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Fuck this, I hated it here.

Pulling my jacket up around my face to protect me from the cold air, I left the cafeteria building and headed straight for my Volvo, Rose, Em, Jazz, and Alice would have to find another way home. I was not enduring the mindlessness of the thoughts in that place.

Stupid fucking teenagers.

Dating Jessica Stanley had been the biggest fucking mistake of this year, I was pretty sure I would never recover from it. She was so shallow and self serving, I rolled my eyes at the mere thought of her. I couldn't stand sitting at my lunch table while she raped me in her mind, laying every detail of my fucked up childhood out for her entire social club to see.

I didn't even acknowledge my family's stares as I felt them boring holes in my back when I stood up and walked out. If I had, I wouldn't have had the balls to leave and I was so not staying here. If Alice knew what was good for her, she would leave me be and just call Carlisle for a ride.

I had always felt like an outsider in my family, none of us were really related. The only biological child was Emmett, the rest of us had been adopted. All of us, but me, had been adopted as a baby or very small child. I had been adopted into the Cullens at the age of 13, Carlisle had struck a deal with my parents, at least I knew how much I was worth.

It was then he brought me to Forks, it couldn't have been any more different from Chicago. At least in Chicago I was able to blend into the background, never to be really noticed, and I could avoid all the fucking pity stares I hated.

At first, no one knew I had had a crappy childhood, but, my little quirks started to show through. How I hated to be touched by anyone outside of my family, it just made me uncomfortable, I didn't freak out or anything. I just didn't fucking like it so I went extra lengths to avoid it. I would sit in the desk that was isolated. Walk as close to the lockers as I could.

I couldn't handle any small spaces. At first, I even had problems being in a car, I would have panic attacks and feel like I couldn't breathe. Just a happy gift from my fucked up childhood. Carlisle had encouraged me, let me pick my own car, started me in Rose's convertible so I wouldn't feel closed in.

Rose hadn't been happy about that, she'd threatened to kill my first born if I wrecked the damn thing. Carlisle was patient with me, taking it slow, allowing me to learn to deal with it. Carlisle was a fucking fantastic father and I could never thank him enough for saving me.

I turned on the Volvo, I fucking loved this car, enjoying the feel of the leather seats. Hearing Alice's thoughts nearing me, I sped off. I would have to apologize later but I just couldn't handle the intrusions right now.

The thoughts of what Jessica Stanley been sharing at lunch left a bitter taste in my mouth.

"Oh and you should see his scars, the most fucked up childhood ever," she laughed at my pain, "you should see how he reacts to being shut in a closet!"

The kids around her laughed, except Angela Webber, I had always liked her she had a very kind heart. That was win I heard her thoughts, though I was trying to block them the fuck out.

"Ha! I wonder if I could trick Cullen into getting in the Janitors closet, offer an afternoon make up romp or something. Then they could see what a freak he really is!"

For the first time in my life, I wanted to just beat the hell out of a girl.

Jessica was very aware of how I would react in a closet, locked away in the dark. She'd seen it.

I'd gone to her house for the evening, she had said her parents weren't home, I was only a teenager after all. We had gone on to some heavy petting, both of us obviously enjoying it, when there was a knock at the door. She freaked out and shoved me in her closet.

Even trying to remember Carlisle's words couldn't stave off my panic attack, I was transported back to the small wooden box in my room, the one they padlocked me in at night. The darkness felt like it was caressing me, mocking me, even after she heard my screams she didn't open the door, though she had long since turned the stupid girl selling cookies away.

I could hear Jessica laughing just one the other side of the door as I tore at my own hair.

When I was able to pull myself out of the dark memory, I rolled down the windows, despite the cold, and let the cold freeze out the burning hate in my chest. Certainly there was a special seat in hell reserved for the Stanley girl and if their was any justice mine would be close enough to watch her.

All week the buzz had been about me or the fact that chief Swan's daughter, Isabella, was moving to Forks. The rumor was her mother had died of some long illness, no one was sure which one. Her father was happy to have her home but wished it was under better circumstances.

All I could hope for as I pulled into out tree lined driveway was that her arrival would overshadow Jessica and her fucking mouth.