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Three Words

Chapter 1

As far as everyone knew; Saix was the quiet one in the organization. He hardly ever spoke to anyone. Whenever Saix did converse, the conversation was short and would end early. So it was no surprise that in the whole organization; Saix had no real companions. He was alone. Always alone, and as far as anyone cared, if they cared at all; Saix didn't mind being by himself. They all figured that's just how he liked it.

But this was merely an assumption, and a bad one at that.

It was another dreary day at the World That Never Was. Raining, cold, empty, dark, and lifeless…just as usual. Saix sighed, pulling himself away from the open window as it began to rain harder. It was morning, though one couldn't really tell since it was always dark, and already Saix was wishing the day had ended. He shook his head in a attempt to get some of his messy blue hair out of the way. No good. He sighed again. Today was going to be another long day.

A few hours managed drag by. Since there was really nothing to do, Saix decided to just simply wander, walking down a long hallway, not really caring where it lead him. Today was especially quiet. Too quiet. Saix thought for a moment and realized something; he had not seen another member of Organization XIII so far. Where could they all be? The floating castle was big, but it was still odd to not come across someone. Saix couldn't help but wonder where they were. Nothing came to mind.

The day would have continued on as... boring, long, and dull. And Saix wouldn't have minded either. He could handle another lonely day, he was used to it. But it wasn't going to continue that way.

"Number VII," a calm deep voice echoed.

Saix instantly came to a halt. He recognized that voice anywhere; the voice of his Superior. Xemnas. Saix turned around to face the man behind him.

Xemnas stood there, his face calm and peaceful, yet harsh and cruel. His silky silver hair covered small parts of his face. Two amber eyes were fixated on Saix, causing him to feel a bit unsure…nervous.

"Number I," Saix said. his voice was emotionless as ever.

Xemnas nodded his head. He walked over to Saix. The two were now face to face.

"What are you doing here,' Xemnas suddenly asked. His expression changed to a more concerning look.

"What do you mean," Saix asked. He began to feel a bit nervous. Had there been a meeting he wasn't aware of? Perhaps that was the reason Xemnas was here? Saix was wondering whether or not he would dread what his Superior was going to say.

Xemnas gave Saix a confused look, as if he couldn't understand what he was telling him. He frowned.

"You mean you didn't know," he asked.

"Didn't know what," Saix asked honestly. Already he was beginning to regret asking the question. He knew he wouldn't enjoy the answer.

Xemnas sighed, as if telling Saix the answer would be a difficult chore. Saix lowered his head.

"There is a party on the lower levels," Xemnas answered, "dedicated entirely to Number XIII, something about his right of passage…"

Six's eyes widened. So that's where the other members were.

"I arrived only for a few minutes, I thought I saw you there," Xemnas continued, oblivious to Saix's expression, "but I guess I was wrong…a truly rare occasion."

Xemnas continued talking away, but Saix was finding it hard to pay attention. Saix felt a hot stinging sensation in his chest. False anger was filling him. after much thought, Saix chose to ignore it and continued his attention his leader, the last thing he wanted was to upset Xemnas.

"…so why aren't you at the party," Xemnas asked. The question he didn't want to hear had been asked. He had to answer.

Saix didn't want to answer. It was so obvious; he wasn't invited to the party. He couldn't help wonder why Xemnas was even asking him. Surely he knew; he knew everything that went on in the castle. Xemnas would know who was who on popularity. But in that case; there was no problem in telling him, right? After all, if he did know, then there would be no embarrassment. No mockery. No real humiliation.

Saix answered, "I didn't know about the party."

Xemnas stared at Saix with an interesting look. He nodded his head and smiled. "So my assumption was correct," he said.

"Yes," Saix answered. A sinkning sensation; he was getting upset.

The smile on Xemnas' face began to fade.

"That," Xemnas said, "is a real shame. I was hoping you wouldn't say that."

Saix was shocked. What has the Superior just said? Did he not know? But how could he? A hot sensation began to fill him. Embarrassment, and even though it wasn't real, it still hurt. A lot.

"Why," Saix found himself asking aloud. Whether the question was directed to himself or Xemnas was unknown.

"Are you upset," he heard the Superior ask.

No, he couldn't be upset. He could 'feel' upset, but all of that was just him being weak. He had to think of something else, ignore it. Look away.

Saix found himself staring at the floor. He couldn't look his Superior in the face. Even though he lacked a heart, he still felt something. Although it was a lie, it still stung him and caused him pain. So much pain. Anger. Hatred. Humiliation. So many negative feelings were swirling around inside of him and no mater how hard he tried to ignore them, at least one overpowered him. Right now he wanted nothing more than to disappear, to warp himself away from Xemnas and to somewhere private. Anywhere but here.

Two gloved hands gently grabbed Saix's face and held his head up. Saix stared at Xemnas' upset face. Saix looked deep into the others eyes. The same amber eyes that had made him nervous now seemed to comfort him. They looked upset, as if they could feel what he was experiencing.

"You know, Number VII," Xemnas said, "It almost hurts me to see you this way."

Hurt? The word seemed so strange to be coming from the Superior.

"I respect you," Xemnas continued, "more than I respect my own colleagues. They've changed; they've become weak." Xemnas pulled Saix closer to him. "But you," he said in a much more emotional tone, "you're not weak. You understand your position… and although you don't wish to embrace it, you still try to exist with it. You try to hide your false emotions, you try to be strong." Xemnas smiled at Saix. A different kind of smile; one much more welcoming to him. "It's relieving to me," He said, "to know that I'm not the only one here that is worthy of a heart.

"I dislike it," Xemnas said in a darker tone, "the way the others treat you, especially since their reasons are so.." Xemnas paused for a moment, trying to think of a word fitting for the other members. "Pathetic," he finally answered.

"And what is that reason," Saix asked, unsure of himself.

"It's because they know you're better than them," Xemnas answered. "They know you're more powerful, more capable, and they hate it." Xemnas frowned. "Since I'm the Superior, I'm respected…but you don't have that status."

Saix was… surprised, to say the least. He had always seen himself as an equal in power and capability. He couldn't believe the others saw him differently. But the Superior wasn't really one to give compliments; so it had to be true, right?

"And then, there's their favorite reason," Xemnas said.

Saix swallowed hard. For some reason, a part of him was eager to know, but why, he had no idea.

"They know that I respect you," Xemnas finally answered. "They know I'd throw them away to save you, they know they're nothing compared to you in my eyes, and they know that even though I lack true feelings… I care deeply for you."

Saix took a deep breath. He no longer felt upset, not after what Xemnas has just said. But he didn't feel good either. Xemnas had said many unusual things in the past, things he didn't quite understand, but this was different. He knew exactly what those words meant. He could remember when he did have a heart, what those words lead to.

It had to be something else.

"Superior," Saix said. He wanted to ask what the words meant, if they meant something else. But he didn't get a chance. Warm lips pressed against his, stopping him from continuing. Saix tried to back away, but the hands that had once cupped his cheeks were now wrapping around his waist. He felt his face heat up. An odd feeling began to burn inside of him. He could easily guess what the feeling was, and despite his better judgement, he decided to go with it.

Slowly, Saix found himself wrapping his arms around the others waist. His eyes closed, his breathing fastened. He felt Xemnas' tounge press against his lips. Saix welcomed Xemnas in, blushing even more. Saix could taste Xemnas inside him, exploring him, craving him. Saix soon found himself doing the same. It felt so…

And then it ended, and with Xemnas being the one to pull away. The two both began to take deep breaths; staring back at each other. Yellow eyes and amber.

Xemnas placed a gloved hand on Saix cheek. Saix stared at Xemnas, waiting to hear what he would say. What was going to happen now?

"You don't have to be alone," Xemnas said. "If you need a companion, even if it's just mutual, I'd be willing to fill that roll." Xemnas placed a kiss on Saix's forehead. " Would you like that," he asked politely.

Warmth filled Saix chest. The words enveloped the empty void inside him, replacing pain with something else. Could it be happiness?

Hot, stinging tears ran down Saix's cheeks. He took a breath, trying his best to hold it in, but it was no use. He was going to cry, whether he liked it or not. He grabbed Xemnas, hugging him tightly. He would have been so embaressed if anyone were around.

"Yes," he murmered into Xemnas' chest, "I…really would."

Xemnas smiled kindly and kissed Saix on the lips.

Saix closed his eyes, trying his best as to not cry and ruin this moment. He couldn't think of anything worse than breaking down in front of Xemnas, showing a more weaker, emotional side. But, in the end, he did find himself letting more tears run down his face. and although it did bother him to and extent; he felt rather comfortable.

He wasn't alone anymore.



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