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Summary: SEQUEL TO THE UNTOUCHED RING. More drama, obstacles, and revelations are waiting for our favorite couple as the setting is moved to Karuizawa. After enduring the previous year with heartaches and dreadful misunderstandings, more obstacles lie in front of Kazuki and Wataru as they are once again put through the ultimate test. It will be a summer that both boys will never forget.


Chapter 1: Setting The Stage

Wataru looked over the room, inspecting it from top to bottom. Everything was as neat as can be; dinner was already prepared, even spread out in fine china; scented candles were burning brightly; all in all, the atmosphere of the room was just right. Kazuki would be home in exactly thirty minutes, and he had to make everything look perfect. Everything had to be perfect—especially for something like this…

"Kazuki, guess what happened the other day…" he said, trying out a few lines. "No, that's not right… um… Guess what I got in the mail…. No, that's not right either…" He paced the floor as he tried to come up with the right words to say. It had sounded so good in his head, but the moment the words left his mouth, it sounded weird and terribly awkward. "Maybe I should just leave it lying around for him to see… that would sure go for déjà vu…"

Last year, he was still a high school student prepping up for exams. It was during his frequent visits to his boyfriend's place that he had accidentally seen a letter from his said boyfriend's ex. According to the letter, she was due for an operation in the U.S. and she wanted Kazuki to accompany her. Despite the signals he was receiving from his friends and himself, he allowed Kazuki to fly all the way to New York where he stayed there for more than two weeks. During that absence, all sorts of things happened.

For instance, he got pulled in by Asaka to pretend to be his lover. He was led to mistakenly believe that he and Kazuki were breaking up, and when Kazuki did return, all hell broke loose. Drama and depression ensued; their families and colleagues found out about their relationship; he was given the most startling and scandalous declaration of love by Asaka; he ran away from home; had a near-death experience; reconciled with his family; and finally reunited with Kazuki.

…And to think… all that started with him accidentally reading one letter that was not his to begin with.

"Maybe I should just tell him then," he murmured. If anything, he would hate for last year's "episode" to happen all over again. As he was about to gather his thoughts, he heard the click of the lock, the hinges squeaked softly as the door swung open to reveal his boyfriend looking tired and absolutely drained. "Kazuki," he greeted nervously. "U-Um… H-How was your day?"

Kazuki looked at him blankly, probably noting his lack of tact—as if stating the obvious wasn't necessary—and sighed as he dislodged himself of his bags. "Wataru…" he responded. "What's all this?" He noticed the arrangement the room was in, and he had to admit, he became very curious about it. This was probably the first time he had seen the room so spotless since Wataru started coming over. And were those rose-scented candles he smelled?

"What's wrong with it?" Wataru grunted. "Can't a guy do something nice for his boyfriend?"

"I suppose…" the older boy drawled. "But usually that happens when there is a favor required from said boyfriend. So is there?"

Wataru flushed and then turned his face away. "Th-That's just insane!" he retorted. "Why would I ask a favor from you? You know I would never try to exploit you or anything like that. What's wrong in wanting to spend a quiet and romantic dinner with you?"

Kazuki raised his brows, but then gave a chuckle. "All right, I give up." He embraced Wataru from behind and trailed soft, light kisses on the young boy's neck. "It's just… rare for you to do this," he said. "I'll admit that it's nice, but I'm really tired right now."

Wataru could tell, just by looking at Kazuki, that he was worn-out. There were, of course, a lot of factors that could contribute to this fatigue. Ever since they became "official", they had been met with mixed feelings about it. Wataru's family was being supportive about it, surprisingly. The members of Asaka's circle have some mixed reviews about it. Some of them thoroughly support their relationship while others are torn from either rooting for Asaka or from just being uneasy about homosexual relationships. The most strenuous would have to be from Kazuki's family. Up to now, there had been no positive response from them. He wasn't even sure if Kazuki ever returned to his parents' house after New Year's. But one thing was certain; their relationship was most definitely met with protests from that side.

"Oh, okay…" Wataru murmured, slowly releasing himself from his boyfriend's hold. "Then, would you rather go to sleep or take a bath?"

"Mmm… Sleep, I think," Kazuki responded with a yawn.

"All right. I'll be on my way then. I've got an early class tomorrow."

Kazuki stared blankly at him. "Why don't you move in already? We've been planning to since spring, but it's summer now."

"Well, sorry about it. It's just that… now that my parents know about us, they have a clear idea of what we really do here, and that is just too much information for them to handle. Even though they're not against it, that doesn't mean they have to be over-supportive, right?"


Kazuki grunted as he took off his shirt and slowly undressed. Wataru watched from a corner of his eye, ogling, and his mouth watering from the sight. Kazuki had a well-sculpted body; his arms weren't too muscular, but just right. His legs were long and not as bulky or muscular as would be expected from someone as athletic as him; they were perfect in every way possible. There wasn't a single blemish on the boy's skin. At a glance, anyone would mistake him for a fashion model.

Wataru turned his face away, blushing all the way to his ears. Stupid, he berated himself. What's the deal with getting so excited? It's not like it's the first time I've seen him… undress…

"Wataru…" Kazuki called his attention; his voice held a hint of playfulness.

True enough, when Wataru turned to face him, he saw a topless Kazuki—all the way down to his boxers—with a wide smirk on his face. "U-Um, yes, Kazuki? What do you—" Before he could continue with that sentence, he was grabbed by the wrist and hurled into the bed. He blinked in surprise, and soon found himself staring into Kazuki's ice-blue eyes hovering above him.

"Kazuki…. What…??"

Hands that were not his quickly worked their way to unbutton his shirt, slipping it down his shoulders and tossing it aside. Next, those hands worked on his pants, unzipping them, and forcing it down his legs. He gasped as his skin was released from the heat of his clothes; his face turning as red as a ripe tomato.

"K-Kazuki, wait! What're you doing?"

"That's a silly question, don't you think?" he answered nonchalantly, and continued to strip his young lover.

"H-Hold on for a moment! Didn't you say you were tired?"

"I did."

"So then why are you…??"

He was silenced by lips pressing on his, as he was pushed back down on the mattress, eliminating all traces of space in between their bodies. He could feel Kazuki's tongue probing for entrance, which he complied. They explored each other's mouths, tasting every bit of flavor there could be. Their kiss deepened with every passing moment. When oxygen became a necessity for them, they parted leaving a string of saliva between their mouths.

"It's your fault," Kazuki stated with a sultry tone.

"Wha… What do you mean?" Wataru asked, confused and slightly dizzy from the heavy lip-lock.

"You're the one who opened the topic about what we do here."


"Now, take responsibility."

"Wa… Wait, Kazuki. I have to tell you something first. Hey, Kazuki… Wait…!!"

Wataru couldn't say another word as his mouth was again occupied, drowning out his pleas and protests. He closed his eyes as he felt the sensations course through his skin. The slightest feathery touch of Kazuki's fingers was enough to send jolts of electricity running through his entire nervous system. For a moment, he felt dizzy and overcome with a heavy mist of lust and desire. It was a feeling that he had become quite addictive of—and it could only be elicited by this man before him.

Kazuki smiled at the reaction his young lover had. He loved the way the small boy cringed and shied away whenever he was caressed all over. He loved it even more when he responded to those caresses with more vigor and passion. Kazuki trailed wet kisses across Wataru's skin; tasting him, and leaving his marks on him to show the world that this boy belongs to him and only him. A moan escaped from Wataru's lips as he felt their groins grind together, stimulating them into hardness. Sweat trickled down their brows as they immediately knew what they wanted.

"Kazuki…" Wataru breathed, not knowing what else to say other than his lover's name. Their mouths met again to share a torrid kiss, tasting each other and struggling for dominance. Kazuki didn't waste any more time. He did his best to prepare his young love, and pushed right into him, making it pass through the tight ring of muscles that clamped down on him, threatening him to make an early release.

"Ugh, Wataru…" he moaned as he pushed further—deeper, until he couldn't do so anymore. The tight clasping of muscles made him experience a new kind of euphoria that had him shudder with delight. He waited for a few seconds until he felt his lover completely adjust to his size. Afterwards, he began to move at a slow pace, carefully searching for that certain area that would make the experience even more intoxicating.

"Gah! Kazuki!!"

Kazuki smiled as Wataru clutched tightly on the bed sheets. He moved again, thrusting against that soft area deep inside his lover. Wataru twitched and groaned in ecstasy. This feeling of absolute pleasure existed only between them. Kazuki continued to move, picking up the pace with each passing second. Their voices turned raspy, and only their names were uttered. Despite his fatigue, despite the exhaustion, despite the heaviness his body felt, he couldn't stop himself from loving Wataru the way he knew.

His muscles protested with each thrust. At one point, he lost his balance and fell on top of the young boy, shoving himself even deeper, causing them both to gasp with surprise. He could still hear his name on the young boy's lips. He could even feel that warm breath on his ear. Small hands wrapped around his back, holding him—scratching him until he bled. But he didn't mind. Just as he had left his mark on Wataru, so too would Wataru leave his mark on Kazuki.

Kazuki's eyes began to droop in a feat of exhaustion. His knees shook, but still he wouldn't stop. He couldn't stop—not until he'd reach what he wanted, what he was straining to have. With barely a breath of a second left, Kazuki pushed with all his might, and a loud piercing scream was heard all over the room.

Seconds later, both boys lay collapsed on the bed, exhausted and absolutely drained. A smile of satisfaction could be seen on Kazuki's face. He'd probably have some muscle cramps in the morning, but it was worth it.

"Kazuki," Wataru rasped, trying to catch his breath. "Ka…zuki… listen I… I got a letter from Nano. Remember her?"



The silence went on for a bit longer, so Wataru turned to look at him, but found his boyfriend fast asleep. Wataru sighed. Just when I finally caught the moment to tell him… Oh well, I'll tell him tomorrow. He lay beside Kazuki, and soon drifted off to sleep.


Kazuki stirred in bed; the sun's shiny rays peeking in between the curtains and landing on his eyelids. His body felt heavy and he was in no mood to get up. The previous day had terribly exhausted him, and it wasn't because of college or his part-time job. Heck, it wasn't even due to the Renovation Club's activities—although all those factors did contribute to his fatigue. The main reason was that he was once again unceasingly pestered by parents regarding his relationship with Wataru.

After he and Wataru had reconciled with one another, the relationship was, of course, met with much dissatisfaction and disapproval. They had long arguments about it, which was a first, since never in Kazuki's entire life did he argue with his parents. He even hit his own brother, which was also something he'd never done before. Nevertheless, he loved them and respected them greatly, which was why he tried his best to come to terms with them; negotiate, as one might say. But he was still met with much opposition, so he moved out of their house completely, opting to stay at his apartment.

Even after months had passed, he was still in the same situation. He had hoped that they would have come to terms. If only he could get Shohei on his side then even his parents would have to agree.

The more these thoughts invaded his mind, the more he found it impossible to sleep. He finally rolled on his back stretched his arms out on opposite ends, opening his mouth with a big yawn as he did so. When he reached for the right side of the bed, he felt air and then the warm rumples of the sheets. Alarmed by the absence of the all-too familiar body heat, he bolted to his feet and looked around the room.

"Wataru?" he called, but received no response.

He couldn't hear anything coming from the bathroom, meaning the boy wasn't in there. There was obviously no one in the kitchen or in the living room. So where did he go? Kazuki grabbed his pants and hurriedly put them on. He went to the terrace and discovered it to be as empty as the day he had rented the place. He bit his lip. He really didn't like waking up to find his dark-eyed lover gone.

As he looked around the room again, paying closer attention to details this time, he saw a plate of rice balls covered with a plastic sheet, and a note attached to it. He approached it, took the note in hand and read the contents. It was from Wataru.

"Morning Kazuki. Sorry I had to leave, but I did say that I have an early class, didn't I? And you looked so tired that I didn't have the heart to wake you up. I made some breakfast so just help yourself, okay? And don't be late for your class as well. I'll meet up with you later at the Renovation Club's new worksite. Love you, Wataru."

Kazuki chuckled slightly at his lover's method of showing affection. He had to admit that Wataru had been very domestic lately. It seemed that there were times when he'd find his apartment absolutely clean, and Wataru had somehow taken charge of their meals whenever they stayed together. Frankly, Kazuki couldn't remember the last time he was the one who did the cooking, although he used to do it before. Was Wataru taking cooking lessons from Karin or something?

But despite that imagery of domestic life, he still didn't like waking up alone in bed, without Wataru in sight. It was stupid, yes, but he always had this fear that someday the boy would leave him. After what had happened the previous year, he didn't want to take anymore chances. He never wanted to lose the young boy ever again. But in order for that dream to come true, he had to have his family's approval because his love was something he would never be ashamed of.

He pulled out a chair, sat down, and took a bite out of the rice balls.


Wataru could still feel the slight pain in his back whenever he walked or made any sudden movements. He swore he'd give Kazuki an earful the moment they meet again. Because of the pain, he had stayed nearly the entire day in the university's infirmary. He even had to make up some strange excuse for the pain.

Meiji University was one of the prominent universities in Japan. Although it was not as top-class as Tokyo University, it was still considered one of the best. To be able to get into such a university was like a dream come true to Wataru. Although he had to admit, he would've really wanted to get into T University so that he could be with Kazuki. But he supposed it was better this way. After all, he's not an outstanding student like Kazuki. It was already considered a miracle that he even passed his exams.

But that wasn't the issue at the moment. The issue was… the certain item he held in his hand and stared at every few minutes. A small, white envelope with a postage mark, and it absolutely reeked of perfume and flowery scents. The letter from his ex-girlfriend… Nano.

His relationship with Nano wasn't as complex as other relationships. There was no formal courtship, or loud declarations of love, not even the simplicity of gifts. Nano was just like a friend whom he had enjoyed hanging out with. In all honesty, he couldn't remember anymore how exactly they became a couple. For as long as he had known her, which was considerably long, she had always been his best friend—next to Kawamura, of course—which was why , though their break-up was mutual, it still caused some awkwardness between them.

He remembered her leaving during the first term of their second year in Ryokuyo High. Her father was transferred to Hokkaido, and so she had to move as well. But somehow, he always got the feeling the real reason the girl moved away was to get away from him.

Even though we both decided to end it, I'm sure it must've been really hard on her, he thought. But it's still good to see Nano again. I wonder how she's been doing…

He continued to read the contents of the letter, analyzing every word; every phrase. But no matter how he looked at it, it was a harmless written letter with a simple message. It had no indication whatsoever that she intended to pick up where they left off. And perhaps they both understood that things wouldn't really work out between them.

Pushing aside those thoughts momentarily, he tucked the letter back into his pocket. As he was about to go his own way, the loud whispers and murmurs of a growing crowd caught his attention. He could make out the words "handsome", "refined", and another word that sounded something like "dreamy", but his automatic assumption was there's celebrity within the perimeter. He should really be on his way to the Renovation Club's new worksite to meet up with Kazuki, but curiosity and the idea of possibly meeting a star got the best of him. He squeezed through the walls of people composed of gaping mouths and blushing girls, and finally made it to the front. But what he saw surprised him…

"A-Asaka-san??!!" he blinked. What on earth is Asaka Masanobu doing in his school??

"Ah, Wataru-kun!" the older man greeted cheerfully. "How have you been doing lately?"

"Um…. Great…" he drawled, unsure of anything else to say. Behind him, he could hear the crowd whispering about him. He could even feel their stares boring holes through the back of his head. "W-What brings you here, Asaka-san?"

"Hm? Oh, that's right," Asaka replied, still wearing that bright smile on his face. "I'm just running a few errands for the club. We needed a few things and I volunteered to go and get them. I was in the area and thought of dropping by to see if you were still here. Guess I'm lucky, right?"

Too lucky… Wataru emphasized in his mind. The timing was just too perfect. And as he looked at Asaka's car, he could clearly see that the engine was turned off, and the windows were rolled down. No… this man had probably been here for a considerable amount of time. Was he… waiting…?

"I was thinking…" Asaka continued. "Would you like to come with me? I mean, you're headed to the worksite, right? We're headed in the same direction anyway. This just saves time and energy, wouldn't you say?"

"Well…" he knew that Asaka had a point; but he wasn't sure about Kazuki's reaction once he saw them together. The guy always did see his senpai as his greatest rival. Wataru opted to decline, but the snickering of the girls behind him caught his attention.

From the corner of his eye, he saw their faces and immediately recognized them to be former Ryokuyo students. Unless he was mistaken, those girls were probably from the Asaka Masanobu x Fujii Wataru fan club that had recently opened in their school. For some reason, it had grown in numbers and was equally popular as the Kazuki Yuichi fan club in school. Yes, he wouldn't forget. For the last few months, until he had graduated from High School, he was hunted and cornered by those rabid fan girls. Though he liked being the center of attention for a change, he certainly didn't like it being that way. And that did nothing but anger Kazuki even more.

Unfortunately, those girls weren't the only ones that were now focusing their attention. It seems that the crowd had taken so well to Asaka's good looks (and car) that he was fast to becoming the center of attention. Wanting nothing more than to get out of that place, he quickly said, "Yes!" And the next thing he knew, he was once again on the passenger seat of Asaka's silver station wagon.


How do I get myself into these situations? Wataru rattled in his mind. As they sped down the road, he caught the distinct scent of green tea—the scent that he had come to associate with Asaka. He had been in this man's car one too many times, and already it seemed like a natural thing to him. But despite the man's obvious feelings for him, he still couldn't answer those feelings. If only he could be born in several lifetimes; perhaps in one of those lifetimes he would be with Asaka. But then again, his heart would always long for Kazuki.

"Wataru-kun," the older man spoke out. "I'm sorry if I seem very brazen for asking about this… but what was that letter about?"


"The letter that you were reading earlier… you seemed very absorbed in it. Did it have good news, by any chance?"

"E-Eh??" Asaka couldn't be asking about that letter, could he? How long was that man watching him? "U-Um… well, that letter is… how should I say it… it's from…"

Wataru averted his gaze and trailed his sentence away, hoping that the topic would eventually drop. But Asaka remained interested, and didn't spare him a chance to back out. There was just something so irritatingly adoring about his smile that can't be denied. It's like anyone who tried to refuse him would fall prey to that greatly charming smile. Before he knew it, he ended up telling Asaka about the letter.

"Oh, I see…" the older man said. "So it's from your ex… I'm sorry, I didn't know…"

"No, it's all right, Asaka-san," he answered. "It's not a big deal anyway."

"But it is."

"Huh?" The seriousness suddenly present in the man's tone surprised him.

"When you were reading that letter… you had such a beautiful expression on your face."


"I don't know how to say it but… you seemed so… vibrant; so… radiant. It's hard to put into words, but there was just something about that expression that completely mesmerized me. That's why… right now… I feel extremely jealous of that girl."

"E-Eh??!!" Wataru's face turned bright red like it was on fire. Once again, Asaka proves that he is not good for the heart. How many more surprises could I take from this man?


Shohei tapped his fingers on his mahogany desk, carefully studying the documents that lay scattered before him. The way he saw it, there's no doubt that the new hotel he had recently worked on would be opening in just a few days, if all went well. Karuizawa was a well-known tourist destination, especially in the summer due to its refreshing atmosphere. Opening a hotel there was certainly a good business venture. But the problem was, if the hotel opened, he wanted to have the celebration to be truly something outstanding and extravagant.

It was not enough to simply hold a gala; have people come in their best evening attire, serve cocktails and hors' dévours. There had to be something memorable about it; but not just a mere performance. It had to be something that would immediately pick up revenue, and likewise something that the guests would automatically enjoy. But what could it be?

"As if this isn't already stressing enough…" he mumbled.

His cell phone vibrated again, indicating that he was receiving a call. It would be the eight one he'd received this day, and all came from the same person. With a heavy sigh, he picked up his phone and answered, "Yes, Mizuho? I thought we already talked about this earlier."

There was a response on the other line.

"Yes, I understand your concern. Believe me, my parents are also asking me about a resolution to this."


"I assure you I'm doing what I can. But right now, I have some other pressing matters to resolve. But don't worry about it, okay? I'll think of something. After all, it's for their own good."

He hung up and returned to pondering over his own thoughts. "Karuizawa…" he muttered. "To think… that's where it really began…"


Kazuki scowled as he saw Asaka and Wataru enter the building together. Although he knew very well that Wataru would be coming over, he was still irritated to see his senpai standing so close to his boyfriend. Doesn't that guy know anything about personal space?

"Ah! Asaka!" squealed Kanna. "Don't you and kohai-can look cute together!?"

"Kanna, please…" he chuckled, but didn't exactly protest to it. He placed all the things he bought on the ground as the other members approached to get what they need.

The scowl on Kazuki's face grew even deeper. Even though it wasn't showing on the guy's face, he knew that Asaka was rubbing it in his face. But there was also something else… for the brief moment that their eyes met, it gave him the feeling that this man knew something he didn't, and that irritated him even more.

"Kazuki," Wataru greeted. "What's wrong? Something on your mind…?"

"Yeah," he answered. "Something I just want to know… well, more likely… is there something that I should know about?" He eyed Wataru like a vulture, making the younger boy cringe under his gaze.

"Why do you ask?" he asked nervously. Kazuki sure is sharp.

"No reason. But is it something that I should know?"

"Well…" Wataru drawled. He was hoping to find the right moment to tell him, but if he delayed any longer, it would become much more difficult to say. He certainly didn't want a repeat of last year's fiasco caused by one simple postcard. He took a deep breath and was about to speak when…

"WATARU!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE NEWS!!!!!!"

The next thing he knew, he was suddenly pounced from behind by Kawamura, nearly knocking him off his feet. "Nano is coming back! She's coming back! That witch is coming back!!!!!" he yelled.

The members of the Renovation Club looked at the pair curiously as Wataru tried to detach himself from his best friend's tight clasp. "Nano?" asked Mitsuki. "Who's that?"

"Unless I'm mistaken," said Asaka. "She is Wataru-kun's ex-girlfriend, am I right? She'll be coming back to Tokyo for a visit, isn't that right, Wataru-kun? That's what the letter said, didn't it?"

Wataru chuckled nervously, still trying in vain to release himself from his best friend tight grip.

"Ex?" echoed Mitsuki. "Okay… but why is Kawamura the one in tears?"

"U-Um, Mitsuki-san… that's because…"

"She's a witch!" interrupted Kawamura. "She thinks she's so superior in every other way. She steals best friends and makes them her boyfriends, leaving the real best friend all alone in the world!! She's a terrible monster!"

With a swift and heavy tug, Wataru was able to free himself from Kawamura's grip. The boy fell to the ground, still crying bitter tears and murmuring to himself how terrible it was that he had to endure "that girl's malicious ways" and that he was unable to "play the role of the good best friend."

As Kawamura continued to ramble on, Wataru searched for Kazuki, only to find him entering a separate room. Leaving the forming crowd around the wailing boy, he went after Kazuki, foreseeing the next few minutes that would transpire.

"Kazuki…" he called out as soon as the door closed behind him. "I… I know what you're thinking… I should've told you…"

"I know," the older boy stated blankly. "I also know that it was your intention right from the beginning to tell me. But what gets me irritated…" He faced Wataru and slowly walked towards him, carrying an aura of animosity. This caused the younger boy to take a few steps backwards, until he felt the cold concrete wall against his back.

"U-Um… Kazuki…" he muttered nervously.

"What gets me irritated," he spoke through clenched teeth. "…is that you told Asaka first." He stretched out both arms, trapping the younger boy between him and the wall. "It's not a big deal that you talk with Asaka," he spoke again; his tone becoming softer and milder. "That is your business to do so, and I don't mind it. But I should be the first person that you tell this to. I don't mind that Kawamura would know… he's your best friend, after all. But there's no way I'd let Asaka be one step ahead of me."

"Kazuki… I don't get it. Why are you so intimidated by Asaka-san? Didn't he say he was already stepping aside?"

"He may be stepping aside, but that doesn't mean he'll be leaving us alone."

"And you know this because…?"

"…Because he and I are too much alike… especially in that department."

"…okay…" The topic was certainly heading towards a very delicate area, so Wataru opted to just change it. "In any case, it's true that Nano will be coming back. She hasn't said yet why she's coming back, but she will."


"To be honest, I'm quite excited to see her. It feels like forever since I last saw her. I could introduce her to you, too. I'm sure she'd like that."

"And should I be flattered by that?"

"Well, she's a Kazuki-fan, don't you know? After all, she used to go to Ryokuyo, and I don't know a girl from Ryokuyo who, at some point, has not admired you in any possible way. Too bad she had to transfer…"

"Oh please…" Kazuki drawled, and pushed Wataru up against the wall. He brought their faces together, silencing his boyfriend with a hot, torrid kiss.

"K-Kazuki…" Wataru rasped as soon as the kiss was released. "What… What was that for…?"

"How many times do I have to tell you? Whenever you and I are alone, the only thing that you should be thinking of is me. Got it?"

He leaned down again and captured his young lover's lips in another wet and passionate kiss. Wataru felt weak to the knees that he had to hold on to Kazuki for support. Hopefully though, this was the limit to what they do. It's not new to him if they made-out in a public place—so long as no one's around to see them. But he wasn't anything at all like an exhibitionist that he would have sex right then and there.

So when he felt Kazuki's hands fiddle with his belt, he immediately brought his own hands in-between them, setting a personal boundary. "And how many times do I have to tell you that I don't do outdoor sex?" he pouted.

Kazuki clicked his tongue. "Well, if you pout like that, I'm afraid it'll be harder for me to restrain myself." He chuckled and placed a chaste kiss on his lover's forehead.


At last! Even if it had taken him the whole day to think about it, he finally had it—the perfect scheme!

Shohei smirked as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. The plan was perfect. It would surely popularize the hotel; yes, it's the best decision to make. "Not only that," he murmured; puffing some smoke from his mouth. "But this could be exactly what those two need. I'm really sorry for this Yuichi, but I'm afraid the both of you will have to go through a bit more obstacles."

The ultimate test lies in Karuizawa.

To be continued…


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