Summary: Bella used to live in New York City, near Camp Half-blood. Her mother, Renee, gets married to Phil, and doesn't want to scare him off with all the monsters that attack Bella. So until she turns 18, a legal adult, she'll be living in a house Renee owns, in Forks, coincidentally where Renee met Poseidon. But small towns make it hard to keep secrets. Percy's birthday is coming up, she doesn't have him or Camp Half-blood to help protect her, and there might just be the Cullens, who are more observant than most mortals, and possibly not human.

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Chapter One

Look, I didn't want to be a hero. Most of time, heroes die horrible, pain-filled deaths. Not exactly your recipe for a die-while-you're-asleep-or-something-peaceful-like-that death, is it? I dare you to find at least ten heroes that lived happily ever after. Having a hard time? I thought so. Now, try to find ten female heroines that actually lived long and died peacefully. Even harder, right? Yeah. And that's how you know that my life just can't be that great.


I'm Bella Swan. My name seems normal, am I right? And yet, I'm anything but—no need to sound cocky or anything though it's true. My family is… well, special. No, I don't mean special like they're incredibly good-looking or smart, even though they are. They're… immortal.

I'm not joking, I swear on the river Styx. And trust me, if you swear on the river Styx, you'd better not break that deal. Now, back to my family.

I don't have a family tree, but I don't need one. In fifth or sixth grade, did your teacher ever tell you about the Ancient Greeks and their gods like, let's say, Poseidon?

That's what's happened to me. And then weird things started occurring. My social studies teacher tried to kill me and the cafeteria food I was about to eat exploded. Yeah, that level of weirdness.

Back then, I was just plain confused. But now I know what was really happening. I had started to realize whom I was… or better, what I was.

If I tell you straight out, it'll be much easier. I'm a daughter of Poseidon, a demigod, half mortal, half Greek god. Uh-huh, it's true; don't call the mental hospital on me just yet. You need proof?

I can will water to rise out of a river without touching a thing.

I can talk to horses.

Sure, I too thought that it was just some really fun game. Until I almost died. That's when you know that this isn't all a big happy family picnic.

Things get even worse. It started with Phil.

Don't get my wrong, Phil's nice. He's perfect for my mom, Renee, with her child-ish ways. She's needs someone like him. But I don't fit into that image of a perfect family. I attract monsters. It's dangerous for mortals like her and Phil.

She knows what I am, knows the dangers. He doesn't. And Renee, she refuses to tell him because it will most definitely scare him off. She can't take that risk.

But here's how I see it: she shipped me off to small town Forks (what kind of name is that?!) for her own sake.

Yes, I went without complaining; I'm a hard child to live with. Monsters attack, I blow up the school library and I get expelled every year. But this, this, is going too far. She basically told me that I would live in Forks until I turned 18, making me a legal adult; able to do whatever I want. Because she wants Phil more than she wants me. She wants her husband more than she wants her child, her own flesh and blood. It's pitiful.


But I will stay in Forks until I graduate, if I last that long. I did have a second option, but it was too much to ask.

I have a brother.

Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, which actually makes him my half-brother. I could've stayed with him. I didn't even ask, it would've been too much.

So I'm at Forks. I'll stand out, there's no doubt about it. With brown eyes that are flecked with sea green, who wouldn't think I was a bit strange? I've always been told that my eyes are beautiful, but if it draws unneeded attention, then I don't want it.

I remembered a lot of my adventures—and some of Percy's—and hoped that Forks was insured against monster attacks. Somehow, I doubted it.

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