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Chapter 18 - Daddy Daughter Time

After arguing with Alice for an hour I agreed to let her plan the wedding. If there was one. We still didn't know how we were going to keep the Volturi from killing me but no one would admit it. They were all trying to be optimistic. As I drove in the car, with the girls in the back, the moonlight glinted off the ring that now rested on my finger. It was Edwards mothers ring. The ring was classic vintage. It was made of three white stimulated diamonds and six small accent stones. It was beautiful. This all still felt like a dream to me. Everything happened so fast I didn't have enough time to process it all.

I convinced Alice to wait until we handled the Volturi situation before she set a date. I didn't want to have a wedding in panic, not knowing weather or not I would make it to the honey moon. I wanted a wedding where I could relax and be happy that im marrying the man I love. I was still kinda a little nervous about the whole wedding thing, but I kept reminding myself that this was a fairytale come true. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out to see that Gaby was calling. I flipped it open and said "Hello?" "Where are you? You've been gone so long I thought you kidnapped my daughter.""Im home now. I just pulled into the driveway." I chuckled.

"Ok, ill come help you."I said ok and flipped the phone shut. Three minutes later Gaby was pulling Sonny out of the car and reaching for her diaper bag. We carried the sleeping girls up to the loft and laid them in there beds. As I came back into the living room to sit on the couch Bailey came and jumped in my lap. I patted her fur and she licked my hands. "Ewww Bailey. Gross." I chuckled. Gaby came and sat on the couch next to me and turned on the TV. It was getting late and I remembered that I did have school tomorrow so I got up to go take a shower. "Whats that?" Gaby said looking at the ring on my finger.

I quickly hid the ring behind my back and shook my head. "Nothing." "Bella, let me see." Gaby said slowly getting up and walking towards me. I stepped back away from her but she cornered me. "Bella. Let me see it. Now." She said in a tone that reminded me of when she tells Sonny to give her whatever it is she's chewing on. I slowly pulled my hand from behind my back and held up the ring. Her eyes went wide and she grabbed my hand to examine it.

"Ir al parque para un día y volver con un novio!" She shouted. I looked at her confused and she said "You go to the park for one day and you come back with a fiancé!" I blushed so bad I thought my cheeks would catch fire. "Detalles. Ahora."I knew enough Spanish to know that she wanted details. "What do you wanna know?" I asked shyly. "Uh who is he? Do I know him?" she said as though it were obvious. "You've only saw him once. He wasn't in a good mood then." I waited for her to catch on. When she did her eyes went wide and she said "Su matrimonio con el padre del niña!"(Your marrying your child's father!) "Gaby for the last time, speak English, and stop shouting your gonna wake the girls."

"Yesterday he looked like he wanted to kill someone and today he proposes. Should I be concerned." I laughed and said "No. Its ok. Yesterday wasn't such a good day for him." She looked at me and said "Im guessing he knows about Emmie." I nodded my head and she smiled. "Are you happy Bella?" I nodded, taken aback by the question. "Then I want you to stay that way. Just make sure this is what you really want." I smiled and said "This is all I want." "Then im happy for you, now go take a shower, you stink." she said scrunching up her nose. I laughed and turned around. Once I turned around I heard her mumble something in Spanish "No puedo creer que esa chica. Lo que en el mundo es que el pensamiento."(I cannot believe that girl. What in the world is she thinking.)

I hated when she did that. I almost never understand her. I took a hot shower and prepared myself for school tomorrow. It seemed like a million years ago since I last went. With everything going on I doubt if ill be able to concentrate. I couldn't get to sleep that night. My eyes kept wandering to the ring on my finger. I really hope I get to be a wife to Edward. I just got him back and I fell like im gonna lose him all over again. I heard a soft knock on my window and was surprised to see Edward sitting there. I hurriedly ran over to my window and opened it to let him in.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered as he made his way into my room.

I closed the window behind him and turned around to see him sitting casually at the end of my bed. I walked over and sat down next to him. He looked up at me and smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Whats wrong?" I asked him. He looked at me and shook his head. "Edward I may not have seen you for two years but I still know when something's bothering you." He sighed and said "Why didn't you tell me Bella? About Emmie." I felt my heart start racing and im sure he could hear it but made know attention to it. I didn't know what to say to him. I took a deep breath and said the only thing that came to my mind.

"I was scared." I mumbled under my breath, sure that he would hear me. "Of what?" He asked. I sighed and chocked back the tears that were ready to come. Id realized how stupid I was to doubt Edward and his family and that only made me feel worse about myself. "Its complicated." I whispered. "I can keep up." he said. I looked him in the eyes, finally letting the tears spill over and said. "After you left, I started having….nightmares…..about you. You would take Emmie from me....and tell me how I wasn't fit to be a mother to your child. You told me that Emmie needed someone who….understood….what she was and could help herunderstand what she was. I guess I was scared and I stupidly let myself believe that what I dreamt would come true and I would never see my child again."

I wiped the tears away and looked at the ground ashamed of myself. I couldn't bring myself to look at him, afraid that if I looked at him I would see the disgust in his eyes. More tears fell from my face and a sob broke from my body. I felt the familiar cold, hard arms wrap around me and I cried more. "I would never do that to you Bella. I would nevertake Emma away from you. She's your daughter. You don't have to be afraid of me Bella. I wont hurt you. Ever again. And I wont hurt Emma. Ever. Both of you are my life now." Hearing the words that I always, deep down knew were true but didn't wantto admit was incredible. I leaned into his side and rested my head against his shoulder and whispered "I'm sorry. For everything."

He kissed the top of my head and said "Me too." I don't know how long we stayed like that. It could have been five minutes or five hours. I didn't care either. Soon he pulled away and said "Tell me about her." I smiled and said "What do you wanna know?" He shrugged his shoulders and said "Everything." "Well, she's outgoing. She loves to meet knew people, and she'salwaysgetting into trouble. I remember this one time, she just learned how to crawl. We let Emmett baby-sit that day. I dropped her and Sonny off at Em and Roses and I went to school. Like three hours later Emmett calls, so I answer. He's like panicking. At first I was scared. I thought he lost them or something. So I finally get him to calm down and tell me what happened. We really should have taught Emmett that six month olds do not know how to make homemade pancakes. When I got there, the place was a mess. There was flour all over the place. Em begged me to help clean up and not tell Rose. I started cleaning the kitchen and told Em to give the girls a bath. Big mistake. It was his first time giving the girls a bath and he came out soaked. It was hilarious."

I laughed at the memory. Of course Rose found out and Emmett got in so much trouble. Edward smiled but again I could tell something was on his mind. "Whats wrong?" I asked again. "I just cant believe I've missed so much time." He said. "Its not your fault. I should have told you." "Its not like you could have. I changed all our numbers and we were hallway across the country." I was about to protest when I heard Emmie start crying through the baby monitor. I looked at Edward and said "Come with me." I took him by the hand and lead him into the nursery. I made sure to be quiet so not to wake up Sonny. I walked over to Emmie's crib and picked her up.

"Whats wrong butterfly?" I said as she put her head in the hollow of my neck and I rested mine on top of hers. Edward was staring at us with a huge smile across his face. "Wanna put her to bed?" I asked handing her to him. He took her in his arms and rocked her back and forth. "She likes the rocking chair." I said motioning to the wooden rocking chair in the corner. He walked over to it and sat down. I followed him and knelt by his side. The look he had on his face was one of pure adoration.

He rocked her back and forth and watched as her tiny eyes drooped and finally closed. "She's beautiful." He mumbled to himself. I smiled at the sight of the two most important people in my life. Again, for the second time that day, I felt that things were going to be just fine. "She's dreaming." Edward said catching my attention. I totally forgot that he could read minds. "She is? About what?" I asked surprised. "Nothing that would make sense." he chuckled to himself, never taking his eyes off her. "Mostly you." He said looking at me and smiling.

"She dreams of you singing to her." he said. I rested my hand on top her head and placed a small kiss on her forehead. "What else does she dream about?" I asked curiously. "Faces keep popping up. Yours, Roses, Em's, Sonja's, your dads, Gabrielle…mine." He said the last word proudly. "Who wouldn't dream about you?" I said smiling. "You had nightmares remember." He chuckled. I glared at him but it didn't last long because that crooked smile I loved so much made me smile non stop. "I wish I could have been there more." he sighed. I was just about to apologize again when he cut me off. "Don't say sorry again. Its not your fault."

I watched him rock Emmie back and forth for awhile. It was the most adorable scene ever. Eventually Edward had to put Emmie back down in her crib so she could sleep better. Very reluctantly he laid her back down. "Come on. I wanna show you something." I said coming up behind him. He took my hand and I lead him back into my room. He sat down on my bed and I went in my closet to get something. I reached for the big pink book and brought it over to Edward. I sat down next to him and said "Rose and Emmett made it. It's a photo album of this whole year."I handed him the pink book and he flipped it open. The first image to reach his eyes was the first picture ever taken of Emmie. It was of me and Emmie after we got cleaned up at the hospital. Mrs. Mary took the picture. He flipped the page and saw the first day we brought Emmie and Sonny home. I was sitting on the couch holding Emmie. Angie and Ben were next to me taking turns making baby sounds and pinching her cheeks. She didn't like that.

Edward flipped through the pages and saw pictures of her first bath, her first feeding, her first night sleeping in her crib, when she said her first word, when she started to crawl, and when she started to walk. There were a few blank pages at the back for me to put pictures of the party in there. I knew he could have been done with the album in two seconds if he wanted to but he was taking his time. He wasn't talking, just looking. The silence was easy, comfortable.

I lost track of time. When I was with Edward that wasn't important anymore. Eventually Edward finished the book. "I should go." He said pulling me close to him. "You don't have to." I mumbled, half falling asleep. "You need your rest." He whispered. "No I don't." I mumbled. "You have school tomorrow." "I wont go." He chuckled and said "Good night Bella." "Good night Edward." I said not fighting the sleep anymore. "I love you Bella." I smiled and said "I love you Edward." before finally letting the darkness over power me.

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