't believe this, one women could like her, there was only one Penelope Garcia. He left the office and descended the steps demanding the file that Rossi held now in his hands.

"Let me see," he demanded.

Rossi looked at Hotch who nodded his head so Dave gave the file to Derek. He skipped the few first pages; he needed to see the pictures. When found them, he almost dropped everything that he held in his hands.

No, this was impossible, as he stared at the pictures his face pales, Derek suddenly felt sick, he need some air or he was going to threw up. He pushed the file back in Rossi's hands and started to run out of the building. When Morgan was outside, he leaned against the nearest wall, leans over to empty his stomach.

"Derek?" A soft very familiar voice called his name.

Morgan caught once or twice. Penelope held in by the shoulders. "Feeling better?" She helped him wipe his mouth. Morgan slowly turned into her arms to face her, his eyes shining with unshed tears.


Derek doesn't say a words, he just pulls her into a tight hug. "I love you, I love you, I love you" he tells her over and over again, as the tears he was trying to hold at bay roll down his cheeks and he gives in to his emotions and cried.

"Let it all out, sweet cheeks, it's okay, I'm here to catch you."


I promise the next chapter will be longer.