Ok…so here we ware with the first chapter of the sequel!! I want to thank everybody who had reviewed the last chapter of My Best Friend's Baby! WWE owns John and Randy, Sam Orton owns a not so little anymore, Miss Alanna, and I own Jessica, Amy and the other kids that appear in this chapter. We start off with….AMY! Enjoy!!

I close the photo album that I was looking at. Who knew I was so happy back then. I mean…who wouldn't love having a Dad as cool as John Cena, or a mother as beautiful as Jessica? Well, my dad IS John Cena and my mother IS Jessica. I just finished looking at some old baby photos and I wonder why I was so happy. My dad is never really around and my mother is so busy taking care of my brothers. That's right, brothers…identical twins no less. The moment Aiden and Lucas were born, my life ended. I could say good bye to being Daddy's little girl and Mommy's best friend, cause when they were born…it was like I was no longer alive. I mean of course we had to go through the miscarriages. The second time my mother was pregnant she got into a car accident three weeks later. She was fine…the baby was not…my mother was devastated of course and I was there being Mommy's little helper drawing her pictures and I helped my Dad make food for her. It took her and my Dad three years to finally get eggs that lived past one month after the accident. My luck…they turned out to be twin boys…a future tag team in my father's eyes.

Of course the one time they didn't want a baby I was conceived. John and Jessica's little mistake. Of course my mother couldn't bare that I was John Cena's daughter and kept it from him. It took her 6 months after I was born to finally tell him, well if you call what happened telling him. Plus my psycho Aunt Mickie was in love with my father and on two separate occasions tried to beat my mother up. Then she married my Uncle Chris and the two are now best friends. Maybe what they say about wrestlers are true…they are all on drugs…even the wives.

There is only one person I can actually stand on this planet, and that's my best friend Alanna Orton. She and I are only a week apart. Her parents are my godparents and vice versa. We both personally think her mother is annoying and her father is ok. We both agreed that he's way better than mine. She sees him a lot more than I see John. I refuse to call my parents Mom and Dad. To me, they are John and Jessica. I get grounded every time I say it and my dad thinks it will teach me a lesson in respect…well maybe I would respect him if he learned to respect his own daughter…but then again, it's his fault I'm here…he forgot the condom…I'm his mistake.

I glance at my phone for the third time in 10 minutes. I'm waiting for Alanna to get here with her family. I really need her right now. I hear the doorbell and someone answers the door. I hope I don't have to…

"AMY!" my father yells.

"WHAT?!" I yell.


I groan. I really don't want to say hello. I just really need Alanna and she's all that matters right now. I walk down stairs and put on the best fake smile I can. I really have nothing to smile about.

"Hi." I say. My "Aunt" Sam comes and give me a hug. Christine just waves and Lil Randy already has my dad on the floor beating the crap out of him with my brothers. "Uncle" Randy just stares at me before half hugging me. He knows I'm not into the whole "OMG HI!" crap and that it's only something I do because my father forces me.

Aiden and Lucas come over and pull Randy over to where my father is on the floor and tackle him to the floor. I look to Alanna and my finger down my throat. She giggles.

"Man, I don't think we can beat them!" My dad says to Randy in a joking matter.

"No way! The Cena-Orton faction is too strong!!" Randy replies. See what I mean about future tag team? They are the apple in my dad's eye and I'm the drunken one-night stand. I grab Alanna by the arm and pull her upstairs.

"Do you have it?" I ask in the security of my own room.

"Yea, thankfully my mom already had an open box." She said as she handed me the item from her bag.

Jessica's POV----Downstairs in the living room

Sam and I sat on the couch watching the boys and their father's wrestle while Christine played referee. She wasn't much of a girly girl, more on the tom-boy side and Randy loved it. She wanted to be in the business just like her father.

"Hey guys, why don't you go downstairs and play PS3. I think your fathers need a break." I said laughing. It hadn't been ten minutes yet and both John and Randy were out of breath. All four had gotten up and went downstairs.

"Why do the girls always go upstairs and never listen to what we say?" I asked. "I told Amy this morning that she wasn't aloud to run off with Alanna, and what did she do?" I said a bit annoyed.

"Baby, they're 16. Right now all they want to do is piss us off. When your 16 you do drugs, drink alcohol, rebel against your parents and have sex." John said.

"Are you saying that our girls are having sex at this age, John?" Randy asked.

"They better not be! Why do you think we enrolled the boys in baseball? I needed to get bats for a reason." He said.

Amy's POV-----Upstairs in Amy's Room

"Go hurry!" Alanna said as I ran into the bathroom.

"Do you remember when it happened?" she asked.

"Last month…Claire's party." I responded.

"Do you remember with who?"

"Yea, that senior…what was his name? I think it was Ben." I responded. I came out of the bathroom and the 5 minute wait began.

"Why, were you looking at your baby book?" Alanna asked me.

"Because I just might be in my mother's position." I said. We looked through some photos together many which included the both of us. Before we knew it time was up. I looked at the small object in my hands. I gulped…

"Little happy face…I'm pregnant." I said.

Once I realized that my mother was not my best friend I knew that I couldn't grow up and turn into someone like that…but now…I'm just like her.

Uh-oh! Amy is pregnant! How is she going to tell her parents? As you can see she is quiet the rebel. She hates John and Jessica and her little brothers. Having Jess lose the baby that she was originally having was a last minute change. I wanted a 9 year age difference. The boys are 5, lil Randy is 8, Christine is 10 and Amy and Alanna are 16. Let's not go into the adults' ages. Just know that John and Jess are kind of in their 40's and Randy and Sam are in their late, late 30's. I hope you liked it!