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Ianto managed to avoid Jack up until lunchtime, busying himself with various paperwork and coffee for the team while Jack was stuck in meetings. He'd hoped the other man would keep himself occupied until late afternoon, but no sooner had the rest of his co-workers left for lunch, Jack came sauntering over to his desk and perched himself on the edge, slapping a hand down over the piece of paper Ianto was writing on.

"I'm horny," he announced, swinging his legs over to Ianto's side of the desk and sliding the paper away from under his arm. Ianto just sighed and tore another piece from the pad, glancing up briefly to eye the obvious bulge in the front of his boss's trousers.

"I can see that." He replied, shaking off the hand that was creeping along his shoulder and turning his attention back to his work. Jack pouted and without warning, clambered into the younger mans lap, sending the papers flying to the floor.

"Jack!" Ianto hissed, eyes flitting nervously around the office to make sure no one had been watching. He tugged desperately at Jack's shirt, marvelling at the other mans ability to turn him from calm to flustered in a matter of seconds. "Move!"

"Relax, Ianto; they're all out to lunch. No one can see us here anyway." He touched a hand to Ianto's cheek in an effort to calm him, fingers teasing a sensitive spot behind his ear while he pressed his chest to the other mans side. Ianto breathed shakily and eventually relaxed enough to slide his hands around Jack's waist, still keeping a firm eye on the doors.

"As I was saying--" Jack began, drawing Ianto's attention back to him. He grinned and gestured towards his crotch, rubbing unashamedly against Ianto's leg like a dog.

"You're still being punished." Ianto told him, but craned his neck up to kiss Jack on the mouth all the same. Jack revelled in the contact, grabbing a fistful of shirt as he teased Ianto's mouth open with his tongue.

"I'd expect nothing less," he murmured as they parted, sneaking a couple fingers beneath the hem of Ianto's shirt to trail over bare skin. Ianto's lips twitched into a smile and Jack caught a quick flash of something in his eyes that he didn't recognise.

"Good." He let his hands drop from Jack's waist and leaned back in his chair, opening his legs so Jack had to grip the desk to stop himself falling unceremoniously to the floor. Once he'd recovered and turned back to give Ianto a piece of his mind, Ianto simply cocked an eyebrow and inclined his head towards the door. "Now, don't you have work to be doing?"

Jack pushed himself up so he was leaning against the desk, mouth morphing into a cocky grin as he ran his eyes up and down the younger man's frame.

"I can think of something else I'd rather--"

"Don't even bother finishing that sentence." Ianto spoke over him, hands finding their way to his pockets as he stood up to meet Jack eye to eye. "You'll report back here at the end of the day. For now, you can work your way through that long list of phone calls I left on your desk an hour ago. Oh, and don't forget these." He opened the nearest draw and pulled out a pile of forms, ignoring Jack's look of bewilderment as he pushed them into his hands.


"Is there a problem?"

Jack swallowed against a dry throat, eyes darkening at the scolding tone of Ianto's voice. Tucking the papers under his arm, he stepped away from the desk and shook his head.

"No problem. I'll get on that right away," he bit his lip, hesitating before adding, "...sir."

Ianto smiled. "Good. Off you go then." He dismissed Jack with a wave of his hand and turned back to his own work. Jack waited five seconds to make sure the conversation was definitely over, before jogging back off to his office with a grin.

Only three hours and twenty one minutes to wait.


Despite the promise of a good night with Ianto, Jack was in a foul mood by the end of the day. His clients were giving him a hard time, Owen was giving him a hard time, even Tosh had come down to lecture him on his relationship with Ianto, threatening all sorts of things if Jack dared to hurt him.

Any other time, Jack would've found it almost touching that Tosh cared for her friend so much, but he was getting tired of the insinuation that his life was controlled by his dick. Ianto already seemed to think that was the case and Jack figured it was going to be a difficult job convincing him otherwise.

Still, he had plenty of time for that and if there was one person who could make him feel better after the day he'd had, it was the man himself.

He raked a hand through his hair and moved over to the window to check his reflection. He looked and felt like shit, but hopefully he could distract Ianto long enough that he wouldn't notice.

A quiet knock at the door startled him from his thoughts. Ianto didn't wait for an invite before swinging the door open, leaning against the frame as he eyed up his prize.

"You were late." he announced, glancing once over his shoulder before stepping in and nudging the door shut with his hip. "Thought I'd come to you."

Jack cocked an eyebrow, mood rapidly improving as he stalked over towards the other man. Ianto met him eye to eye, standing his ground to try and get the upper hand.

"I'm certainly not complaining," Jack leered, slipping a hand between their bodies to play with the buttons of Ianto's shirt. Ianto let him continue for a few short moments, before prying Jack's hands away and hooking his own fingers under the older man's braces. Jack's surprised laugh turned into a whimper as Ianto pushed him back until his thighs hit the edge of the desk, allowing him a moment to compose himself before attacking Jack's lips with his own. Jack hummed happily into his mouth and brought his arms up around Ianto's waist, tugging his shirt out to slide warm hands beneath the fabric.

Ianto pulled back first, but only to dispose of Jack's shirt and press a wet kiss to his collarbone.

"I've been thinking about this all day," he murmured, trailing kisses down the other man's chest towards his navel while Jack tangled fingers in his hair. Jack sighed happily and let his hands fall to Ianto's shoulders, massaging gently to spur him on.

"You and me both," he managed to say, just seconds before Ianto tugged his trousers and briefs down in one and sucked him into his mouth. Jack groaned and instinctively thrust forwards, perhaps a little too fast as Ianto instantly pulled back, coughing and spluttering uncontrollably. Jack swore under his breath and crouched down, stroking a hand down Ianto's back.

"Sorry." He mumbled, smiling sheepishly as Ianto took a few calming breaths and turned his head back to Jack with a glare. He stood up and adjusted his tie, crossing his arms across his chest as he stared down at Jack, still kneeling on the floor.

"You know I haven't done this before, Jack."

"Yeah, I do know that--"

"And being with a man is all still very new to me."

"I know that, Ianto. I do. I just got--"

"And you should probably stop babbling and let me fuck you now."

"I didn't—Oh. Yeah, I should." Jack grinned salaciously and hopped up onto the desk, spreading his legs and indicating for Ianto to stand between them. Ianto did just that, batting Jack's hands away as they reached for his tie.

"The punishment still stands." Ianto insisted, leaning down to peel Jack's socks away and pull his trousers off over his feet. Jack had intended to keep his mouth shut, but his impatience was at an all time high and he decided it was worth the risk.

"What is the punishment?"

Ianto's eyes snapped back up to him and without warning, he delivered a hard smack to Jack's bare thigh; much to his boss's delight. Jack moaned and spread his legs even wider, curling his ankle around Ianto's leg to draw him in closer.

"I can live with that," he drawled, pressing his palms flat against the desk behind him. "How do you want me?"

"I want you to shut up. Then we'll see." Ianto smirked to himself and stepped around to the other side of the desk, pulling the bottom draw open in search of the condoms he knew Jack kept there. He picked one out then felt about for the one other thing he needed.




Jack froze on the spot, biting his lip as he slowly turned around towards Ianto.


Ianto slammed the draw shut and stood up. "You have got some... right?"

Jack gulped. "We... can manage without?"

Ianto rolled his eyes with an audible sigh, digging into his pocket for his wallet.

"No. We can't, Jack. Where's the nearest Boots?"

"Ianto, I mean it. I'll be--"

"Where is it?!"

"There's a Superdrug down the road on the way to my place. Ten minute walk, if that."

Ianto nodded and shrugged his jacket back into place, muttering to himself as he walked over to the door.

"Right, I'll be back as soon as I can. No touching yourself while I'm gone."

"Not even just--"

"No," Ianto cut over him, "and I know when you're lying, so don't even try it." He grinned smugly and swung the door open. "Is that clear?"

Jack was already sprawled out on the desk, arms above him supporting his head. "Mmhm. I love it when you're bossy."

"I know." Ianto chuckled fondly under his breath and moved out the door, glancing back once to catch Jack leaning up on his elbows to blow him a kiss.

Ianto didn't stop smiling till he reached the ground floor.