An Idle Question
'A Snape Never Forgets'
by: Ladymage Samiko


"Well?" Malfoy demanded, standing but a few feet away. If he was at all nervous, it didn't show through the arrogance.

Turia, smiling sweetly, replied, "Fuck off, Malfoy."

He scowled. "What the hell kind of answer is that, Turia?"

Her expression darkened, with more than a hint of her father in it. "You'll call me Snape, Malfoy. Nobody gave you permission to use my name. And I should think 'fuck off' is quite clear."

"Dammit, Tur— Snape," Scorpius near-shouted, "I'm in love with you!"

"So you said. But a few years ago, you also said I was 'my parents' mistake'."



scribed 4/10/09

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