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Chapter Twenty-five--BPOV

"Bella," he whispered, his velvet voice cold, his golden eyes emotionless. "I don't love you."

I don't love you.


"I don't love you," he murmured again, the words echoing across my mind. "I never have."

"No!" I shook my head. "Y-you said you did!"

"Lies," he told me, bronze hair glimmering in the moonlight. "I can lie, Bella. Just like you can, I suppose. You've been keeping things from us. It's only fair that I lied."

"No," I muttered desperately. "I didn't mean to—"

I knew I had to tell Rosalie about Bianca, I swore I would—

"You knew what you were doing," he whispered, his frozen breath washing across my face. It wasn't sweet—it reminded me of death.

Death. Destruction.

What was going on? This wasn't Edward—

His beautiful face changed, but his gold eyes stayed the same. Sandy hair and another familiar face replaced him.

"Lu—Kronos," I corrected myself.

This wasn't Luke, no, not at all.

"Isabella," he whispered, a smirk painted onto his face. His arms gripped me like Edward's had—not in an embrace though—a strong hold, as if I would run my sword through him at any moment.

I wished I could.

"Let go of me!" I twisted in his arms. "I hate you! You killed everyone!"

Who did he kill?

"No, no," Kronos smiled a familiar smile. "I—"

His arms slackened. His eyes flashed—no, they weren't gold, they were blue.

"Luke?" I whispered.

You've killed everyone!

He stared at me, eyes almost unfocused.

"Luke," I whispered. "What's happening?"

Kronos had possessed him, I didn't know how, but he had. But he had blue eyes—not gold now.

A loud gasp escaped his mouth, his arms tightened on me painfully.

He shuddered, almost like he was in pain, and then grew rigid. When I glanced up, I knew he had changed.

His eyes were back to gold.

What did this mean?

His arms held me even tighter and his breath washed across my face, cool, like a winter wind, as he spoke.

"You're fools," he whispered, staring right through me. "You're all fools."

I woke up suddenly, images flashing across my eyes. Edward, Kronos, Luke, they all blended into simple panic.

You're all fools.

My breathing slowed as I realized it was just a dream, maybe leftover fears from my visit with Renee.

Just a dream, Bella.

Dreams don't hurt you.

But as I glanced at my arms, uncovered from my sleeveless shirt that I had slept in, I knew that was a lie.

Because where Edward—or Luke, or Kronos—had held me in my dream, on both of my upper arms, were bruises.

Bruises that had finger-like outlines, as if someone had held me a bit too hard.


I wore a long-sleeved shirt today. The weather was in between, no one would question me wearing one.

But maybe they would question my expression, one of fear and shock.

He couldn't harm me through dreams, could he? No, that was impossible. I was being too suspicious.

But a little voice in the back of my head whispered that I just didn't want to face the truth.

The little voice whispered that pressure was building up and that I wasn't ready to face it.


"Bella," Percy called from across the Pavilion.

"Yeah?" I raised my voice so he could hear.

"You're missing breakfast, sleepyhead!"

Chiron eyed me from his table, subtly hinting not to continue talking at this volume. I glanced again at him; Grover and some other satyrs were sitting with him—but not Mr. D.

Taking his hint, I walked over to our table—the Poseidon table, that is—and sat down next to my brother.

He grinned, and asked, "Good sleep?"

I froze. Did he know anything?

He couldn't.

"Yeah," I forced myself to answer normally. "It was fine."

"Good," he said, half-laughing, "because we both have archery practice today and you stink at it."

"So do you!" I retorted.

Percy smiled, and shrugged.

"So," I said more seriously, "why isn't Mr. D here? Camp Director and all, shouldn't he be?"

"War preparations at Mt. Olympus," he murmured, avoiding my gaze.



And I think that pretty much summed up the situation, don't you?


"Come on, Bella, focus," Percy told me, wearing a grimace. "I don't want to get hit again. It's not really fun, you know."

"I didn't mean to shoot you in the butt with the arrow!" I told him, struggling not to laugh.

"Yeah, well you did," he muttered, expression downtrodden.

A little giggle escaped me, by mistake.


"I said I was sorry!" I retorted.


Archery wasn't my favorite activity—no, more like my least, but I had a feeling that this was serious practice. In the final war, who knew what weapons I would have to defend myself?

No one did, much less I.

I sighed, and pulled my bowstring taut again, ready to let another arrow fly.

"Focus," Percy coached from the sidelines.

I narrowed my eyes in concentration, aiming for the red part of my target—the bulls eye.

I pulled my arm back, and thwack! The arrow thudded in the outer part of the target, nowhere near the center.

At least I hit the target, I thought pessimistically, remembering all my other failed times.

"Well, you got somewhere," Percy commented.

I turned and thrust the bow in his direction. "If you want to be that way, why don't you try?"

He sent me a challenging stare. "Don't mind if I do."

Well, let me just tell you something…

He didn't do any better then me.


The day passed in brief flashes. My mind was filled with pictures—an arrow thudding into the target, the bruises on my arms, Edward, Bianca, the Oracle…

I felt like I could barely breathe.

It was all pressing down on me—the importance of everything that had happened. My world was about to be turned upside down and I had no idea to stop it.

So I did what any other kid of Poseidon would do in my case.

After everyone else had gone to bed—the evening activity had been singing songs around the campfire (it changed colors with the mood, mind you)—I crept out of my bed.

Percy kept several cans of Coca Cola in our cabin—we weren't allowed to have any soda except in the dining Pavilion, but you could pay Connor Stoll from the Hermes cabin to smuggle you some for a drachma or two.

I grabbed a can, and headed out to the beach, knowing I couldn't be caught because it was way past curfew.

But as soon as I got there, I knew it was the right decision. The ocean spray spun in the air from the breeze and it smelled wonderful. It was just the water and I, beneath the night stars.

I lay down on the sand, hair splayed out around me. I knew I would have sand in places sand wasn't meant to be in when I got up, but it was peaceful.

I took a sip up soda, and the caffeine calmed my nerves down, strangely enough.

The night was dark, but the moon gave me enough light. I breathed in deeply, and started naming the different constellations in my head.

After a while, the thoughts just drifted out of my head. The water splashed quietly in a corner of my mind, and I had an urge to sleep here forever.

I could do it, couldn't I?

Run away; evade the prophecy and most of the monsters. Of course, there would still be a few, here and there, but I could run away, and never have to worry again.

All these problems, I would never have to face them.

But then I thought of Percy. He might as well be the child of the prophecy, and what was he doing?

Staying and fighting.

And all of the other half-bloods at camp, Annabeth especially… but I thought of all of them… Clarisse, Silena, Castor… were they running?

I knew the answer.

No. No, they weren't.

I felt ashamed to have even thought about it, but in some ways, the doubt had fortified my opinion.

I would try to be brave, as brave as all of them were trying to be.

I was no god, no immortal. My life could end easily, too easily. I had no choice of when it happened.

But I could die fighting, not running away.

The bruises on my arms hurt as I stood up to go to my cabin, and took one last look at the sea. It was dark, a sort of blue-green that made you wonder what the ocean truly held.

I stared out into the distance, imagining riding away on a hippocampus, far away. I imagined different scenes, all holding different futures.

But then I turned, and walked back to Camp. I didn't know the future—and maybe I didn't want to.

The future held secrets that I knew I wasn't ready for. Maybe I would never be ready for those secrets, but the least I could do was try to be.

This time I wasn't giving up.

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