Halloween Madness!

Alucard was in his room in the basement of the Hellsing manson drinking some donated blood and cleaning his two guns.

Just then he heard (with his telepathic abilities) Seras Victoria asking him to see her

"Hehe, this is going to be fun," Seras said as she pranched around Hellsing in her her new vampire costume (what else would she be?) when all of a sudden Alucard came out of a wall in front of her

"Master," Seras said

"What are you so happy about police girl? And why are you walking around in that ridiculous outfit?" Alucard asked

"It's Halloween and I was going to go out trick-or-treating for candy. I wanted to know if you wanted to join me?," Alucards feedling said

Alucard knew what Halloween was of course. Once, when Sir Integra was a small girl she asked if he'd want to go out trick-or-treating. After all what's more scary that a real life vampire? Yet as Intergra and Alucard where out Alucard mistook some other kids in costumes as monsters and almost tore their heads off, luckly Walter and Intergra stopped him before it was to late. The children he almost destroied still have nightmares about him on Halloween.

"I've had bad experiences with this holiday. Besides why are you going out? You're a vampire, you can't eat candy," Alucard said

"I know, but it's still fun. And I was going to give all my candy to some of are men, Integra, and Walter anyway Master," Seras said

Alucard was silent for a moment as he thought about police girls question.

"Please Master. You could transform into you're evil doggy self. That would make you really scary. Heck you'd probably win an award for scariest costume even," Seras said

"Let me get this straight." Alucard said "You want me to walk around the city with you as a hellhound, leaving Interga defenceless while you get a bunch of candy you can't eat. Just for fun?"

"Please," Seras said again

"Go on, go with Alucard," Walter said suddenly appearing with a bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters "I'll watch over Sir Intergra while you two are out,"

"See now you can go," Seras said

"Very well," Alucard said "Releasing Control Art Restriction to level three... level two... level one. Situation A. The Cromwell approval is now in effect. Hold release until Halloween is done,"

Just then Alucards body began to transform into his hellhound form

"Lets go police girl," Alucard (telepathically since he's a dog after all)

"Ya!" Seras said as she went out with her master for a night of fun

What sort of sillyness awaits Alucard and Seras?

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