It had been a few years since Edward left me and for some reason I hadn't aged a bit...hmm how awkward. I was supposed to be twenty three. But time didn't matter along with anything else now that he was gone and he took my heart with him...the pain still lingered. I was packing my clothes...I was going on a show called the bad girls club. Yes I had started drinking, and no I was not a violent drinker. new found pain had been transformed into anger management problems. AFter Charlie had died...well lets say things had gone down hill. I still had enough money to mantain my home. I just wanted to be abetter person..not that it would matter. I wiped a tear away.

"damn tear." I muttered. I zipped my suitcase and headed downs stairs and out the door to the car...someone kill me now.

Edward's POV

Only one word could describe life without my love....hell. I never left my room. I was curled up in a ball in the corner...unmoving and I might as well be declared as a mute. But this was the best. No, to hell with that. I only wanted what's best for her. She deserved a normal life.

"Edward." Alice said as she entered my room. "Dearest brother delightful I have something very suprisingsifulus to telleth you brother delightful." She said happily. Ok since when does she talk like that? She must really annoy Jasper doing that. I nodded in acknowledge ment.

"Well in a few minutes turn on your'll be about as suprised as I was." She said. I nodded and she left. As if.

Bella's POV

I arrived at the house at around 12:00 in the afternoon. OMG. It was nothing compared to the Cullens...wince..but it was definately something. I got out of the living room to find six other girls standing around the door.

"Hey!" One girl said she had blond hair, as she noticed me. "You must be the other roomate." No duh...blond one..labeling a ditzy ass bitch.

"Yes I'm Bella."

"Well I'm Amber B." ( Wonderful...the Ambers...he he he)

"GReat." I said smiling half hartedly. The other girls turned around. Another blond ran up to me.

"Hey I'm Amber too" Okay thing one and thing two..Perfect names.

"I'm Bella."

"I'm Ashley." A brunet said.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

"I'm Shelby."

"I'm Tamika." A black girls said her hair was in microbes. The last girl had ebony hair and she moved towards me slowly.

"I'm Tammi."

"Nice to meet you too. Guys I'm Bella."

"Oh what a pretty name." Thing one ( the first Amber B) Said.

"Thanks. So why are we all standing around out here?"

"WE can't get in." Ashely said.

"You guys are supposed to be bad girls. Use your can't get in so you what?" I took off my heels. I know me in heels right? and I marched up the stairs and I smashed the window with my shoe. Luckily it was part of the door so I leaned in and unlocked the door. Then stepped back.

"OKay bitches let's get rollin." I said in a dead voice. They all cheered as they poured into the house.

Edward's POV

Oh my gosh there she was my beautiful Bella on the Bad Girls Club.

"No fuckin' way." I breathed.