The Way You Smile
Author: PaBurke
Universe: Smallville

Summary: It's all how you define the terms, in this case: creepy.
Rating: Hmmm. no sex, no violence, no adult situations but a few too many bad words. Fluff.

Disclaimer: None of the universe belongs to me. I dabble and do not get paid.

Spoilers: Season three or four for Smallville

Word Count: 100

"Shit," Chloe grabbed Lois's arm and started moving quickly. "He's wearing that creepy smile."

Lois followed but not silently. "Lionel Luther?"



"I wish."

Lois stopped in her tracks. "Give me a clue, would ya? I don't retreat if it's not needed."

"Hi Chloe, Lois." A figure appeared in front of them. "What's up?"

"Smallville," Lois waved. "Good. Chloe's freaking and's not telling me why."

"Really?" Clark Kent smiled.


Lois backed up a step and realized that Chloe had deserted.

Clark pulled a water balloon from behind his back. "Aren't you hot, Lois?"

"Smallville, don't. You'll regret… Smallville!"