Chapter 1: A Change of Style, Part 1

The Super Mario Show

Episode 1: A Change of Style, Part 1

It was a time of peace in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad children were playing on the fields. Goombas, Koopas, and Yoshies alike were working together to fix any damaged buildings. But that's not the subject of my story. At the Mario household, we see the red-clad plumber & his younger brother, Luigi. "Oh, momma mia," Mario said as he just woke up. "Luigi, time to wake up!" Luigi got up & changed from his nightshirt to his normal attire: A green shirt, dark blue overalls, & a green hat with a green 'L'. Mario was wearing a red hat, lighter blue overalls, & a red hat with an 'M'. Mario looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. "Luigi, I sa think we should our appearance," Mario said. "How, Big Bro?" We'll sa go to the Mushroom Botique!"


(Super Mario Bros. Theme plays)

Super Mario Brothers!

Hey, let's go watch them go down a Warp Pipe!

Super Mario Brothers!

Let's go watch them pick Mushrooms til' they're ripe!

Super Mario Brothers!

(Mario Jingle)

Mario: Here We Go!

Mario-oooooo Brothers!

Let's a Go!

Mar-rrrrio Bros!

Yoshi: Yoshi!

We can see how they save the world, again & again!

Jumping high, standing together!

They're ready to fight today!

And to top it off, they're going to make the

Villains pay!

Villains pay!

Villains pay!

(Luigi: Villains pay!)

(SMB final jingle plays)

Mario: Here we go! Here we go! Mario!

(Mario, Mario, Mario...)

Far away from Mario's house, Princess Peach's Castle, & the Mushroom Kingdom itself, the neighboring land, the Koopa Kingdom was currently plotting to kidnap Peach and destroy Mario. In Bowser's Castle, the Koopas' leader, King Bowser Koopa was plotting to kidnap Peach.

In a very stupid way.

"Okay. If I sneak behind Peach and run as fast as I can, it might work!" the Koopa King cried out.

Immediately, Bowser's youngest son & possible heir to the throne, Bowser Junior enters Bowser's study & sits on his couch.

"Uh, Dad?" Jr. asked as he scooped a mouthful of Mushroom Brand Potato Chips.


"You're an idiot."

"Silence, Jr!"

"Ya know, Dad, I don't think being evil is as cracked up as I thought it would be," Jr. said.


"Yep, I'm gonna be neutral from now on," Jr. calmly said.


"HA HA HA HA!" Bowser laughed as Jr. left the room to pack.

2 minutes later...

Jr. had entered the room once more only to see that Bowser was still laughing along with the Koopalings.

(For the record, they're Iggy, Morton Jr, Lemmy, Roy, Wendy, Larry, & Ludwig van Koopa.)

Jr. patiently waited for them to stop.

2 hours later...

Still laughing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bowser & the Koopalings cackled.

Jr. simply snorted & left the room.

"Hunh," Jr. pouted as he pushed a Goomba into a Cheep Cheep-infested pool. "I'll show them. I'll show them that neutral is the new evil."

He eventually left the entire castle & looked up into the sky. He saw a twinkle.

A shooting star. In daylight?, Jr. thought.

The star then turned into a sword & was heading for Bowser's bridge.

You can guess what happens next, right?

The "sword" slams into Bowser's bridge & speaks:


"Yeah, yeah, save it for the RPG fans," Jr. calmly said.

And Jr. was off to find a new home. But to where?

Meanwhile in Princess Peach's Castle, Toad, Yoshi, & the Princess herself were talking amongst themselves.

"Yoshi!" (Translation: The Mario Brothers are missing!)

"We know, Yoshi," Peach calmly said. "But I think it's about time we give them a break, anyway."

"Yeah, but how are we gonna protect ourselves without them!" Toad frantically said.

"Oh, Toad you act as though trouble's going to break into the castle."

And then...


Bowser Jr. had just broken into the castle.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Peach, Toad, & Yoshi screamed

"No! No!" Jr. blurted out. "I'm neutral!"

"Yoshi, Yoshi!" (Translation: Yeah right!)

"Jr.," Peach spoke. "We're gonna need some proof before we let you in the castle."

And then...


Bowser had just bombed the castle's roof.

"HAHAHA!" Bowser had laughed from his Koopa Clown Car.


Bowser then pressed a button on the Clown Car's console & had a mechanical arm appear & grab Bowser Jr.

"AAAAHHHH!" Jr. screamed as the Koopa Clown Car lifted into the sky.

Peach & co. just stood there.

Immediately, Toad spoke:

"Well this is just great, Princess! The Mario Bros. are nowhere to be seen, Jr. breaks into the castle saying he's neutral, & Bowser blows the roof off this place! HOW COULD THIS GET ANY WORSE?

And then...


A girl with orange-brown hair, a yellow & orange dress, & a dark yellow crown had walked into the castle.

Yep. It's Princess Daisy of Sarasaland. Tomboy, friend, & love interest to Luigi.

"So," Daisy began. "Any of you seen Mario or Luigi?"

Peach, Yoshi, & Toad simply stared as though the gods of luck were trying to kill them

"Princess," Toad said hoarsely.

"Yes, Toad?"

"This just got worse."

To Be Continued...

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