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Teal'c watched as his team mates spread out to do re-con on the bustling village, more accurately he watched Vala watch the team. He watched her watch Cam look for any military threat and saw her gaze at Sam as she did a scan for any unusual energy readings that could prove useful. He followed her as her eyes travelled to Daniel; he was talking to a local man about something he was holding in his hand. He saw the struggle in her eyes as she tried to tear herself away.

When her eyes locked with his from her place on the other side of the town square he knew what she was planning to do. He gave her the slightest of nods, knowing there was nothing he could do, nothing any of them could do, to stop her. She held his gaze a moment longer before returning the nod and turning on her heel.

Teal'c watched as she turned her back and melted into the crowd as if she had never been there at all, like he had simply been staring at a phantom. He mused on that thought for a second. In many ways they had all been looking at the ghost of Vala for a while now, a phantom that replaced the vibrant woman they had all grown to love.

He didn't alert the others, didn't chase after her and try to reason with her. He knew why she was doing this, why she had to do this. Teal'c kept silent and returned to watching the other members of SG1. For now at least he could protect them, let them have these last few hours of happiness before the world would come crashing down.


It was 2 hours later when Cam found her SGC clothes neatly folded in a bundle, along with her weapon, next to the DHD. Placed neatly on top of them was a small note penned in Vala's spidery script.

It simply read "I'm sorry."