Yeah another Bella/ Edward have a baby in school project story!

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Bella Swan is best friends with siblings Edward and Alice Cullen, Emmett Mcarthy and twins Jasper and Rosalie Hale, all have lived in Forks since they were young and all a best friends. Only couple so far is Rose and Emmett. They all are in senior year at Fork's high school and are a month of graduating. They have been giving a 4 week task to act out all skills they should have leant thoughout their time at school and now have to become responable parents.



Chapter 1

Final task

I tolerated school at the best of times, especially with they held their 'skills projects' every term. At first it was fun, when you actually have to take on adult jobs and get paid for them even living on rations to sympathise with third world countries and living in run down places had its good points, but then it just starts to seem pointless when your staring in a mock wedding and watching the football players get drunk at the mock reception and watch the mock bride make out with her mock father in law. Stupid.

In our school we have a class called 'life skills' its new and well it's meant to teach us how to deal with adult situations or help understand past and current global problems and this way we will learn to be better people and gain quality skill which will help us achieve great things in life, this was bullshit we were guiena pigs that were stupid enough to agree with this. At the end of each week we were giving a grade which will boost our chances of getting into a good college and show that we have gone above target with our educational aims so for the last two years all the now seniors have had to deal with situations and projects and graded on them accordingly.

Now we had gathered in the gym for our final project that didn't last for a week but a whole month. It was top secret but this had even the teachers up in arms. What else could they throw at us? I've struggled this hard to maintain a grade B and now with graduation was swiftly approaching and I was doomed. My best mates Alice and Edward, Emmett Mcarthy and Rosalie and Jasper Hale were already gathered in the gym, I took my seat next to them and awaited our fates.

"It can't be as bad as that living in the war week can it?" Emmett grumbled remembering the food we had to eat in the hilter days.

"That was educational, more things like that we should do. It shows our appreciation to those who fought for our country" Jasper, the history buff without a doubt born in the wrong century. His Blonde movie star looks caused him to be very popular with the females in our school but his crush on Alice blinding him from all other girls on the planet.

"I liked that task" Edward said. My best friend and worst enemy, he knows me to well for his own good. Beautiful beyond words and the reason why every teenage girl within a 100 mile radius scribbles I heart Edward on their diaries. I'm the only girl(he's mot related to) to have actually seen his bedroom and often stay there with him. I'm the envy of most the IT group, the most of Edward they get is a broom closest next to Maths.

"Only because you had a toy gun, seriously big brother grow up" Alice always loved to shoot down Edward, her older brother of 9 months exactly and so making them both seniors and Edward was the more like the baby. Alice of course has the Cullen good looks but is crazy in every sense of the word. Is in love with Jasper and has been since we were 4, I think but refuses to act on it.

"Oh I forgot about the guns" Emmett, Alice and Edward's cousin and man-child who died at the mental age of scary to look at but is the biggest girl among us, the big brother that I adopted.

"Seriously, why do I love you?" Rosalie, blonde goddess herself ,twin of Jasper and long suffering girlfriend of Emmett.

"Oh great, I think the torture is about to begin" My voice now rising to distract their soon to be verbal wrestling match. I'm Bella Swan, only child of widower and cheif of police Charlie Swan I interrupted the banter to direct the attention to Mr. Banner and Ms. James, the teaching staff about to take on this diabolical.

"Here we go!" Edward had now shuffled down to next to me and grabbed hand, resulting in Jessica "dying to be Cullen " Stanley glare at me. It was common for me and Edward to be close and cuddle almost Coupley but he's my best friend. End of.

"Welcome all seniors. This class is finally at an end. You have learnt to act as an adult in grown up situations and dealt with mature issues. Well done on the grades you've received so far. Now the finishing line is in sight things are starting to get tougher. This task will deal with all the skills you should have gained and you will be doing it in partners, the entire grade depends on this final project" The whole student body looked shocked and panicked. "Before you start pairing up, the partners have already been decided by the tutors who have evaluated each task and paired you with your 'soul mate'. Congratulations, your all parents" stepped forward to explain as everyone looked confused and slightly scared.

"You have been placed in pairs. Boy/girl of course and will act like a married couple for a month, four weeks to be exact Each couple will be given marital status, jobs and ages. This is responsibilities in it's hardest form. Week one. Conception you will each write a join essay on the dangers of unprotected sex and the reasons why a child wouldn't or would suit the life style you've been given. Week two pregnancy and birth. Each couple will have to create a mock birth plan and attend ante natal classes. Week 3 Having the baby. This will be time to 'bond' with your new baby and act like a real parent and finally Week 4 baby camp. Every will attend this camp and show the course supervisors what this course had taught you and you shall be graded on this task, grade depending on your effort, behaviour and skills. Good Luck!"

I think my mouth hit the gym floor, the was silence throughout the hall. what the hell? Parents what? You read watch this on a shitty sitcom not actually act it out! For a month? What moron have I been lumbered with? This sucks.

"Right, of course schoolwork is already down to a minimum as your graduating soon but we do expect none of you to slip behind in any classes or slack of, full attendance is expected, unless stated otherwise which in some of your cases those with jobs will be expected to attend this job one day a week. Now when I call out the names of the couples will you please come forward collect your pack and head you" Ms. James finished and the chatter around us got louder.

Mr. Banner stared reading out names of the lucky pairs and the gym started to empty

"Great I can feel Jessica's stares on my back. I don't want to be her hubby" Edward's moans made us all laugh.

"Suck it up Cullen" Jasper mock punched his arm. Edward stared around at his wishing fan club. Jasper was just as scared and all the other girls where hoping that they weren't landed with Emmett, they would have to deal with Rose and that's terrifying enough. Alice was praying for Jasper and I was praying it wasn't Mike ' I don't understand no' Newton. Never mind how much I love my friends god help the poor soul stuck with them.

"How about we practise the conception after this?" Emmett was practically humping Rosalie's knee. The rest of us grimaced and Jasper pretended not to hear his sister getting propositioned.

"Jessica Stanley" Ms. James Called in the distance, "Not me not me please not me" Edwards was crying into my hand avoiding eye contact with the girl in question "Mike Newton" She announced as Mike happily bounded to his 'wife'

"YES" Edward and I squealed at least both of them couldn't be our soul mate, I started to breathe easier.

"Isabella Swan" She called out out "Great" I muttered as I made my way down to the baby packs "And Edward Cullen" I looked at Ms. James what did she just say? Edward Cullen my husband? "Hey honey" His all to familiar voice sang in my ears.

"Congratulations Dr and Mrs. Cullen" Mr. Banner said handing us our pack. Edward grabs my hand and tugged me to the cafeteria. Not before Mr. Banner asked us to thank both our parents for supporting this task.

I was a 25 year old English teacher married to a 27 year old Doctor, we had dated since high school and lived in Chicago. We had no other children and this was our first. Edward was glowing about our status and started gloated about him being a doctor (His dream job) plus Carlisle, his dad was also a Doctor in real life so he really would get a kick out of this. In this pack contained numerous tasks and essays which need to be completed.

Charlie will be please with this task hoping that it will put me off children for life. The downside of living in such a small town is that every parent was fully involved in all things school especially Charlie chief of police himself who has fully backed this project along with the Cullen's, my new in-laws. Great no escape.

Emmett came bombarding in grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I'm a 23 year deputy police officer engaged to a 21 year old school counselor called Rosalie Hale and we live in Forks, Washington. With no other children" Rose was walked behind him glowing most likely about the fact she hasn't ended up with a horny pig and Emmett would be with someoneelse. I think they teaching staff paired them together for everyone else protection and also placing Emmett with my dad, great way to restrict his Emmettness.

"Congrats guys, happy?" I asked

"Hell yeah, now I get to work with real guns!" Charlie loves Emmett but allowing him to be near real weapons, I highly doubt this. Alice came bouncing in with a wide smile fixed on her face

"What's up with you?" Rose asked catching sight of her fit.

"I'm a 24 fashion designer married to 26 year old college lecturer" The smile alone should give away the daddy but I had to ask before she burst.

"Who's the lucky dad?"

"Jasper!" She almost screamed. Jasper came to sit by her smiling madly as well. What a pair.

The day went by quickly after lunch and I finally made it home. I dumped my bag on the kitchen table and proceeded to cook dinner, Charlie will be home earlier tonight.

"I'm home! How's the new mommy?" Charlie that smug bastard shouted through to the kitchen.

"Shut up!" I moaned to him

"So who's my lucky son in law?"

"Like you don't already know?"

"Don't be like that. It will be good practise for you and Edward" Practise? Charlie and Edwards parents are convinced that we are dating and have been since we were like 5 try convincing them otherwise and it results in marriage plans. Edward and I just laugh it off now.

"So heard you got a new deputy" I had to laugh at Emmett and Charlie side by side.

"I have to safety proof the station before he comes. I hid all the offensive weaponry" He was laughing now and the catastrophic outcome that was certain with Emmett and guns.

I went to bed early to prepare myself for tomorrow, were the fun really begins.

HiT oR mIsS?

pLeAsE rEvIeW!