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In this Tali is all grown up and looking back at her life.


A is for Adria. The little sister who annoys her at times to no end but who she loves the way only an older sister can. They fight and argue and drive each other up the wall but in the end it doesn't matter, their sisters.

B is for Ba'al. She knows he's her 'father' but Daniel will always be her dad. When she was 16 she learned exactly what had brought her and her mother here to Earth, she doesn't think she'll ever hate anyone as much as she does her 'father'.

C is for Cameron. Cam made her sick when she was 5 by giving her some of his macaroons, it had made Sam laugh so much juice had come out her nose. She got to be the flower girl at his and Carolyn's wedding and her mother claims she's never looked sweeter than she did in that dress.

D is for Dad. Daniel may not be her 'father' but he's definitely her dad. He was the one she ran to when she cut her knees and was the one to teach her how to ride her bike. He was there at her college graduation and at her wedding, he was there waiting the first time she came home drunk as a teenager and he was there when her first boyfriend broke her heart. As her mother always said "Family's too important to be left to biology" Daniel might not be her biological father, but he's the one she's always called Daddy.

E is for Earth. It's the only home she can truly remember and the only planet she thinks could earn the name.

F is for fighting. Her parents fight all the time, there's never anything sinister or bad about it, it's just who they are. Some of her earliest memories are of her parents fighting over the breakfast table, smiles plastered to their faces.

G is for "General No". Growing up General Landry was in charge of the SGC and at times she and her siblings visited it, when Aria was 2 and just learning to talk she had called Landry "Genral No" after he had refused them something she now can't remember. The name stuck and now, 30 years later, it's still what they call him.

H is for home. The large 4 bedroom house that her parents still live in will always be home to her. There are marks by the kitchen door showing how she grew and there's a stain on the carpet under the book case in the family room which she hopes her mother never finds. The tree in the back yard still has the tree house in it that she and Adria built with their dad and 'uncles', it's their children who now play in it but every Christmas when there home for the holidays Tali and Adria still go up and sit in it.

I is for Ima. There is so much in that one word, Ima, her mother. Her Ima is the woman she aspires to be. Her dad says she gets more like her every day and one of these days it's going to kill him but there's always so much pride in his eyes when he says it. It was her mother who talked her father into letting her start to date at 16 and it was her that held her as she cried when it all went wrong. When she told her that she was getting married her mother had threw her hands in the air and exclaimed "where did I go wrong with you!" but there was a smile on her face and she had laughed while she hugged her close. She had sobbed at the wedding.

J is for Jack. Growing up Jack was always her partner in crime. He's her dad's best friend but it's her mother he sides with in an argument, simply because the threat of never having cake again has never gone away.

K is for Kleptomaniac. It's what her father affectionate refers to her mother as when she steals something from him. She says it's to 'keep her skills up' and he says it's 'drive him crazy'. She does it at least once a week.

L is for love. She doesn't think she's ever seen two people who love each other the way her parents do. She grew up hearing the story of their love being played out across the stars, and several galaxies, and dreamed that one day someone would love her like that. When she met her husband she learned that there are many different kinds of love, theirs may not be the epic love story that her mother now tells to her own children but it's no less strong and no less deep.

M is for Malachi, her baby brother. It's fair to say that she and Adria picked on him growing up and he had tormented them in return but he was still her little brother and she made sure that no one but her ever picked on him. He's the double of their father and even after all this time she still envies him a little for it.

N is for Naquadah. Like her mother and Sam she has it running through her veins. Neither of her siblings has inherited it so she can only guess it's something she got from her 'father'. Over the years she's seen both her mother and Sam use a hand devise on people and it's not something she ever wants to try for herself.

O is for Orici. It's what Adria was in her 'past life'. Adria had found out about it all when she was 18 after she had started to have nightmares about it. Tali's pretty sure that if they hadn't heard their mother screaming at the Ancients, via the ceiling, they would never have found out. Adria took the news hard and it was a long time before she returned to the bright and out going little sister that Tali loves so much.

P is for Pirates. They never heard normal stories as children, the stories they heard were always about her parents going off to some far corner of the galaxy and getting into trouble. Her favourite stories where the ones her mother would tell about being a 'space pirate', always hunting for treasure and having an adventure. It wasn't until she was much older that she understood exactly what that life had cost her mother.

Q is for quiet time. Growing up their house was always full of noise. It didn't matter if it was her parent's joyful banter, or music, or her and her sibling playing and laughing, there was always noise. Apart from during the quiet time she and her dad would spend in his office on a Sunday morning before everyone else woke. Her dad had a special way of wrapping the silence around them like a comfortable blanket and together they would simply sit and enjoy it. Some of her best childhood memories are of sitting on his lap in that silence.

R is for Ryan. She met him when she was 23 and two years later they where married. She can still remember, and laugh, at the look on his face when her dad and 'uncles' interrogated him and warned him about what would happen if he broke her heart. They needn't have worried, she knows the only thing he'll ever love more than her is their children.

S is for Sam. Sam's her Ima's best friend and the smartest person she ever met. Sam was the one who helped her with her science projects and who taught her to change out the engine in a car. When her daughter was born and Tali looked at those big blue eyes and her blonde hair, which she got from her father, she had known she had to call the baby Samantha. It's a name her daughter has grown into well.

T is for Teal'c. Teal'c was the one person her mother trusted when she had sent her to Earth. To her he'll always be her protector and to him she'll always be the 3 year old who called him "Captain Bubble Beard".

U is for unending. Her mother never finishes a story with the words 'the end.' She always says that nothing ever ends, that people simply come and go in the telling of a story. It's only now that she realises how true this is, now that she has her own stories to tell her own children, stories that continue on from the ones her mother told her as a child.

V is for violence. She remembers very little of her life before she came to Earth but what she does remember is the violence with which her father treated her mother. Even at that young age the sight of her mother's battered body was permanently seared into her memory.

W is for Wonko. Her whole family is completely wonko but she really wouldn't want them any other way.

X is for xenomaniac. It's the word her mother throws back at her father when he calls her a kleptomaniac. When she was 7 she looked it up in the dictionary and found it meant someone with an obsession for different cultures and customs. She's yet to hear a word since that describes her dad so well.

Y is for Yale. She can't remember her father being more proud of her than the day she graduated from Yale University with a degree in languages. It was because of him she had begun to study them and it is because of him that she now teaches them to others.

Z is for Zat guns. When she was 14 she accidentally shot Cam with a Zat that was in her father's office. It was 45 minuets before her hands stopped shaking and she stopped crying, convinced she had irreparably hurt him despite the fact he was the one holding her and trying to calm her down. She's never touched one since.