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The light knock on my window woke me, Carlisle's worried face stared back at me. His mind was a jumble of tests and medical terms. Opening the door, I decided to go along with whatever he wanted. I didn't have the will to fight.

"Get in the chair," Alice demanded.

The chair was black and sliver, Carlisle covered the seat with an umbrella to keep it dry. Like a piece of paper crumpled and toss aside, I fell into the chair. Weariness was my constant companion now. As we entered the hospital one of the nurses joined our little troupe, her scent wafted to me and it struck me like a fist. Strawberries. Fucking strawberries.

I missed her, there was no denying that. I was on the precipice of asking her to forgive me for all the silent abuse I had been dishing out. I was an idiot, she loved me and I loved her and I had let all my guilt and anger get in the way. At that moment I resolved to call her as soon as I got home.

"Ok, Edward, we are going to draw blood and then I am going to take a biopsy of bone from your sternum. It will hurt," Carlisle placed his hand on my shoulder.

A biopsy of my bone? What in the hell. Finally their words were starting to break through my apathetic shield. This had to be serious. Fear started to bubble up in me and sting my eyes. As though it would keep my emotions from erupting, I reached out for Alice's hand. Startled, she looked down and me, her hand squeezing mine. There were no words of reassurance, just her tiny fingers holding impossibly tight to my hand.

The next few hours involved a body scan, the painful bone biopsy, and blood tests. As Carlisle ran through the hospital, obviously in a kind of subdued panic, I sat with Alice, in his office.

"Alice,"I spoke from my spot on the couch, "I'm so sorry for ignoring everyone. I just. It was so hard. So hard."

Alice sighed and turned to me her mouth set in a broad grin.

"Oh Edward, we were never mad at you! We've been so worried."

Bracing myself to late, I felt the full impact of Alice's hug. I was grateful to have her here with me, even if I wasn't sure what was going on. I wanted to know if Bella was mad, if I had done too much damage to that bridge to cross it, but I didn't have the nerve to ask.

It seemed like we sat on that couch for days, waiting. I felt like I was in a bad cartoon where I began to grow a beard in the time that passed. My heart began to thump loudly in my chest and my palms were damp. Once in a while Alice would lay her head on my shoulder and I would sigh from the touch.

Finally, Carlisle came in and sat down, the weariness of a man with a heavy burden was on his face.

"Edward, it's not good, son. It's not good."


Airport Security wasn't a chore when your father could send a car to the tarmac to get you. The windows of the black luxury sedan were tinted, of course, to block all the light it could. I felt cold, cold to my core. Ice gripped my heart and I made no effort to break it free. As the car drove over the cobblestone streets of Volterra, I shut off my cell and let my head rest against the seats. It was good to be away from Forks.

"Hello, Isabella," Heidi greeted me inside the tower.

I ignored her, which was uncommon for me, but very everyday for the vampires who lived here. They all seemed so aloof, so sure they were superior to humans. Yet, here they were, needing to live off the blood of humans. It was hypocrisy at its finest.

As I walked through the doors to the more ancient part of the building, Felix held out a blood red, velvet robe and I slipped my arms into it. As the only daughter of any of the leaders of the vampire world, I was expected to dress and act a certain way. I easily complied with the dress code, but often struggled with obeying their commands on my behavior.

"Welcome home, Lady Isabella," the child -like voice of Jane, one of my father's many henchmen, greeted me.

"Good afternoon, Jane, "I replied.

It had been the most interaction I had had since leaving Forks. Jane's power of pain, though it didn't work on me, intimidated me and so I tried to be cordial to her. As was our custom, she showed me to the main chamber.

Unlike the rest of the building, it was well lit through a giant, round skylight. Any human who made it this far was likely dinner, so there was no need to hide the sparkling effects of the sun here. Sitting upon their thrones were Aro, Caius, and, my father, Marcus.

Rising, Marcus came towards me, seeming to float across the floor. Catching me up in his outstretched arms, he gave me a fierce hug.

"It's been far too long, my daughter. You seem troubled," he spoke, holding me at arms length.

"I'm fine. I am very happy to see you as well," a genuine smile spread across my face as I hugged my father again.

Right behind him, Aro stood, patiently waiting to be acknowledged. His long, black hair shinning in the light.

"Lord Aro," I said stretching out my hand.

Aro's particular power was very strong, but only if he could touch you. I was a constant source of frustration for him as he could ever read me completely, only very strong thoughts and emotions. Still, he enjoyed a challenge and, as the closest thing to an uncle I had, I liked to oblige him. His skin was smooth and cold, even more so due to my unnaturally warm skin. cradling my hand in both of his, he shut his eyes.

"Fascinating. You never cease to amaze me, my dear," he spoke as he sifted through what he could.

Towards the end of our encounter, his brows came together in what looked like pain. I knew he had reached the pain left by Edward. Sighing, he released my hand.

"I shall never understand your fascination with them," he gently patted my shoulder.

"Being that you are no longer human, my lord, I would not expect you to."

For the first few days I just wondered Volterra, enveloped in my thoughts of home, of him. I became as close to being lost as I could in a city I knew inside and out. More than a few times, I was seen wandering the city weeping. It was a bit dramatic, I would admit that, but I was purging sadness and that was how it came out.

One evening, as I headed out in my cloak, Marcus came up to my side.

"I know you're upset, I know it's because of a boy. Is he human?"

I should have known Aro would tell him. After all, we were, however dysfunctional, a family. Still, an anger began to creep up in me. I trust Aro when we played his game, trusted him to not share every detail he gleaned with Marcus. My Father should ask me for information about my life.

"Yes," I replied, shamefully looking down.

We both knew how human-vampire relationships ended. Neither of us wanted to endure it again.

"Oh, sweet daughter, I'm sorry."

We walked through the city in silence, a rare thing for Marcus who never left the tower. His presence gave me the strength to try to move beyond Edward. If he wouldn't have me, I'd move on.