It was getting rather late and Hallowwen was almost over (which would mean Alucard would change back to normal soon) and the vampire duo managed to get a ton of candy in that time. If it wasn't for their vampire stregth they probably wouldn't be able to lift their bags of candy off the ground, to a normal person it would be like carring a cynder block in each hand.

"Is this holiday alsmost over police girl?" Alucard asked his feedling holding a few bags of candy himself

"Yes Master," Seras said

"Hmm...It's going to end soon, and I don't think anyones really gotten into the spirit of it," Alucard said

"What do you mean Master?" Seras said

"Their isn't enough fear, just a bunch of silly fun," Alucard said

"What are you going to do?" Seras asked

"What else? I'm going to have my bit of fun this night,"

"Just don't hurt anyone Master," Seras warned

"No one will get hurt, Integra would be nagging at me nonstop if I did that," Alucard said as he began to rise up into the sky "TIME FOR YOU HUMANS TO SEE WHAT TRUE TERROR IS!"

Just then a giant red pentagram appeared over the city

"RELEASE TO LEVEL ZERO!" Alucard yelled

At that moment all of Alucards familars came of of the streets of the city, demon bats covered the clear night sky, and Alucard transformed into a huge hellhound

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN! MUWHAHAHAHA!" Alucard said as he let his own brand of terror run through the sstreets, scaring the living daylights out of anyone they saw. A few more people that night pissed and crud their pants in fear.

"Wow this is way better then last years show," some old guy said watching the event

-Meanwhile at the Helling Manson-

Walter was giving out candy to some kids when he saw the red pentagram and bats in the sky

"Sir Integra come quick! I think you'll want to see this!" Walter said

"What is it?" Integra said as she came to the door

"Look," Walter said pointing to the scary sight "I guess Alucard got into the Halloween spirit after all,"

"Relax you two nobody is getting hurt," Alucard tetpathically said to his master and friend

"Well just don't stay out to long," Interga said then went to go back inside

Yet before she could even get her foot into the building two people in a van appeared

"Hello is this where 'Seras Victoria' lives? Rick said

"We came here to give her friend his award for best costume, and his $300" Judy said

"What?" Walter and Integra said suprised

Just then Luke woke up

"Where am I?" He said Then he noticed the Hellsing Manson and the giant demon dog and bats

Luke was so freaked out he ran right out of the city and sadly ran into father Alexander Anderson (he was buying candy for the children at his orphanage) and Luke was destrioed. But look on the bright side, he made a scary decroration for the orphanage!

The End