An: this is my third fanfic- I've already written everything and now I'm getting them out. So this is also one of the stories I've wrote and I hope you guys like it.

Disclaimer: Not mine ( I wish). It's all Stephanie Meyer :P

My life

Have you ever felt that one day, that day would all be yours? That you will become so powerful that all your enemies in high school or college or what ever will be jealous of you? You, just a simple girl can become so big and powerful watching you on the throne day. Well to start off with, I can relate to this because from when I was a baby till now; 17 years old. I met someone. Someone so weird and obnoxious and rude and mean and disrespectful and strange and sweet and funny and cute. Yeah I know I am weird. I am a 16ars old girl, I am skinny and I am beautiful, I don't want to brag but I have to tell you all the things other tell me. I am stubborn and very will, but if you look on the bright side I am really good in basketball and I'm really friendly and very loving. So this is where it all happened. The meeting and the prince, and me, and a basketball game, everything.

Me (by the way, my name is Bella, hi) and my team. Alice, Emmet, Jake, Sam (Samina), Belinda, Lisa, Jacob, Mary, Diana, Rose, and John. We are the best basketball playing team ever. Until Jacob quits! He said that he has other better things to do and stuff. That's when the team, except, me decides to put in the prince (who goes to our high school because he wants to) in our team. I was really made and I didn't agree to this by I was voted off. The thing is that I hate him, the prince. I think that I am the only one who hates him, I don't know why. I think that he is a big show off since he's always trying to beat me at everything…and he does…sometime. Now he is here, trying out for the team. He possibly can't win this one…can he? You'll have to find out.

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