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Written for the HPCF challenge, Past, Present, Future.


1) Past - Millie

Muggles were prominent in her past. Until the age of eleven, she would spend every summer at her Muggle Grandmother's house. There, she lazed on the beach on the sunny days, and walked through the village on the wet days. And she was never alone.

"Millie! Come on, you've gotta see this!"

She lay on the beach, squinting up at the weak Sun. Hardly anyone was around.

"Hey, if you don't come here, I won't be your friend anymore."

Arfon used the same threat every time. Millie grinned at the cloudy sky. It was nice to know where she stood. Nice to have the same, dependable friend.

"Millie, please." The boy appeared, tugging on her arm. "It's no fun if I can't show you."

She let herself be pulled up and together they walked to see the cave. She had seen it before and so had he. He had just wanted her to get up.

"You're horrible," she grunted.

"Yep," he laughed. "But you like me anyway."

She smiled unwillingly. "Yeah."

He suddenly moved towards her and briefly touched his lips to hers. She blushed furiously, wiping her lips. "What was that?"

He shrugged. "Promise me something, Millie."

"Not after that!"

"Promise me you'll stay in touch when you go off to school."

"Promise not to kiss me again?"



One promise was kept. One was broken.