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Someone Be My Escape

Chapter 1: The Daily Life Of A High Schooler

A low growl escaped the lips of a rather annoyed looking man as he walked through the white halls of Las Noches. His hands resting in the pockets of his pants, his posture slightly slouched. He was heading to a meeting. A meeting that would most likely annoy the hell out of him. As he entered the room and took his seat, his gaze lazily shifted around the room to the other Espada. He was number 6, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. He didn't believe that everyone higher than his number, 1-5, were stronger than he was. His gaze quickly shifted towards the door way as a figure appeared. "Looks like we're all here", stated that familiar voice of the man they all followed. He stared lazily at the man, just wanting this meeting to be over and done with as quickly as possible. He hated being in the same room with all of these pathetic Espada.

"Now we can begin", Aizen stated as he took his seat at the head of the table. His gaze shifted over his Espada, that horrible smile that would send chills down anyone' spine was plastered on his face. "I bet you're all wondering why I've gathered you here?", he watched them, knowing quite well that a few would be upset for his reasoning for this meeting, "I found a way that will further our plans and bring us one step closer into our plans". In the middle of the table a blue aura appeared in a sphere shape, now showing the image of a young 18 year old girl. "Pfft, what the fuck is this?", grunted Grimmjow, glaring at the image of the girl. "That's our power", Aizen replied. "You have to be kidding me...", Grimmjow growled lowly. "She may not look like much, but she has something that we can all use. Unfortunately it's sealed inside, and to break that seal she has to do it herself, and I doubt she would do it just because we asked", Aizen paused for a moment, resting his cheek on his hand, "So I am sending four of you to watch over her and protect her – there are others that will want what she has". Grimmjow crossed his arms, passing this by now. If there was only four of them going then he had a doubt that he was one of them. "Who are you sending, Aizen-sama...?", came Ulquiorra's voice. "Halibel, yourself, Grimmjow, and Yammy", Aizen replied. As Grimmjow heard his name he couldn't help but glare. Baby sitting a human until whatever it was they needed was sealed inside of her. He did not like this at all.

"This mission will involve the four of you to act and live the life of a human, more specifically a high schooler. This girl lives in a smaller town just off of Karakura Town, which is quite lucky for us. You will have no one who recognizes you there. You will be given a gigai so you can hide your hollow features completely and you'll blend in more. I will warn you though, if she is killed or harmed in anyway, all four of you will be held responsible and the consequences will be severe", as Aizen finished, his smile only grew as he watched some of the expressions change. Some were relieved that they hadn't been picked, and the only one who seemed to be pissed off was Grimmjow about all of this. The others knew this was a direct order from the leader and they couldn't deny his order. "You're all dismissed, you will leave as soon as possible", Aizen said before getting to his feet and leaving the meeting room. This was going to be interesting.

~In The Small Town Just Off Of Karakura Town~

"Beep. Beep.Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.". 'Annoying sound...shut up...', thought a teen as she lay under a pile of blankets. "Beep. Beep.Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.". A growl escaped her lips and she reached out and grabbed her alarm clock, smashing her hand down onto it to shut it up. She lay there for a moment longer before finally she moved and her form popped out from the mountain of covers. She glared towards the window as the sun shined it, "Stupid sun...stupid school. Why does it have to start so fucking early in the morning...?". She groaned as she climbed from the bed, scratching her back side as she headed into the kitchen of her one bedroom apartment. She poured herself some Frosted Flakes and took a seat in the living room, turning the tv on as she ate her breakfast. She starred annoyingly at the screen, looking rather bored and unamused. She was watching the news. Apparently another 'strange sighting' had occurred late last night. "Bahh, it was probably just another drunk guy walking home and hallucinating cause he was too high on dope", she growled at the tv, quickly turning it off. The news always annoyed her. She quickly finished up her cereal and headed into her room, getting changed into baggy jeans and a baggy t-shirt. Thank god her school didn't have a uniform. She would DIE.

Her name was Tamara Yachiki. She was 18 years old and lived on her own. Her parents abandoned her at some stupid orphanage when she was a baby so she never knew either of them and she didn't want to either. She had black hair that went just below her shoulders with green streaks in it. She had snake bites in her bottom lip and her ears were pierced 3 times on both ears. She didn't think of herself as 'pretty' or 'beautiful' and probably never would. She didn't care about the way she looked and if anyone tried to mess with her, they'd be sorry. She would kick their ass. She always got into fights at school, even if it was her last year there.

Mara grabbed her bag one strap bag and put it on her shoulder. The bag was lined with different patches and buttons of all sorts. She used this bag for EVERYTHING. "Fucking hate school...", she murmured as she grabbed her keys and headed out the front door, locking it and heading down the hall and out of the apartment building she lived in. She slipped her keys into the pocket of her jeans, where her wallet was also stashed, as she headed down the street. She stared lazily at the blue sky above. It was a nice day out. At least she didn't have to walk in the rain. She didn't have a car yet, which really sucked since she hated walking. She placed her hands in her pockets now as she walked, her gaze on the ground as she headed in the direction of her high school.

Mara's gaze shifted to the large building up ahead. She had finally arrived. "Let's get this boring day over with...", she murmured as she headed into the school yard. "MARA-CHAN!!", exclaimed a rather hyper sounding voice, but before she could turn and look she was glomped from behind and almost knocked to the ground. Luckily this always happened so she had learned to balance herself and was able to stay on her feet now after being glomped. "Morning Natalie...", Mara murmured as she pried the other girls arms from around her. "You're surprisingly early!", laughed the girl. Mara now faced her. Natalie was a little shorter than Mara was, and she was 5'6" which made Nat 5'4". The girl had blonde hair with pink streaks through her hair and had an odd fashion sense of wearing strange clothing that either popped out or was just different from the normal stuff. That was what Mara liked about her. She was different, just like her. "Stupid Principal said if I was late again the bastard was gunna expel me...", Mara stated, slouching slightly. "Aww, that's not good!! But I'm glad you made it early!! Come on! Everyone else is over by our tree!!", Natalie exclaimed, grabbing Tamara's arm and dragging her off into the school yard and to a rather large tree where three other people were standing. Two boys and one girl. The girl was actually Natalie's twin sister, Natasha. So they wouldn't get the twins confused, they called her Tasha instead of Nat. She had the same blonde hair, except with blue streaks and liked to wear skirts a lot, unlike Natalie who hated them. The boy who was sitting under the tree was a boy with silver white hair that was quite spiky and he had a tattoo under his eye of a snake that slithered down his cheek. He had his eyebrows pierced on both sides. His name was Zeke. The last boy, who was sitting up in the tree was actually the youngest of the bunch. The whole group besides him was 18, he was just starting out at the high school in his first year so he was only 14. But despite that, he was a pretty cool kid and he was like Mara's little brother since they both had no parents, but he did have foster ones. His name was Shiro. He had nice brown hair that was pretty long, but didn't go below his neck.

"Hey! Mara!!", Shiro exclaimed, hopping out of the tree as he saw Mara coming with Natalie. "You're early!", Tasha commented, she was just as hyper as her sister. "Ya, long story short. If I wasn't here on time the bastard was gunna expel me", she stated, letting out an annoyed sigh. The bell then rang, "God damn it...". "Aww, guess we gotta go to class", the twins stated in unison, both frowning as they all headed inside and parted ways with Shiro in the hall. It sucked that the kid couldn't skip a few grades and be in class with them. As they all now sat in their seats, which were at the very back of the room in the far corner, which was their corner and no one dared enter. That was why there was always a few empty desks around them. As the class was all talking with their friends, the dippy teacher, Mrs. Takaisuke, entered the room. "Class, please calm down, ok?", she asked, looking around. She was such a dits. All she could do was smile as she watched the class, waiting for them to quiet down, "Please, I have an announcement! We have some new students!!". As soon as she said that the class went silent. Yes, fresh meat to pick on, was what they all were thinking anyway. "Thank you. We have four new transfer students. Please come in guys and introduce yourselves", Mrs. T looked towards the door, still smiling as four people entered the room. There was a blue haired rather punky looking guy, a rather emo looking guy, a rather large man who looked too big to even fit in one of their desks, and a strange female who seemed to wear a turtle neck that covered half her face. "Please introduce yourselves!", the teacher stated. An annoyed groan came from the blue haired male as he slouched back, "Name's Grimmjow Jeagerjaques...". "Ulquiorra Schiffer", murmured the emo looking male. "Halibel", the female stated simply. "Yammy", the big guy finished, cracking his neck afterwards.

The class had been ready to throw paper balls and other items at the group, but decided against it cause that big guy was kinda scary, actually they all were a bit scary. "Alright, let's give them a welcome guys!!", exclaimed Mrs. T, but everyone was silent, "OK!!! You four can go sit....OH! Back there by Tamara, Natalie, Natasha, and Zeke, there's four desks back there". The four looked unamused as they headed towards the back of the room, exchanging quick glances with the four sitting at the back, who looked rather angry that they were invading their space. The four obviously recognized Tamara. She was their target.

Once everyone was in their seat, the teacher began her lesson, which was rather boring and annoying. Grimmjow could feel the glares of the group of four glaring at him and the other three Espada, which was really pissing him off. They were acting as if they owned the corner or something. He finally snapped and looked back at them, "Ya got a fucking staring problem?!". "No, you're just in our fucking space", retorted Tamara. "I didn't know ya owned this fucking corner, bitch", Grimmjow replied. "Bitch?!", Tamara questioned, obviously getting angry. "You heard me, bitch", Grimmjow replied, watching as Tamara got to her feet. "Ya wanna start something there buddy?!", she threatened, now standing in front of him. He stood up as well, now towering over her but she didn't seem to be intimidated by his height, "Go ahead and try and hurt me", he warned. Tamara smirked sarcastically, "You're not worth it", she turned and was about to sit back down when Grimmjow murmured something about her being a weak little bitch. That was it. She snapped. She quickly whirled around and planted a fist right to Grimmjow's face, causing his nose to bleed. "FUCKING BITCH!", he exclaimed, about to go at her until the big guy, Yammy, held him back, whispering something into his ear which no one else heard. Zeke, Nat, and Tasha were all trying to hold Tamara back from ripping Grimmjow apart. "Grimmjow!! Tamara!!", exclaimed Mrs. T, finally realizing what was going on, "There will be no fighting in my classroom! Both of you, to the office!". Tamara broke free from her friends, giving Grimmjow one last nasty look before reaching back and grabbing her bag from her desk, pushing past him and heading out of the classroom and out into the hall, heading to the place she was awfully familiar with. The office.

Grimmjow wasn't too far behind her, his hands in his pocket as he murmured a few nasty words towards her. "Remember Aizen's words...", that was what Yammy had muttered to him. Ya, like he needed to remind him, but this chick was pissing him off already. He shook his head as he walked through the halls, heading down to the first floor where the office was. This mission was a pain in the ass.

As he entered the office, he snatched a tissue from the tissue box and wiped the blood from his nose, taking a seat about 3 away from Tamara. Tamara sat there with her arms crossed as she starred ahead of herself. She didn't like being there in the office she knew so well. It just pissed her off. Her gaze moved though as someone else entered the office area. It was Shiro. He had a black eye and a fat lip as he came in and slouched down into an office chair. No one followed behind him. "Shiro?! What the hell happened?!", she questioned, uncrossing her arms and leaning towards the kid. "Isn't it obvious? Stupid kid got his ass kicked...", Grimmjow murmured, shaking his head as he received a glare from Mara before she turned her attention back on Shiro. Shiro let out a small smile, "It's ok Mara, really! I'm fine. Those guys'll never mess with me again". " mean you beat someone up?", Tamara questioned. "Ya. He was making fun of my long hair and the way I dress so I punched him in the face at first, then he punched me back a few times but I won in the end", Shiro stated, now grinning. "SHIRO!!", exclaimed a voice from a room within the office, "GET IN HERE!!". It was the principal. "That's my cue", he stated as he got to his feet and headed into the room the voice had come from. She shook her head, leaning back in her chair, "That kids gotta stop pickin' fights with the wrong people. What's he gunna do when the gang leaves here...?", she said out loud, more to herself than anyone else.

Shiro came out a few minutes later and slumped down into one of the chairs, "2 week suspension...". Before Tamara could comment the voice from the office spoke again. "Oh goody...What have you done NOW Tamara?!", her gaze shifted to the rather bald man that stood in the door way, his arms crossed as he looked at her through his glasses. "Hey, he started it", she growled, pointing to Grimmjow. "How the fuck did I start it?!", Grimmjow exclaimed, glaring at Tamara. "For one, you and your stupid friends who came with ya came and invaded my groups corner. Two, you fucking called me a bitch you fucking idiot", Tamara stated, shaking a fist at him. "ENOUGH!", the principal exclaimed, "Do I have to warn you Tamara that you will be expelled from school if this continues?! SMARTEN UP! I'll give you BOTH a 2 weeks detention starting today. You both get to spend an hour after school each week here. Failure to show up will result in more drastic measures. Do I make my self clear?". Tamara shook her head, annoyed by this, "Ya, whatever...". She got to her feet and headed back out of the office. "I'll see you two in the detention hall at 2:30!", he called as he watched Grimmjow get up and follow Tamara out.

"I can't believe this, thanks a lot idiot", she growled, glaring back at Grimmjow, who looked just as annoyed as she was. "Just shut the hell up before I shut you up", Grimmjow snarled. "Shut me up? Go ahead and try buddy!", she replied, still walking. Before she could even react though, she felt a hand grasp her arm and turn her around. She was now pinned against the lockers by Grimmjow. She still wasn't scared. "What the fuck you gunna do, huh?", she questioned, narrowing her gaze at him. "Don't test me women, I'm not a man you want to get angry. That's a warning", he stated, trying to restrain himself from hurting her. "Guess we're on the same line cause I'm not a 'women' ya wanna piss off, and that's no warning. That's a threat", she stated. That was it. Something in Grimmjow just snapped as she threatened him and he wrapped a hand around her neck, beginning to choke her as he lifted her off of the ground and to his height. "I already told you, don't fuck with me or you'll be sorry", a sadistic smirk suddenly crossed his lips, "You don't wanna see what I can do". Tamara wrapped her hands around Grimmjow's hand, trying to pry it from her neck. "Grimmjow...", came a voice, "Let her go...". Grimmjow glanced back, his smirk fading, "Hmph..", he grunted before releasing her, not even watching her as she hit the ground before turning and continuing down the hall.

Tamara coughed slightly, placing a hand around her neck. When Grimmjow was holding her up like that, his words and that smirk had scared her. She was rarely frightened, but he was able to do it. She rubbed her neck slightly, not realizing the person who had interrupted Grimmjow was still standing there. "Are you alright...?", murmured the voice, sounding unamused and like the question was just something that was to be said at a time like this. She looked up to see the emo looking transfer student, Ulquiorra, standing there. She nodded slightly before looking around but Grimmjow was no where in sight. "He already went back to class...", replied Ulquiorra to her unasked question, "It would be wise not to anger him. He has a short temper and you might end up getting hurt...". Unlike Grimmjow, Ulquiorra knew his place and knew his mission. They had to get close to her, not push her away. They were to befriend her and her friends so that it would make it easier to protect her. Even if Ulquiorra wasn't enthused by that fact that he had to make friends with a human girl, he would do it because it was an order from Aizen. He held his hand out to her to help her up. He was actually surprised when she did take the held and pulled her to her feet. His gaze then went down the hall, the usual emotionless look on his face, "Once you get to know Grimmjow, he isn't that bad. But for now, avoid fighting with him. It won't end well...", he looked back at her, "Now we should head back to class..".

As the day went by, Tamara had pushed the events of earlier out of her mind and by the end of the day it was the last thing she would be thinking about. For now, she had to wonder what task the stupid principal would have for her and Grimmjow do in detention. She pulled her bag back onto her shoulder as the bell rang, signifying school was over. She headed out of the classroom with her friends. "That sucks that you have detention!!", cried Nat, clinging on to Mara. "We were supposed to hang out!!", whined Tasha. "I know, I know. Sorry guys, but it's only an hour...we can still hang out", she pulled Nat off of her arm, "Now I gotta go, I'll see ya guys later". She parted ways with her friends by their lockers and headed off to the detention room. This was going to be fun and interesting.

"You have to learn to hold your temper...", stated Ulquiorra, crossing his arms as he looked at Grimmjow. "Pfft, that little bitch started it...", he growled, his back facing Ulquiorra and the others. "Doesn't matter who started it. Aizen will end it if you hurt her", Ulquiorra stated simply, closing his eyes, "I know how much you hate humans and I know how much you would rather not be here, but you're here so deal with it. Whether you like it or not, this is the mission you were assigned and if you don't listen, you will be sorry...". Grimmjow glared back at Ulquiorra, hearing his threat. He wanted to say something, do something to him but instead he turned away and headed down the hall, holding his tongue as he did. He had 'detention' to serve anyway, not that he really cared. Anything that human principal could do wasn't anything bad in his eyes. That man was just a weakling. But the thought of having to spend an hour for two weeks after school with humans made him angry. Why should he waste that time with humans?

~Somewhere Close By~

"Hehe! Can we grab'er now?! CAN WE?!", questioned a rather psychotic sounding boy, grinning at the high school. "Not yet. It's not time to act, and besides the Espada have shown up...", the female stated, grinning at this fact, "Let's watch them for a bit. Observe them and then we will see what he wants to do about the Espada and the girl". "Hehehehe, ok, I'll stick with killing Shinigami for now...", laughed the boy, disappearing into a black hole he had opened up, leaving the female standing there in mid air, as she stared down upon the school.

END:~Alrighty then. I know it seems to be leading towards Grimmjow right now because of all the fighting and what not with him and Tamara. But I promise there will be more Ulquiorra stuff as we go! And I wonder who this mystery women and boy were at the end? What are their plans? We'll find out soon enough. Oh, and for the voting between Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, I might have it last a while and let the two men, once they discover their feelings, fight for her xD. See ya guys next chapter!