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She gently lowered herself to the stone bench. Her blue robes, that fell to her feet, billowed out around her ankles as she sat down. They were rimmed with white fur, tinted brown lightly by being tracked through the mud and dirt. Her hair was long, falling below her waist, and curled. It was a sweet chocolate brown and pulled back into a loose-falling ponytail. She had tanned olive colored skin and crystal blue eyes that shimmered in the falling rain.

Rain never bothered the waterbender. In fact, she thrived on it. Whenever it was raining, she could be found amongst the droplets, enjoying the water. She acted young and carefree – especially in the rain – despite her aging body.

The bench she sat on was on a rocky overhang, looking out upon the ocean. It was a small cobblestoned circular clearing, with just the bench in the center. A great weeping willow hung over the small clearing, it's branches and leaves almost falling into a curtain. There were a lot of bushes and flowers that sprung up around it, too. They were all sorts of colors and fragrances. It sat just outside the fire-nation castle. She remembered the firelord calling it his "peaceful spot".

The woman sighed heavily, partially in hurt, and partially in relief. It was almost as though a burden was about to be lifted off her shoulders. But also as though another one replaced it.

Just then, a figure in red and golden robes with a black, hooded clock draped over them, approached her from behind. His shoulders were hunched and hands were folded as he tried to hide from the rain. He shook the water from his shoulders as he ducked under the willow's branches, shielding him from most of the rain. He removed his hood and walked up behind the woman, who hadn't noticed his presence yet. He put a hand on her shoulder and her head shot around to look at him.

She noticed the familiar face, even though it had aged greatly in the years. That scar on the left side of his face was too familiar for her to forget, and those golden eyes were too dashing to not remember. She smiled up at him. "Zuko..." she said softly.

He smiled back and sat down on the bench next to her. His hand fell from her shoulder when he did so. "How are you Katara?" he asked gently.

She continued to gaze at his face for a long time. He looked much younger than his almost forty years of age. He was still just sixteen in her eyes. She finally found the words to speak. "I'm better now," she said, reaching up to his face and touching his scar lightly.

He suddenly had a flashback to the catacombs when they were just teenagers. The first time the two had bonded at all, when Katara realized that maybe Zuko wasn't as bad as she thought he was. She touched his face the same way now as she did back then.

"I missed you Zuko," she said tenderly. "It's been too long."

Zuko reached up and twirled a loose strand of her luscious brown curls in his fingers. "I missed you too, Katara." Then he paused. He stopped twirling her hair and looked straight into her eyes. His gaze was soft and tender, unlike anything Katara had ever seen in his eyes before. "But I promised to wait for you forever, and that's what I've done."

Warm tears began welling up behind Katara's eyes and made them glisten even more. "We're together now," she said assuredly. "But it hasn't been forever yet."

Zuko grinned and Katara could see the wrinkles on his aging face more visibly. She wondered if he could see them on her face, too.

Then she took her hand and ran it up through his long black hair, which was fallen around his face. He'd taken the pronged, golden crown of the firelord out of his hair and took his ponytail out. It was a little longer than when they were teenagers, so it framed his face in almost the same way. She ran her hands through his slick black hair that she loved so much, then her hands fell to her lap. Zuko took them in his own and Katara turned her gaze to the sea.

There was a small boat bobbing with the waves. It had beige sails and was tied to a small dock just below the overhang they were sitting on. "Is that it?" she asked him.

Zuko looked over. He stayed silent for a moment, staring at the small boat as well. "Yes, it is." Then he turned back to Katara. "Are you sure you wanna do this, Katara?"

Her head snapped back to look at him. Her big blue eyes were shimmered with certainty. "I'm sure. I love you, Zuko. I've been waiting for this day for almost sixteen years."

Zuko paused. Then a small smile crept across his lips. "What of Aang? And what of your child?"

Katara grinned rather sullenly at the thought of her family. "Aang is aging and deeply involved in his teaching. It seems to be all we talk about anymore. And Tenzin is almost of age; me and Aang were married at his age. He has learned airbending from his father and is also deeply involved in Aang's school." She paused. "I'm sure this is what I want, Zuko."

He smiled. She was right what she'd said about him nearly sixteen years ago at that party. The years had made him soft. He was a gentler human being now. He was a gentler human being since he joined the Gaang and met Katara. She brought out the good in him, she brought out his passion. She literally was his better half.

Katara suddenly stood up, taking his hands up with her. She pulled him from his seat on the bench and smiled broadly at him. She pulled him close and wrapped her arms around his neck. She put her nose against his and gave him an eskimo-kiss, and he put his arms around her waist gently. "Take me there," she whispered before leaning up and kissing him.

It was their first kiss in almost sixteen years... It was the kiss that sent sparks flying. The kiss that set everything in motion. It was the most tender, passionate thing they had shared with one another.

Katara pulled away after a long moment and looked up into his eyes from a close distance. She could see every shade of gold that they were, and saw just how beautiful they truly were. "Take me away, Zuko..." She paused and grinned. "Take me closer to you."

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