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3) Future – Millicent

In the future, she will be with a mix of people. She will not be academic enough for most jobs but she will easily land a job in the Muggle Relations department.

When she is twenty-three, she will return to the small village of her childhood summers. Everything will be different.

The house will have new people living in it. It will be red instead of blue.

The beach will have benches for people to eat their lunches on. The cave will be blocked in.

The village will have new shops. No one will recognise her when she buys an ice-cream.

"Excuse me," a voice will say when she stands on the beach.

"Sorry." She will move out of the way.

The man will look at her. "Thanks."

She will nod, her throat suddenly tight.

She will realise just how much she missed Arfon over the years. Even though their friendship was one of children. Even though it will have been twelve years.

She will open her mouth to tell him. She will close it.

"Were you going to say something?" he will ask.

"I thought…it's a nice day."

He will look bemused. "Yes, it is."

"That's all."

He will smile. "Okay. Nice to meet you…"

"Millicent," she will fill in for him.

"Arfon," he will reply, a flicker of realisation flashing across his face.

"I should go,"

"Me too."

He will walk away in his intended direction. She will leave in the opposite direction.

"Bye, Arfon," she will call out suddenly. He will turn around.

"Bye, Millicent," he will call back in his teasing voice.

She will hesitate and look at him. He will do the same.

Nothing will happen.

He will carry on walking and Millicent will slowly head back the way she came. Because Millie was the happy child who was friends with Arfon. Not Millicent.

She will keep looking for him during the rest of her stay. Because Bulstrode was the terrified teenager who ignored him and pretended to hate him. Not Millicent.

When she finally finds him, she will merely smile at him before walking away. Because Millicent will be the understanding adult who knows when she has messed things up so much that she cannot possibly repair them.

It will be this new identity that will hurt her most of all. Because she allowed herself to have expectations. And she will know that it was her who stopped them from becoming reality.