title: Job Requirements
word count: 100
fandom: Baywatch
challenge: #064 – Fun in the Sun
summary: silliness, sometimes you just don't have what it takes
author: PaBurke

disclaimer: I own nothing and gain no money from these few words

Buffy carried the exhausted kid out of the ocean. He had swum out too far and gotten caught in a riptide. Buffy had been closest and heard the plea for help. So she had swum up behind the boy, wrapped him in a headlock of sorts so he couldn't drown her, and dragged the boy against the tide and to the beach.

The red-swimsuited lifeguards had taken over from there.

"Wow," their boss told Buffy. "You want a job?"

Buffy eyed the full-figured females administering first aid. "I don't think I can fill the... shoes like those you already have."