Alluring Sheldon Jeffrey Sands

Disclaimer: I do NOT own OUATIM or Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands. A/N: This is a poem describing Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands. FYI: This is LONG BEFORE Sheldon's eyes got drilled out. Savvy? SQEE!!!! Genre: Poetry

Alluring Sheldon Jeffrey Sands.

He has soft velvety skin, a slender body, and has the scent of black raspberry vanilla and gunsmoke.

He has soft shoulder-length dark brown hair and adorable ears.

He has a cute nose and lovely eyebrows overtop of beautifully intense dark coffee brown eyes that seem to notice every secret and captivate and intrigue you.

He has a cupid's bow shaped mouth with rose petal soft lips that taste like brown sugar, tequila with lime and puerco pibil.

He has broad shoulders, delicately strong arms and hands, sexy swaying slender hips, and long legs.

He has perfect aim, intelligence, and humor.

Sheldon Jeffrey Sands: The Most Intriguing CIA Agent in all 50 states in the USA.

"Can you dig it?" –Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands (Johnny Depp, OUATIM)