Gotham Ghost

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters. I'm odd, there is just no other excuse

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: Season One of Supernatural. Just know what happens to each of the Robins in the Batman canon.

Word Count: 500

"Dude," Dean Winchester complained. "I thought there was a Robin running around the city. Wasn't it on the radio when we drove in?"

Sam filtered through the newspaper clippings and the blurred photos. "I'm guessing that the name and costume remain the same and the person changes."

"And this Robin died and now is haunting the entire city?"

"His poltergeisting is scaring the hell out of the criminals, making them turn themselves in in droves." Sam was still shaking his head at the realization. "They all claim the same thing, that Robin came in and threatened to haunt them until they told the cops the truth."

"That's cool, but how long until he starts killing them?" Dean checked the sights on his handgun. "And how the hell are we going to track him down? He haunts the whole freakin' city."

"We need to figure out who he was, which in turn, will tell us where he's buried."

"Good luck with that," a new voice told them. The brothers turned to see a young kid sitting on the table, swinging his legs back and forth. He was dressed in the Robin's 'uniform.'

Dean tossed a salt cartridge at the figure. Robin blurred and dodged it. "That wasn't nice."

Dean picked up the shotgun. "This is what's not nice…"

Sam laid a hand on Dean's shoulder. "Don't you want to rest? What's left for you here?"

The boy laughed (How young had he been when he died?). "Are you kidding? This is fun. I couldn't scare them really when I breathing, that was Batman's job. Now, I'm getting close to getting more bad guys incarcerated now than when I was alive."

"Dude, don't you want to get out of the tights?"

Robin sighed and looked down. "Yeah, someday." The boy smiled at them again. "If you really want to beat your head against the wall to find my grave, go ahead. I am not worried about you. If I get out of hand, Batman will salt and burn my bones."

Robin stood on the table, pulled something out of his belt and aimed it. Then he was sailing upwards toward a window and he was gone.

Dean turned to Sam. "Can you find him?"

Sam looked over his notes in dismay. "I'm not sure. It'll take a while. Are you thinking about leaving without finishing the job?"

Dean shrugged. "If he was telling the truth about Batman…"

A black blur had both Winchesters diving for their guns. A thunk sounded on the table. They peeked out from their hiding places. A 'Baterang' was imbedded on the table with a note. Dean, always preferring to take the risks as opposed to letting Sam, stood and reached for it first.

The note was simple: 'He was.'

Dean looked into the rafters of the abandoned building. He glimpsed a bit of a black cape leaving by the same window as the ghost Robin. "I guess we should pack it up. Gotham had its own protectors."