" Harvey?"Cassidy asked as she cuddled closer to Harvey Leek. Her boyfriend of two months. " Yea baby."He said looking at her." Do you love me?"Harvey looked at her very suprised and kissed he pulled away, he said." Cassidy. I love you. I more then love you, I adore you, worship you, and I would die for you. What makes you ask if I love you or not.?"" Nothing,it's jus somthing this boy said at school." Harvey got a mean look." What boy?" He said with growl." Jus this guy in my pshycology class. He said that the way I look, I will never be able to be loved." " Baby, I love you so much, and I think that you are a goddess. And who ever told you othewise. I'll kill him." he said as he kissed her gently on the lips. Cassidy giggled. " I love you too." They then eskimo kissed and then watched TV and fell asleep.

The next day Harvey was at the station and Nash walked in." Ok! Lets go! Dead body found in the Ti Chi Restraunt on Elmaur St!"" Um, i'll meet you there Nash. I've got some buissness to attend to.""Ok, but make it quick."Harvey then made his to his car on the Rd to Cassidy's University. He pulled up to the school and saw Cassidy sitting on the bench. He grabbed a big bag from the seat and walked to her." Happy Birthday." He said as he sat next to her and waved the bag in front of her face."Harvey,you didn't have to get me anything." She said as she took the bag and kissed him." Of course i did. It's for the prettyst girl ever." She smiled and opened her gift. It was a Blue teddy bear with a picture of him and her at the park. A pedstrian had taken a picture of them sitting aganist a tree. Cassidy in Harvey's arms, and their futher in the bag was a card. She opened it,"Cassidy. My love for you burns like the sun in a sauna. I love you so much and I always will. One day if you still want me. I would love to marry you. But only if your father dosen't kill me first. All my love.... - Harvey.3 " Oh my gosh Harvey! I love it! I love you! She said as she through herself into his arms and hugged him." He smiled and hugged back. I love you too."" Did you really mean that you wanted to marry me."" Ofcourse. But only after your out of college and we tell your father." He kissed her." Okay." she said." Lets tell him tonight at my party." Cassidy said." Okay. Well I have to go know. But meet me tonight after the party and after I leave."" Okay. See you you." He blew her a Kiss. Then left.