Idiot Intermission

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The Super Mario Show

Idiot Intermission

In the general lobby of Princess Peach's Castle, the not-so-merry band of seven known as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Bowser Jr., and Toad had assembled to discuss a matter of national security: the future of the FanFiction.

Toad was pacing back and forth, as usual, unable to do anything…as usual.

Junior was viewing this pseudo-spectacle with the attention of a fly to rotting fruit.

Meanwhile, the other five were discussing the possible causes as to why the story's production had suddenly halted. The five debated politely like civilized common folk having a spot of tea; that is to say they were arguing over it like a pack of kindergarteners.

"It a was a kidnapping!," Luigi contended against Daisy, "That's a why he doesn't a update the story!"

"Oh, stop giving him so much credit! I bet he's on TV Tropes reading about clichés no one cares about!"

"Yoshi", Peach said, "What do you think Scrappy-Fan's doing?"


"Yoshi, that's a disgusting thing to say."

It was then that Mario spoke.

"I sa know what happened to the author."

"What?", everyone exclaimed.

"It's a dark tale, with a no happy ending…"

A long time ago – no, wait - three months ago, Mario had decided to go to Scrappy-Fan's house to offer him some motivation to finish the next chapter of The Super Mario Show. He even brought flowers and chocolate for him. The author's family let him in and told Mario that Scrappy-Fan was in his room.

"Thank you very much!", Mario responded to the S-F family. He then ascended the stairs to head towards Scrappy-Fan's room. The door was closed, but Mario decided to let himself in as a surprise.

But when he opened the door, he saw something he could never unsee: Scrappy-Fan, in bed with…

Sonic fanfiction. Freaking Sonic fanfiction.

The author noticed Mario, who had caught him red-handed in his act of unfaithfulness.

"Uh, Mario this isn't what it looks like," the author said rather shakily.

Mario dropped the flowers and chocolate and left the house, repeatedly screaming "The betrayal!"

After the incident, Mario denounced Scrappy-Fan; he also didn't invite him to any of his birthday parties.

Soon, Scrappy-Fan fell into a deep depression, and soon no one heard from him again…

"That story's a load of baloney!", Daisy exclaimed.

"Mario, did you really denounce the author over Sonic fanfiction?", Peach asked.

"I'm a never letting that a hedgehog steal another fan from me!"

"Oy vey," Luigi moaned.

"Well, does a anyone have a better explanation?"

At this question, Toad stopped pacing (causing Junior to break his own trance) and turned to Mario.

"I have a better explanation."


"It all begins in a mother's basement…"

Scrappy-Fan was reading articles on TV Tropes, when he decided to go to FanFiction to finally continue work on his story. Upon reaching the site, however, he found a new section added to the site: It read "FanFiction Writers".

His curiosity getting the better of him, Scrappy-Fan clicked on the section and saw that the story at the top of the page was titled "The Scrappy-Fan92 Show". The green author raised an eyebrow at the strange title, shrugged off as a coincidence, and was about to move on to the stories below when he saw the story's author's name: Toad. Not Toad-Fan92, not Toad the Ninja, not , just Toad. The Toad.

Scrappy-Fan suddenly looked at all the numerous reviews (over 9000!) Toad's story had achieved. All of them were positive. Scrappy-Fan felt anger boiling inside as he realized that Toad had used his name (and probably his likeness) for his own gain. When Scrappy-Fan started his story, he asked the Mario gang for use of their names with the promise that he'd share all positive feedback that came with it. Toad on the other hand just took his name and expected him to sit back and let it slide.


A few hours later, at Toad's mom's basement, Toad and the children he forced, err I mean hired, to work on The Scrappy-Fan92 Show were taking a break, as Mushroom Kingdom labor laws mandated such.

"Alright, you all have five minutes 'til we work on Chapter 12: Scrappy-Fan Grows a Third Eye!"

Toad was about to crack the whip on his child slaves/employees when Scrappy-Fan92 himself busted down the basement door, with a face that said die.

Scrappy-Fan began to descend the stairs to the basement floor so he could properly give Toad a piece of his mind.

"Alright Toad, you got a lot of nerve to be…WOAH!," the angry author's tirade was cut short as he tripped over a small child. Did I mention the basement's lighting was terrible?

"Silly kid," Toad snickered, "'Woahs' are for bandicoots."

"Don't lecture me, Fungus Face! I oughta kick your bottom all the way to the parking lot outside for your dumb story!"

"Story?" Toad asked trying to maintain false innocence, "What story? I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Uhh, Mr. Toad?", one child asked, "How should we begin Chapter 12 of The Scrappy-Fan92 Show?"

Toad turned back to Scrappy-Fan, and smiled sheepishly.

"Kids you know, those crazy imaginations!"

Scrappy-Fan was not amused.

"You've got five seconds to run."

Toad skidaddled and quickly ran towards the stairs, but not before tripping over the same luckless kid.

"Oh, would you get out of the way!", Toad screamed as he ran up and fled his house.

Scrappy-Fan pursued the shady Mushroom Retainer and chased him down the neighborhood sidewalk. He extended his hands and prepared to catch Toad. He was almost there, just a few more feet…

That is until, out of the blue, a truck came in to the neighborhood made a sharp turn and successfully blocked Scrappy-Fan from Toad. Then, the truck's window rolled down revealing another Toad wearing shades.

"Get in the car, Toad!"

Toad complied and climbed into the passenger seat as the truck backed up and drove off leaving Scrappy-Fan in the dust and the car exhaust.

"See ya, sucker!", Toad taunted as the truck went off into the sunset.

Scrappy-Fan just stood on the sidewalk, seething with rage. From that day on, he refused to work on another Mario story again…

Toad finished his tall tale to the disgust of his companions.

"Toad, that story was an even bigger load of baloney!"

"Like you guys' stories make any more sense!"

"They make more sense than yours!"

"Do not!"

"Yeah they do!"

"Do not!"

"Yeah they do!"

"Do not!"

"Yeah they do!"

Meanwhile, Junior and Yoshi were conversing. Daisy took notice and, still seething from her argument with Toad, snapped at them.

"What're you lizards blabbing on about!"

"Yoshi has his own story to tell. Take it away, Egghead!"


One day, Scrappy-Fan was in his room, and then a UFO came and abducted him.

The end.

Yoshi finished his tale and walked away to get a snack.

The remaining six on the other hand were now beginning to feel hopeless about ever discovering the true fate of their sort of beloved author.

"It's a hopeless!", Luigi cried, "We'll sa never see him or hear his voice again!"

"Hey, guys."

"That annoying voice! We'll never hear it again for the rest of our…wait a minute…"

The six looked at the source of the voice, eyes wide open.

Yoshi came back into the lobby with a cupcake, and his eyes grew wide at the sight of the person they'd been looking for.

Standing tall with his flawless face, bulging muscles, and gorgeous hair, was the one, the only, the falsely described…

"SCRAPPY-FAN92!", Everyone cheered.

"Did you guys miss me?"

"No, we sa missed your writing. Where were you, Paisano?"

"I'll admit, I had a brief hiatus," Scrappy-Fan said.

"Yeah right!", Daisy yelled, "Two and a half years does a brief hiatus not make, Jerkface!"

"Okay, I can see you're all annoyed, and I'm sorry for that. But don't worry, I'll make it up to you today. Right after I read some TV Tropes!"

And with that, the author ran off to shun his responsibilities again, leaving the Mario gang with their jaws hanging open.

"We're not getting a new chapter for another two years, are we?", Peach asked.

"I said I was sorry!", came the author's voice from the distance.

S-F92: Alright guys, thanks for tolerating my extended writer's block/laziness. Here's to the next chapter!