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Epilogue: The World Notified

She gathered the stuff around her – a bottle of mineral water and a dazzling scrap of silver metal that transcended all other precious metals at that time. The family had been offered large amounts in exchange for it – gundanium, it was called – but Usagi had turned down every offer, insisting on keeping it.

"Are you sure about this? You're only going to get hurt more, Usagi," Hotaru questioned softly.

"Don't worry, Hota. I've gotten over it. I just need to make sure … that he's still all right."

Hotaru blinked, confused. "But don't you write everything that happens in his life? Don't you know how he's doing?"

Usagi smiled and shook her head. "I don't control them, y'know. They are their own people."

"Well … hurry back."

The blonde nodded and gently poured the clear water onto bright metal.


The grass felt cool and pleasant under her before she quickly stood up and wondered where she was. In the distance, she saw Quatre's mansion and grinned, running towards it like a love-struck schoolgirl. She paused at the greenhouse and glanced in, almost laughing at the sight of perfect rose bushes planted around a few that were still half-torn and a sign that read in bold letters: Wufeis and Trowas will be shot if seen in this area at any time of day and in all seasons.

Usagi hurried towards the front door and, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, rang the doorbell.

"Miss Usagi!" Rashid greeted her cheerfully, enveloping her in a fierce hug before leading her in and ringing for the "little master of the house and his friends".

"What is it, Ra-Usagi!" Quatre's face broke into a smile as he ran to her and hugged her. Trowa, Duo, Wufei, and even Relena followed in suit. She laughed and joked with each of them before finally turning to the last person to descend the stairs.

"How're you doing, Hiiro?" Everybody was silent as they watched the exchange of greetings.

"Usagi … what are you doing here?"

"Just paying you all a visit." She grinned brightly but knew he was disappointed – he had believed that she was here for good. "I've already finished planning the ending of Gundam Wing and I can promise all of you that it ends happily."

"What's your definition of 'happily'?" Duo questioned warily. Usagi laughed.

"Usagi … stay." The relaxed atmosphere was quickly broken by Hiiro's soft plea. He reached out for her but she quickly backed away.

"I can't, Hiiro. I don't belong here, just like you don't belong in my world." Silence ensued before she smiled. "I should probably go now. Goodbye all of you. Your lives will all be great."

She walked away and disappeared in a flash of light. Every eye turned to Hiiro to gauge his reaction. Oddly enough, he smiled.


"Sheesh, Usagi! I still can't believe your stay in Gundam Wing took almost two years off of your life! I'm almost as old as you!"

"What, Shingo? Don't want to be an old geezer like me?" she joked back.

"Of course not!" The three, Minako, Usagi, and Shingo, walked together compatibly along the campus sidewalk. There were rows and rows of cherry blossom trees all the way to the college as other students surrounded them, some studying and some talking.

"So this is what college is like, huh? What a rush!" Usagi laughed and skipped ahead before turning back and grinning.

"Usagi! People are starting to stare!" Minako teased.

"Oh, Usa! I just met a guy yesterday. He wanted to meet you. Said something about searching for you all of his life…" Shingo pondered it. "I wrote if off as romantic crap. But hey! Here he comes right now!"

Wide, curious blue eyes turned around and widened even more as the man halted three feet in front of her and smiled.

Dark brown strands swept and played in front of wondrous blue in the breeze as a shower of pink petals waltzed around them.

Usagi's hands reached up to cover her mouth as her eyes flooded with tears.

The smile on his face became tender as two words escaped in the distance between them: "Finally … finally…"


The Tokyo Informer Page A2, top, right-hand corner

TOKYO, JAPAN. Today, manga artist Tsukino Usagi and publisher Luna Tsuki announced the conclusion of another brilliant manga. One might recall back to Gundam Wing, which was finished only a year prior to this. When asked how she could finish an entire series so quickly, Miss Tsukino smiled and replied, "It helps to have inspiration."

On May 17, 2012, Tsukino's much-celebrated manga, Fushigi Yugi, was completed. The artist is in the middle of creating an anime for this spectacular piece of art as fans wait impatiently for its release date – May 30.

Fushigi Yugi tells the story of junior high schoolgirls Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo as they are sucked into the ancient text: Shi Jen Ten Shou and find adventure, betrayal, and love among its characters. As Miaka and Yui race each other to gather their respective items to call upon the gods, love flowers between Tamahome and Miaka. However, we soon learn that Tamahome has no chance of surviving in the real world. The manga ends happily despite the heartbreak the reader suffers several times through the book as Tsukino displays yet again her knack for sentimental and powerful scenes. Needless to say, Tamahome and Miaka end up together, happily ever after.

"It correlates with something I've personally experienced in my life," Miss Tsukino explained when asked where the idea for Fushigi Yugi had come from. Fans have speculated that Miss Tsukino's "Tamahome" is indeed Mr. Heero Yuy. Just this past spring, Mr. Yuy and Miss Tsukino were officially engaged. The wedding is set in late August and promises to be spectacular as all renowned designers and planners were hired by the illustrious Tsukino family.

While the making of an animated Fushigi Yugi is still going on, Miss Tsukino has enlisted the help of her fiancé in a new work that she calls Ayashi no Ceres as well as the continuation of Fushigi Yuugi (OVAs). Check it out, fans – it promises to be another show of fireworks.

Rei Hino


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